Aug 4, 2010

Life-Saving Steps to Help a Choking Pregnant Woman

In case one happens to spot an individual choking, would one really know the right thing to do in such a scenario? The Heimlich maneuver, though sounding well-known, the method is nowadays prevalently called abdominal thrusts and a large populace of people are not aware of the right manner of performing one.

All matters appear to get even more knotty when the individual choking is an expectant mother. The hand is to be placed around the lower part of the trunk (chest) rather than placing hand, thumb-side inwards, just over the individual’s belly button and then grabbing the hand firmly with the other fist. This will assist in keeping the fetus safe while allowing one to assist the pregnant woman.

Illustrated herewith are ways of saving other adult choking cases and even yourself. Outlined below are ways of properly performing an abdominal thrust among adults.

  • In case there is consciousness and the individual is seated or standing then positioning oneself behind the individual and reaching out one’s arms around his/her waistline.
  • Placing the hand, thumb-side in, just higher than the individual’s belly button and grabbing the hand securely using the other fist.
  • Pulling one’s fist rapidly upwards and inwards for increasing pressure in airway behind the blocking item and forcing it from the trachea or windpipe.
  • In case the individual has consciousness and is lying with back to the ground then straddling the individual facing the head and pushing one’s clutched hand upwards and inwards in a move analogous to the one just mentioned.

The AHA (American Heart Association) as well as the American Red Cross admit that chest, abdominal thrusts as well as back blow moves are all effectual means of assisting a choking victim to get better.

But the American Red Cross suggests that abdominal thrusts are to be administered after back blows. The AHA officially advices on giving abdominals thrusts as the foremost line of treatment method for tackling emergency choking cases.

The method however differs in case the victim is a baby. Chest thrusts are to be carried out for babies but using duo fingers rather the entire hand.

Performing the Heimlich Manoeuvre on Oneself

The steps mentioned above works in case the victims are close to at least a single other individual, however what could be done in case the victim is alone. Illustrated herewith are ways of performing abdominal thrusts on oneself.

  • Making a fist and then placing the thumb underneath the ribcage and higher than the belly button area.
  • Grasping the hand using the other fist and pressing it on to the region with a swift upwards motion.
  • One could additionally bend over a table edging, seat or railings. Swiftly thrusting one’s upper abdominal area against the edging.
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