Sep 14, 2010
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Kiddie Leashes – Lazy Parents or A Safety Need?

A number of fun-sake, much talked about ludicrous parenting products have become increasingly popular and ranging from the obnoxiously costly to the worthless and even simply odd. However kiddie leashes appear to be the ones engulfed in debate with duo types of parents having their own take on the matter.

Freeing the Leashed Children – Parenting Style

Those belonging to the self-dubbed ‘barbarian’ parenting style feel these adorable stuffed animals fool no one as leashes are basically leashes and using them for yanking & tugging little kids is simply cruelty in their eyes.

The free range and ‘we had dirt and did not breathe our last’ parents feel their kids should be learning via experiences and growing up is all about learning from your falls. Their thought process is that parental voices should be their leashes for bringing their kids to a shrieking stop when they are about to enter into a perilous spot. The use of leashes is likened to those used on pets and there is bound to be an effect on the infant.

Must-Have, Safety net – Parenting Style

Some parents feel that anything untoward could transpire in a second’s time and that all possible precautionary steps be taken to avert any disaster.

Parents with kids having developmental problems may actually need such back-pack leashes, also termed as safety harness- to help keep tabs on their little one in crowded vicinities as the child would be merely a leash length apart.

Parents supporting the use of leashes feel it offers their kids freedom when at the analogous instant offering security. The kid’s leash measures 3-6 feet long and could be employed in an array of scenarios. Shorter leashes while grocery shopping could be affixed to the parent’s wrist and facilitate procuring items or scanning labelling while not being worried about some person snatching their kid from the shopping trolley which are a type of abduction that occurs at regular intervals.

Also adults holding a yelling kid is mostly overlooked or seen disapprovingly for not being capable of having greater control and atypically viewed as likely child kidnappers taking disinclined victims.

Leashed kids are also believed to be safer while in parking lots as many of them are quite small to be perceived clearly by motorists backing out vehicles that often results in injuries or fatalities of kids.

These leashes could be a life-saviour while around aquatic surroundings and ideal for strolls about aquatic sources and fishing excursions.

The Verdict

Most children must learn holding hands and staying in close proximity to their parents. Several parents might uphold the duo reasons – safety & security and feel their child’s well-being far surpasses the discourteous looks and commenting they receive from ignorant busy-bees who feel the pressing need to direct judgements on those around.

So, which side are you on – pro or anti leashes for kids?

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