Jun 21, 2011
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Knowing the Common Signs of Miscarriage

Impending miscarriages generally come with a number of distinct symptoms. This article will inform you about the most common signs of a miscarriage.

Vaginal bleeding:

Spotting or bleeding is often the first sign informing you that you may have had a miscarriage. Vaginal bleeding may also occur due to other not so scary reasons like cervical irritations. Whatever may be the case, if you experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, you should report it to the physician and get yourself examined immediately.

Abdominal Pain:

Incessant pain in the abdomen of a woman during the early stage of pregnancy occurs often due to miscarriage; particularly if the pain is on a particular side of her abdomen. Any such occurrence must get investigated immediately.

Fading pregnancy signs:

This is also a common sign of miscarriage. If during the early stage of pregnancy, you find that normal pregnancy symptoms like breast soreness, morning sickness etc are disappearing gradually, it can happen due to miscarriage. Report this to your doctor and get the necessary tests done for finding out the reason behind fading of pregnancy signs.

Not feeling movement of the baby:

This is the sign of miscarriage occurring during the late 2nd or 3rd trimester. If you don’t start feeling the movement of your baby during this time of pregnancy, you should consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will monitor the heart rate of your fetus and find out whether the problem is due to a miscarriage.

Preterm labor:

This miscarriage symptom also occurs during the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Symptoms of a preterm labor may include one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Regular contractions (once in every ten minutes or can be even more frequent)
  2. Pelvic pressure
  3. Dull backache
  4. Crams resembling the nature of menstrual cramps
  5. Changes in vaginal discharge
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