Dec 26, 2011
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Kid’s Essential Nutrition: Fiber

Children require proper nutrients for their growth and development and the deficiency in any one of the nutrient not only hampers the growth and development of the children but can cause malnutrition and other diseases as well. So it is very important that you pay attention as what nutrition your kid is getting from the food he or she is consuming. Continuing from the previous post about the essential nutrients that is required by the kids, in this post importance of the fiber as the essential nutrient shall be discussed.


Fiber is a good nutrBenefits of fiber for kidsient and is very important for healthy growth in kids as well as adults. Fiber is made up of complex carbohydrates minus the calories. This is an oddity, if fiber cannot provide for calories that is energy, and it is carbohydrates then why do kids need fibers as essential nutrient. The very first thing that we should know about dietary fiber is that this cannot be digested so no energy.

As in the words of the Professor Rarback “Kids need fiber for the same reasons adults do, and like their elders, children get way less fiber than they need.”

The benefits of fiber are many and these benefits are applicable to adults also.

Of the most important the fiber helps in proper bowel movements and in keeping the digestion and excretion process. Fending off the constipation

Also fiber is diet helps in preventing children becoming obese. Fiber is known to promote fullness, which helps in keeping kids tummy fuller for longer time which helps in kid having only sufficient meal which is required and thus not becoming obese or over weight.

Fiber is also effective in warding off the type 2 diabetes.

Fiber elevates the blood cholesterol levels in adults and its supposed to that in children as well.

Food with fiber also are rich I the vitamins and the minerals.

How much fiber is needed by your kid in a day?

Well Rarback has given an easy calculation to know how much fiber nutrient is required by your kid in a day. This method is endorsed by American Academy of Pediatrics, in this to figure the fiber need for the kid, add five to your child’s age and you will get how much gram of fiber is needed. For example if your kids are 5, 7, and 10 then adding five to their age, they will need 10 grams, 12 grams and 15 grams respectively.

Well knowing hoLegumesw much fiber is needed you can buy food accordingly for your kid by reading the label of the food. Its not necessary that you count for every gram of fiber that your kid is consuming. Important is the food that you give your kid should have some fiber. The best thing to do is use whole grains , add more of vegetables and fruits. Legumes are best source of fiber; add that to your meals. Start your day with fiber rich breakfast which is healthy thing to do for kids and adults and very good for people who wants to lose weight. Have bran cereal or shredded wheat in your breakfast.

Fiber is found is fruits, vegetables and also in non-veg food as well. Fiber is very important nutrient for well being of your kids tummy and if tummy is happy mummy is happy too.

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