Apr 1, 2011

Mastitis Symptoms Among Breastfeeding Mothers

Mastitis is a condition wherein the breast develops inflammation & becomes red, tender and painful. An infection might be present; hence it is always prudent to seek consultation of a healthcare expert for determining if the use of antibiotics is needed. Abscesses could result from infections in the breasts which have then to be operatively drained, though this could be averted at all times by proper treatment of mastitis.

Mastitis Symptoms
  • A section or the entire breast is too agonizing, hot, sore, reddish & has swelling. Several mothers could isolate a specific inflamed region whereas as on other situations there is tenderness felt in the complete breast area.
  • A nursing mom who feels aches, weariness, having chills or sensing that she is suffering from flu would most likely be having mastitis. Moms having mastitis would at times also be experiencing flu-similar signs, even prior to getting a fever or noticing breast soreness.
  • A breast feeding mom who is having chills or senses feverishness or has body temperature of above a hundred degree Fahrenheit. Such signs are suggestive of the woman having an infection.
  • The woman feels her condition increasingly worsen; with breast tenderness intensifying & fever become more apparent. In case of basically engorged breasts, blocked ducts or infection-less mastitis, one slowly but surely feels betterment rather than deterioration of symptoms.
  • Latest occurrences have heralded mastitis symptoms like crack/s or blood loss in nipple area, being stressed out, skipped feeds or lengthier gaps amid feeds.
Tips for averting mastitis symptoms

The finest means of preventing mastitis is avoiding the scenarios setting the woman up for it.

  • Relieving engorged breasts immediately. Milk which isn’t flowing tends to thicken and then clog the milk ducts which then lead to mastitis.
  • Breastfeeding on a frequent basis and not restricting the duration of feeds.
  • In case the woman senses fullness in her breasts then encouraging the infant for nursing. Mothers must avoid waiting for the infant in notifying them that they are famished.
  • Do not sleep on your tummy or that far-flung on one’s side that your posture is compressing your breasts on the bedding.
  • Taking care of oneself & ensure getting plentiful rest (mentally & physically).
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