Nov 18, 2010

Morning Sickness Cure

Hormones supporting gestation is the reason for morning sickness symptoms arising which make a pregnant women feel continually nauseous. Nonetheless, unstable initial trimester tummy does require specialized care.

Here’s a guide to various remedies which might assist all mothers in feeling slightly lesser nausea.

Morning Sickness Cure No.1 – Gingerroot

Gingerroot in any form; be it pickling, in tea bags or capsular version is an innate cure to morning sickness symptoms.

Morning Sickness Cure No.2 – Cracker

An olden stand-by though quite an effectual one for several females. Even potato chip – although with sodium presence that is not essentially a favourable feature have also been found to allay nausea. A number of pregnant females have sworn by the benefits of consuming rice cake.

Morning Sickness Cure No.3 – Chilled Curds

Chilled curds resemble ice-creams and also tasting somewhat similar to ice-creams. Moreover it has a calming effect on the tummy and one does not have to be doing a lot of gnawing that can trigger feelings of nausea among many pregnant females. The analogous holds true for puddings, rolled oats & apple sauce.

Morning Sickness Cure No.4 – Lemony Delight

Just sniffing a lemon could help relieve feeling nauseous.

In case you are surviving on merely a dietetic intake of cracker, mint tea & gingerroot candy & yet continue to experience bothersome morning sickness symptoms then it is high-time to opt for a different approach.

The below mentioned recipe offers ideal nutritional value for mother as well as the developing fetus and involves basic ingredients like banana (duo, ripe), half tin coconut milk, a quarter cupful water and maple syrup, half teaspoon sodium and half tablespoonful flaxseed.

Start off by de-skinning the bananas & then dicing them to 1-inch long. Now add the fluid consistency ingredients into a pan and placing it on moderate heat & bringing to a slight boil. The diced banana pieces are then to be added to the mix & then allowed simmering for ten minutes. The last step is the addition of salt & then boiling for twenty minutes. The flaxseeds are then to be sprinkled over the mix and ready to be served.

The potassium content of banana could aid in allaying a number of pain, ache feelings in the body while the coconut extract functions by building body-mass for the fetus. The EFA presence in flaxseed does a world of good and even tackles other digestion symptom during gestation – feeling constipated.

Morning sickness symptoms could get aggravated in hot climatic conditions and pregnant women are advised to stay amply hydrated by drinking water plus a dash of lemon extract & suck on a peppermint post-meal for improving digestion.

Iron present in prenatal vitamins has also been found to be the culprit for triggering morning sickness and in such scenarios physicians can recommend other less-iron vitamin forms.

Also when vitamins are taken with big meals like dinners then there is significant minimization of feeling nauseous. Several women also recommend that the intake of these vitamins be done pre-bed times. Also when pregnant women visit the loo during night-times they should ideally munch a little food during that time.

A number of females experience noteworthy easing in their morning sickness symptoms when they do light exercises like slow walking, adding some stretches or doing a couple of simple yoga poses.

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