Apr 7, 2011

Morning Sickness Remedies That Really Work

In case you are one of the fifty to seventy percent of females having some extent of morning sickness, those ‘blessed’ pregnancy hormones couldn’t be amply thanked for the fact that those constant barfs or farts, the thoughts of consuming only Pretzels feels appetizing & the earlier-sexy-smelling hubby’s body spray presently just makes you want to puke out violently.

Don’t be disheartened as the positive aspect is that firstly, morning sickness perhaps wouldn’t be lasting throughout gestation (typically seventeen weeks is the avg. time for the barf episodes to last) & secondly, latest trials have found that females experiencing morning sickness have a lesser likelihood of miscarrying as compared those never experiencing it. Avoid getting worried in case you feel alright – though in case you don’t feel well – here’s some specialist recommendation on ways of feeling better in those initial weeks of gestation.


It entails tactical placement of needles in specific regions of the body like in the ears, around ankles & wrists (to allay feeling nauseous). Merely a solo therapy could assist several females in feeling betterment while other women would be going all through their gestation. But, firstly it is important to be checking with your physician to ensure it is a safer choice for you.

Eating on a regular basis

During pregnancy, women could feel ill when they do not eat sufficiently. Hence, eating on every occasion one could manage to or whatsoever wholesome that could be stomached. Though women must ideally attempt consuming some food on waking up at dawn (as feeling hungry could transform into sensing nausea), disregard planned meal timings and snacking with whatever is sounding appeasing. In case cheese & bread is the only food that wouldn’t be puked out by you then continue eating it. There’s nothing to be concerned in the interim about as your diet as it could be expanded in accordance as per how much & what food is staying down.

Stick to basic foods

It isn’t the best time to be making novel, cultural or epicure meals (except when the cravings are super-intense). Several females feel that eating plain, starch-based dietetic intake would help – cracker, banana, Cheerios, unsweetened yoghurts, watermelons, potato crisps ensued by some fluids like lemonades.

Lying Down

Though it is simpler stated than accomplished, but when one works or had a child to tend to, it isn’t always easy to lie down & unwind on many occasions. However when one lies down, it helps in reducing nauseous feeling & giddiness which could surface from inadequate consumption of proper diet.


Ginger is an established combater of queasiness & feeling nauseous. A Univ. of W. Sydney trial found that it doesn’t merely help to improve feeling nauseous during early gestational period, however even reducing puking episodes. Women could eat some ginger-based candy, drink some tea containing it or down ginger ale for respite.

Vary fluid temperature

That allaying cupful of tepid tea which one drunk on a nightly basis may suddenly be making you feel ill. In such a situation, just switching to iced chilly beverages to see if matters improve would be helpful. When low temperature fluids are aggravating nausea then have them in tepid or heated form. Maintaining optimal hydration is crucial – particularly when one is vomiting. Women must attempt keeping down 8 glassfuls water daily or sucking on icy chip or freeze fruity bar.

Consciously Divert Your Mind

Distracting your mind to other upbeat things when morning sickness symptoms worsen helps as there’s lesser time left for dwelling on how one feels. Avoid quitting that daytime vocation & for all those moms who are staying at home good options include going for walks, read a novel, chat with a buddy – whatever it takes to keep your mind off that nauseous sensation.

Try Medicines

The foremost course of action must be seeking reprieve sans drugs firstly, however, when there is nothing that appears to help then your physician might advice you to start taking an over-the-counter drug or prescription drug for easing morning sickness. When all else fails then a properly selected medication is lesser risky as compared to uncontrollable puking.

Sucking on lemons

Sniffing, licking or sucking on lemons can just do the trick. The uplifting aroma & bitter taste could assuage several troubles tummies in females.

24-by-7 Morning Sickness Survival Gear

Remember properly stocking your handbag or desk drawers with some pretzel packets, breath fresheners, wet wipe, granola bar, plastic bag, toothpaste & brush, water to rinse the mouth & some napkins – would certainly help you better tackle morning sickness symptoms.

Discuss About It

Though one may want to be keeping your preggers status concealed for the time-being, notifying your seniors regarding it earlier on could be a good idea as he/ she would expect a clarification for situations when you were amiss during action. For women not in office settings or knowing that their senior would not understand could discuss the matter with individuals whom you know could be trusted regarding means of how they could be of assistance.

Giving Acupressure a shot

How about trying the water-resistant acupressure bracelet brands obtainable in several medical stores –like the PsiBand or anything likewise as trials have proven they lessen nausea intensity & briefer-lasting morning sickness experienced. Optionally, one could even be trying this trick – pressing trio fingertips in a gentle yet firm manner on the palm base, just higher than the place wherein one would be measuring pulse on wrists. Do deep breathing & pressing this region using fingertips for around sixty seconds & in a gradual manner increase pressure till one feels some discomforting sensation.

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