Dec 28, 2011
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Kid’s Essential Nutrition: Antioxidants

Essential Nutrition is required for the proper growth of kids, that they don’t suffer from any disease which affects them from malnutrition. Also the nutrients from food, gives kids strength, body building materials for growth and development. Kids require the nutrients in proper quantity and its deficiency affects not only growth but also the immunity of the kids. Kids who are malnutrition are more prone to diseases and infections.

Food that children eEssential nutrients for kidsat helps them in fighting against many illnesses, also with the chronic diseases. Food helps in making our immunity stronger. To fight the evil germs that kids encounter in daily life, one of the super hero nutrients are the Antioxidant nutrients. The Antioxidant nutrients battles against the diseases as well as the common illness. An antioxidant nutrient includes the Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the Betacarotene, mineral selenium. These are also effective in heading off the chronic conditions in the adults that includes heart disease and cancer. Their effects are still under research but the experts have regarded the Antioxidants as the super nutrient.

The main thing that the Antioxidants do is to battle with the free radicals and their effects. The by products of the normal metabolism is known as the Free radicals, and these free radicals form when humans are exposed to air pollution, strong sunlight, cigarette smoke etc. these free radicals gets accumulated which can damage DNA, which is the genetic blueprint of the cell reproduction and also affects other cells parts. These free radicals are known trigger and cause chronic diseases, like the cancer. Because these free radicals are known to affect and change one’s DNA, the cell reproduction process gets affected and thus it results in causing of the Cancer. Though the effects to the antioxidants for the well being of the kids is yet unknown, but the Experts like Ayoob and Rarback believe that if kids are given these antioxidants rich food like the whole grains this will benefit them now and also in their adulthood.

Professor AyoobAntioxidant foods says “Antioxidants may give your child’s immune system a boost, since they’re not available in pills, kids need food for antioxidants.” Antioxidant rich food are the brightly colored vegetables and the fruits. Such examples of food with the Antioxidants are the blueberries, and even other berries, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cherries, carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe are the vegetables and fruits which give most antioxidants.

That is why its said that kids need to eat more of vegetables and fruits which keeps their body healthy and fit and also helps in boosting the immune system.

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