Dec 19, 2011
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Kid’s Essential Nutrition: calcium

Growing up is vital thing in childhood. And for proper growth kids require essential nutrients which foster development and growth. For the well being of the kids many nutrients are required by the body and one of such nutrient when it comes to the growth stage of kids id none other than the calcium.

Calcium: A nutrient that is for good health

Calcium is a miImportance of calcium for kidsneral which is essential for proper functioning of the body. The mineral which is most abundant in one’s body is calcium. Calcium maximizes bones growth, and shore up skeleton growth during the child hood and beyond. Significant quantity of mineral Calcium is also required in bloodstream because it is required for keeping normal heartbeat, also for clotting of blood and functioning of muscles. Calcium requirements in blood is done by body withdrawing calcium from the bones in body to maintain in blood level, that is why the children need more of calcium then adults, because their bones are also in forming stage.

Many kids are not getting enough of the nutrients needed for their proper growth.

Keith Thomas Ayoob (RD EdD) who is a professor in pediatrics department in Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York said that the American kids are suffering from a calcium crisis and this isn’t good for their bone health for now or in future.”

Especially in the teenage girls the deficiency in calcium is relatively high as per their needs. Intake of the calcium is comparatively low, this deficiency is dicey during the teenage, when one’s body is forming about the half of bone mass that body will ever have. The deficiency of calcium during all the years of adolescence, also puts at risk in adulthood for the bone thinning that is Osteoporosis. This risk is greater and worse for the women specially after their menopause.

Calcium needed by kids vary as per their age. The daily need of the calcium as per their age is:

Kids who are of age one to three years-old need Calcium 500 milligrams

Kids who are of age four to eight years old need Calcium 800 milligrams

Kids who are of age nine to eighteen years old need calcium 1,300 milligrams

For kids to have propeCalcium foodsr calcium intake, kids and teens need to have food and beverages which are calcium rich and not snacks, soft drinks and candies which gives problem of added sugar and no other nutrients. Daily 8 ounces of the white or the flavored milk, should be given along with yogurt around 8 ounces and hard cheese one and a half ounces which each respectively contains 300 milligrams of the calcium.

The dairy food is best source of the calcium which helps in maintaining one’s weight also. Other good sources of calcium too is available in the plant products like fortified orange juices but this should not have added sugar as it can harms the body. The soy beverages are also very good source of calcium as well as proteins. Breakfast cereals also have calcium but not all so check label of content before buying. Also there is tofu processed with additional calcium sulfate which is also very good.

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