Oct 27, 2010
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Keeping Trick-or-Treat Time Howl Free – Part II

For making Halloween a hauntingly happy experience here are some prudent guidelines that all parents must incorporate.

  • Keeping tabs on time and no trick-or-treating past nine in the night which permits adequate time for kids in doing their trick or treating and by that time, the exhilaration of the evening & the candies or treats would mean the little muchkins would be exhausted anyways.
  • Feeding your child a wholesome meal or snack before going trick or treating. This way the kids would be more content and would lessen temptations of children keen on devouring candies from the foremost trick & treating halt.

  • Irrespective of the age, kids must be accosted by a parent. Those in their tween or teen years and yet would like going trick or treating might show resistance to this idea. In case they are trick or treating in the absence of adults then setting firm boundaries and making sure they are carrying mobiles along which could be employed during crisis scenarios. Older children must be made aware of locations they could visit, what’s the decorum to be followed, safety guidelines, carrying flashlights or illuminated devices and having a firm deadline when they are supposed to return home.
  • Not allowing kids to consume any candies prior to their adult supervision being done and until the kin making the home-made stuff is known on a personal basis it is advisable that other home-made treats be disposed. Also any item that is appearing dubious and getting riddance via donations or discarding treats that your child does not like. A number of parents keep aside candies and saving some for other time or setting regulations to allow children to enjoy eating all they desire for a specific time and then disposing the remnant.

  • Picking up items in lawns, yards, sidewalks or driveways which could come in the way of safety. Checking hose, plant pot and extension cord is also important.
  • While one adorns the house with jack-o-lantern opt for plugged in or battery lit ones rather the use of live candles. In case one opts for using live flames then ensuring that it far from any likely exposure to kid’s  clothing or when they walk or stand while they trick or treat.
  • Keeping home amply illuminated and welcoming and for those opting for a spooky theme should ensure their homes have welcome mats put forth.
  • Ensuring that pet animals are kept away, leashed or other apt arrangement be done. Several pet animals might exhibit aggressiveness or defensiveness. One must particularly be watchful about pet cats that may pounce off opened doors.
  • Try healthful food substitutes rather than candies for trick or treating such non-sugared foods like raisin, popcorn, cracker, chip are definitely more favourable to parents or handing out toys like spider rings, luminescent decals among others.

Keeping Trick-or-Treat Time Howl Free – Part I

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