Oct 26, 2010
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Keeping Trick-or-Treat Time Howl Free – Part I

Endearing sounds of the phrase ‘Trick-or-Treat’ echo across many neighbourhoods during Halloween night. However prior to your little ghoul and goblin trick or treating this year here are several prudent tips that parents could imbibe for making the festivity as safe as possible.

  • Get your kid to cart or don anything lit up like flashlights, glowing bracelets or neck pieces or flashy outfit so that they are better visible. Footwear that lights up are even handy and are apparent on a darkish Halloween night.
  • All grown-ups must begin planning routes ahead of time and checking it in the day time for any obstructions like chipped sidewalk or none, wood used in constructions or some obstacle on which accidental tripping could occur. Also trick or treating in known localities or regions.
  • Do make wearing proper fitted shoes a rule, ideally being running shoes. Although one might feel tempted to pick one of those eye-catching endearing array of footwear at display with costumes these are best suited for a costume party rather than trick or treat times.
  • Do steer clear from any costume dragging on the floor though cute at the onset could get caught up in little tootsies or bushes and creating a struggle which at times would result in the kid keen on taking it off. So bearing in mind that costumes for children going trick or treating should be as comfy as possible.

  • With the comfort factor taken into consideration parents should preferably be picking a costume that is also loo-chummy. Parents should also be pre-planning loo breaks for their kids along the course (like a buddies house would be fine for also hydrating oneself and the kid) or public facilities in case the parent is behind the wheel.
  • Ensuring that masks of kids permit complete visibility & respiration. For instance, Spiderman’s costume merely has mini apertures for eyes while none for the nasal or oral areas. Every parent must be trying on the mask for checking size & not hesitating to make bigger apertures in the Halloween costumes of their kids. In case doable try locating masks which breathe and easily placed over the face and removed off.
  • Kids on the trick or treat mission must be advised on walking not running and must under no circumstances be cutting athwart any lawn or driveway as some obstacle might be present which is not clearly visible during dusk hours.
  • Solely carrying pliant props like knife, sword, items for ninjas among others which would not cause injuries in case a child mistakenly trips on them. None of the play props must be resembling the actual items and considering leaving them at the house and not being part o trick-or-treating event. Bearing in mind that carrying such items might offend several people & trick-or-treat is supposed to be fun-filled and upbeat experience for all.
  • Solely trick or treating in those residences which are amply illuminated. Several dwellers who wouldn’t want to participate or be part of trick or treat experience mostly keep their lighting off as an indication. Hence respecting their preferences and solely visiting homes which are amply lit.
  • Ensuring the children do not overheat because of the Halloween costume and taking the climatic conditions into consideration when parents select their kid’s customes.
  • Parents should be thinking practically rather than selecting adorable bags or containers for goodies. Many of these apparently cool ones vended in shops are rather weighty even prior to any major treats being included in them whereas some are longish and would be dragging on the floor or having pointed edges which can cause scraping on tender skins. Among the most basic and best choices is getting children to use their backpacks so that the hands are unoccupied apart from clutching flashlights, possibly.

Keeping Trick-or-Treat Time Howl Free – Part II

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