Dec 21, 2010

Medicine Ball Plyometrics for Children – Step-Wise Exercise Guide

The American College of Sports Medicine deems it risk-free for kids to do plyometric exercise. Plyometrics is at times mistakenly considered to be some jumping-related exercise forms, however, actually it is whenever one hops or does some form of exercise which blends force with speediness for garnering power. Kids could garner numerous health gains by engaging in plyometric exercises that entail improvements in speeds, better bone densities, lesser sports-associated injury & aids kids in better managing their weight. Medicine ball goes hand-in-glove with plyometric exercises since one could pitch, throw or pass it on speedily disparate to barbells that can be rather bulky in hurling.

Chest Presses plus Squats using Medicine Balls
  • A low intensity plyometric workout that ideally targets muscle areas of the trunk, shoulder, arm, leg as well as gluteal muscles. A mate or a barrier could be employed for passing the medicine ball.
  • Alike in every plyometric exercise, the medicine ball chest presses must be done swiftly, though the use of flawed form is a strict ‘no-no’.
  • For performing this exercise, one should be standing with feet placement turning outwards & heel areas placed approximately shoulder width away.
  • The medicine ball is to be held ahead of the trunk with elbows bended while palm areas placed flattened over the sides of the medicine ball.
  • Now the knees are to be bent for lowering body into a squatted position & then arms to be shot forwards for passing the medicine ball ahead of the body while one stands up erect.
  • Catching the medicine ball & repeating.
Side-throw Exercise using Medicine Balls
  • Side-throw moves with a medicine ball helps in working the obliques of your core & the shoulder areas.
  • Either a fence/barrier or a mate would offer a goal for throwing the medicine ball towards & a means for the medicine ball to bounce back at you amid reps.
  • Such exercise is to be done on duo sides.
  • One must stand side-ways to either a barrier or a buddy and then stepping your feet around twelve inches away.
  • In case that person’s left side is nearest to the partition then his/her arms must be extended towards the right or far from the partition whilst the medicine ball is clutched using both hands. Doing so would mean that one’s left arm would be crossing ahead of one’s body.
  • Now, twisting towards the left & doing an under-hand fling for throwing the ball at targeted location.
  • Catching the medicine ball & then repeating.
  • Performing an analogous count of reps on the other side as well as one turns 180degree & tossing from the other side.
Slam Exercise Moves
  • These work muscle sets of the arm & back and can be especially fun-filled for kids as they go to knock the medicine ball on the ground. Though care should be taken so that the medicine ball is not bouncing up & hitting the facial area.
  • Selecting flooring that is typical to gymnasiums which would not be damaging the ball.
  • The slam moves are to be done by standing with slight bending of the knees & feet placed shoulder width away.
  • The ball is to be held with arms straightened and then raised over one’s head & shoulders then pulled back.
  • The medicine ball is then to be thrown at the floor ahead of you by getting the arms forwards & to be kept straightened.
  • Catching the medicine ball & then repeating.
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