Nov 3, 2010
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Non-Television Ways of Keeping Little Munchkins Busy – Part I

It might astonish your children to discover that there was life pre-television, DVDs, remote-control and pre-Ben 10 and Sponge Bob.

In those days, parents managed to successfully keep their little ones busy by themselves sans resorting to the idiot box and freed up critical time for dish-washing, making telephone calls, churning margarine and all the oodles of adult responsibilities. Specialists have repeatedly cautioned all about TVs being abysmal baby-sitters hence, here’s several present-day non-television tips and fun activities for kids for keeping the little brats busy while you have your hands free for tackling other crucial stuff.

Get those little Paws Sticky

Ideal for age group – three to seven years old

Sticker is one thing that most children adore & so must the parents – till the time they don’t land up on the furnishings. Start collecting loads of differently coloured and sized stickers (remember picking these up during sale times) and keeping them in a secure place. These are to be used solely when the parent needs some time alone and giving the child a low-priced note pad or scrap papers whose binding has been done and encouraging them for creating their individual narrative books replete with washable coloured chalks & attractive stickers.

Soft Toy Fancy Dress Competition

Ideal for age group – two years onwards

Re-create the ambience of ‘Project Runway’ in your abodes by notifying the kids that tonight’s cuddle toy style night and they are in charge of creating their garb. They could be provided the entire requisite styling devices, child clothes & soft toys for using as a foundation for their masterpieces and revelling in the demonstration they put up.

Extemporary Treasure Hunting

Ideal for age group – three years onwards

Having your little one scan the home while searching for any amendments he/she could locate – like checking under and inside the bolsters of couches, underneath recliners among other unanticipated spots and the winner being the one managing to find the maximum number.

Making Forts from Cardboard Cases

Ideal for age group – three years onwards

There are many craft activities for kids. Children could be given a few cleaned cardboard containers from the recyclable bin, a little cello-tape and letting their imagination and creativity run wild – like accessorizing with windows & a lawn made with marker pens.

Making Collages

Ideal for age group – three years onwards

The child could be handed over a few older glossies and let them have a blast tearing off whatever fancies them. Giving him/her some theme such as ‘rains’ or ‘grandpa’ & having them select images which are suiting most favourably and offering some cellotape and scrap papers and let the kid steer it from here on.

Kiddie Bike Washes

Transform the cooking area into a toy bike washing zone and handing over some spraying containers & buckets one has in the home, filling these with water. Setting aside containers, sponge, dry rag and allow the child in washing his/her small bike. Mopping it up once the child has finished doing his end of cleaning.

Home Idols

Ideal for age group – three years onwards

Metamorphose your drawing room to a center-stage and notifying the children that they are in charge of exhibiting their talent nationwide & asking them for singing songs of their choice. Also these could be queued on to the iPod & having the children sing their hearts out aloud.

Earthquake-proof the Play Area

Ideal for age group – three to nine years of age

The classic cleaning up game continues to be pleasurable for young kids; however it does not have to be occurring in the hurried-up manner. Giving the kids a task of earthquake-proofing their play area. You will be startled to see the manner in which children abruptly show great interest in play things they put away. While inspecting the child’s task ensuring thanking them for the assistance.

Socking them Up

Ideal for age group – three to eight years of age

Majority of small children can identify colours and hand them over a load of socks for pairing them up correctly. Several children would even be capable of binding them.

Auditory Attractions

Ideal for age group – four to twelve years of age

Many children love to listen to pre-recorded story-telling. Parents could try downloading an array of narratives from:

  • Lightupyourbrain
  • Audible
  • Storynory

These could then be stored in iPods or iPads thus facilitating your kid in skipping sections, selecting from complete libraries and truly controlling the experience.

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