Nov 4, 2010
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Non-Television Ways of Keeping Little Munchkins Busy – Part II

A guide to some of the best tried and test techniques for keeping young minds occupied.

Pet Attractions

Ideal for age group – five to nine years of age

Owners of canines and felines could hand over a low-costing mini pen lights and showing them how it makes the pets start chasing and jumping for the light dot. Kids and cats find unceasing pleasure in watching the pleasant merger of technology & cat aerobatics. In case one has an exhausted canine about the house, he would surely make an ideal guest for tea-parties except in case he is expected to be seated appropriately or raise his little finger.

Forming the single guy music band

Ideal for age group – three to six years of age

Start encouraging the kid for taking out any household musical instruments from concealed locations and placing them in a straight line and letting him experience varied sounds and develop him own unique composition. One could even try challenging the kid for seeing the number of musical instruments that he could play concurrently.

Bear in mind – this is not something to be suggested during migraine attacks and during the time your child is composing sweet melody one could forget about receiving or making calls in the adjoining rooms.

Applications tailored for One and All

Ideal for age group – three to seven years of age

Your preschool going kid might not be able to still chat and text unceasingly on iPhones however one could start downloading some cool, time-consuming and also edifying games on them. Here are a few of them.

  • Wheels-on-the-Bus –
    Though they yet continue going round-and-round however your kid could start adding novel forms of instrument, diverse language, novel stanzas & even his own adorable voice.
  • ISteam –
    This application helps to thoroughly distract your little muchkin. The kid has to start rubbing his fingers over a misty mirror for revealing concealed photographs.
  • Scribble –
    A fun-filled, chic sketching application for allowing your little one in drawing to his heart’s content.
  • Smacktalk –
    On speaking to the mike, an animal voice (like dog, cat, guinea pig among others) would be repeating it in adjusted paces and pitching.
  • ESPN Spelling Bee –
    In this a player on hearing a word spoken aloud would have a minute’s time in spelling it on the keyboard. For assistance, a player could get assistance in the word’s source, meaning, part-of-speech and hearing the words in sentences.
  • Pet Shop (Animal & Letter Memory Game for Kids) –
    A picture match app. employing pet animal forms among others plus alphabets for testing & improving your child’s recollection and cognitive skill sets. Uploading one’s photographs is also possible.
D.I.Y Shelves

Ideal for age group – five to seven years of age

In case your child’s shelves are bursting with kiddie novels then telling him/her in properly organizing them in accordance with subject, colours, bulk &/or reading preferences. There’s a likelihood that he/she would be taking some time skimming through a couple of favourite books and in the process re-discover several golden oldie books. Afterwards get the kid expound his decisions and also reading the uppermost book aloud to you.

Pillow Dives

Ideal for age group – five to eight year old

There could be a good share of rubbish and useless items lodged amid cushioning of the sofas and hand over children lately cleared vacuum cleaners and let them get busy. The finder-keeper rule is applicable and making it apparent that all 5-minutes or more regulations for spilled foods has long since perished.

Cheers to Skype

Ideal for age group – three to twelve years old

Setting up Skype connection in-between parent’s & your laptops & scheduling live one-on-one video chatting. Such calls do not cost a thing and several webcams could be procured at below ten dollars.

Wording it up

Ideal for age group – four to eight years of age

In case your child is capable of typing his/her name then all word-processing programs could offer a never-ending diversion. Showing your little Einstein the fundamentals of how to type select text and change font, color and size and letting him/her unearth inner-word strength. Clip art could also be deployed to assist the child in additionally illustrating words. A great option that helps to get children accustomed to typing – a bane that would get him/her at close proximity to messaging.

Get Looped for Fun

Ideal for age group – four to eight years of age

Start by pouring the cereal loops into a large bowl and getting the kid to firstly start segregating these as per colour & then stringing these to form a necklace & bracelet. Next get them to showcase their created jewelleries in a make-belief ramp walk.

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