Sep 7, 2010
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Latest in Fertility Treatments – Part I

With an array of fertility treatments, strategies and methods all baby hopefuls now have a lot more to choose from.


IVM or in-vitro maturation is a novel method wherein collection of unripe eggs is done from least or un-stimulated ovaries and their hormonal stimulation and maturation done in the laboratory for a day or two. The eggs plus sperm are then administered back inside the woman via a method known as ICSI or intracystoplasmic sperm injection. Since lesser or zilch medications are needed hence this method is deemed a substitute to cryopreservation (eggs being frozen) for females who undergo chemotherapy sessions or ones having polycystic ovarian syndrome.


SET or single-embryo transfer involves transferring merely one embryo at the time during in-vitro fertilization instead of duo or more which is the practice. Several study outcomes have shown that SET has been both a success and cost-effectual means of producing a sole, healthful baby. Also in case of SET, the aggregate therapy expenses per female was found to be lesser and also fewer chances of multiple conceptions. Elective SET has been observed to be far more common beyond the U.S. The key reasons are that there are lesser health insurance companies offer coverage for high tech fertility therapies and females or a couple who undergo IVF are keen on getting it right in their foremost attempt. Despite of augmented cases of successful conceptions using SET, several physicians and patients yet deem that the transfer of several embryos would offer higher prospects of meeting with successes.

Baby-making Trips

‘Conception moon’ travel options are gathering immense popularity and are believed to bolster fertility and improve reproductive speediness. The key objective is to de-stress for improving fertility prospects. However couples must avoid being overly hopeful and be expecting that these trips are bound to assure success.

A.I.O. Genetic Testing

Counsyl has been offering the novel universal genetic testing which is a totally non-invasive test wherein saliva is screened for over a hundred potential ailments which could be carried forward via the genes of parents. Its maker claims that the test is intended on detecting flawed genes across both genders and is an in-depth and cost-effectual method as it does not necessitate blood collection or conducting myriad testing for several conditions. In case that test does reveal that a couple might be transfering the heritable condition to their child then pre-emptive measures such as PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) which checks the genetic make-up of an embryo prior to in-vitro fertilization or using donor eggs or sperms could be done.

The AIO genetic test on its own is not quite expensive yet conceiving via IVF is costly, and might not be a choice for several individuals who have tested affirmative as carrier for a heritable condition.

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