Jun 3, 2010
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How to deal with Morning sickness during Pregnancy

In several women, morning sickness during pregnancy could be the hardest part that generally arises close to week 6 of pregnancy and could aggravate over the subsequent month or by twelfth to fourteenth week of gestation.

Morning sickness during pregnancy occurs due to a sudden surge in hormones subsequent to the foremost skipped menses. Women who have twin pregnancies have more acute hormonal rise and have a tendency of experiencing more acute episodes of morning sickness.

Though symptoms could aggravate in the mornings they could occur at any instant during post-dusk or night times.

Morning sickness usually starts in the initial trimester when the fetus is prone to develop birth anomalies.

When one suffers from puking, feeling nauseous or both of these then the following measures would offer immense respite.

  • Lemon especially the smell of fresh sliced lemons or peppermint.
  • Avoid being empty-stomached.
  • Accommodate any yearnings for foods and repugnance. Steering clear of citrusy juices, coffee and teas with caffeine, iron supplements could aggravate feeling nauseous.
  • Eat 5-6 mini meals all through the day instead of 3 heavy ones.
  • Consuming water-rich fruit and veggie forms like tomato, cantelopes, watermelons, strawberry, grape, zucchini, grapefruits, lettuces.
  • Consuming cabbage.
  • Eating greater amounts of protein and curbing greasy food consumption.
  • Following the BRAT dietetic intake which means banana, rice, apple sauce, toast slice and teas.
  • Ginger intake on a regular basis as powdered in capsular form, freshly grate form into tepid water in teas, syrupy or in crystallization type, ginger snaps.
  • Consuming dry cracker in the mornings.
  • Liquid consumption thirty to forty-five minutes post-meal comprising of solids.
  • In case vomiting of liquid occurs then suck over water or juice-extract ice cube or a lollipop.
  • Vitamins B12, B6 (pyridoxamine or pyridoxine) mostly used in merger with doxylamine or dimenhydrinate or Diclectin antihistamines. Often antihistamines used alone fail to provide respite from morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Antiemetic medicines are prescribed in case a pregnant woman is dehydrated or malnourished due to morning sickness. Medicines like Zofran or ondansetron, promethazine or other options like prochlorperazine, metoclopramide are advised.
  • Avoid getting stressed out or fatigued as it could aggravate morning sickness.
  • Acupressure by firm placement on the P6 pressure point (the location of the internal side of the arm, in-line with the mid-finger and 1/6th of the path in-between the elbow and wrist).

It is important to seek prompt medical advice in case a woman is puking thrice or more times in  the day or is incapable of holding down fluids, particularly in case she is additionally having pains, fever or both of these.

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