Jan 2, 2012
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Kid’s Essential Nutrition

Food is building material, and from food only we get all the things through which our body is built. For proper growth and development of body, its essential to eat good food and have proper nutritious diet. Kids are growing, that is in height and weight, for this they need to have the essential nutrients which fosters proper growth by providing for the essential body building materials. Thus its very important that parents take care as what food the kids are having and in that food are kids getting proper nutrients which are essential for their growth. As you have read in previous posts we discussed protein, calcium, fiber, antioxidants and today its iron. Iron is very crucial nutrient on which the growth depends.

Iron Is essential Nutrient

Child’s grImportance of iron in the bodyowth is very critically depended on iron. Iron is a mineral which is needed by body, as red blood cells depend on iron to carry oxygen to every cell of the body. Iron is also responsible in development of brain and also plays important role in its functioning.

Rarback has said that “Iron is so critical to brain development that the negative effects of a daily iron deficiency on cognition may be irreversible, even when the shortfall is small,”.

American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement that iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrition deficiency in America, which is known to affect most of the older infants, also young kids and even the childbearing women.

Small children become at risk of deficiency of the iron because they are growing faster. Also teenage girls and the women who experience loss of iron, every month should make up for the lose and eat food which are rich in iron content. Also if needed iron supplements should also be taken by girls and women. Deficiency in iron cause anemia.

Iron is found in both the vegetarian and non vegetarian diet.

Animal food which has iron in them are:
  • Meat
  • Dark meat poultry
  • Seafood
  • These food supply for Heme Iron which is absorbed by the body well.
Plant food which provide for iron are:
  • SpinachSpinach
  • Legumes

Nonheme Iron is supplied by them. Also the cereals, rice, pasta, breads and many fortified grains are now fortified by adding of Nonheme iron. Fortified grains is known to provide iron needed, which is apt for people who don’t eat meat. Also daily multivitamin supplements which also have iron are to be taken for safer side. Ayoob says “you can boost nonheme iron absorption by adding a source of vitamin C, Offer kids foods such as oranges, orange juice, tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries, or red bell pepper with each meal to make the most of nonheme iron.”

Iron is needed for proper development and growth. Deficiency in iron leads to problem in menstrual cycle in girls and women. Also deficiency in iron also leads to deficiency in Hemoglobin in blood. Thus it is very important for kids growth of intake of food which is rich in iron content.

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