May 4, 2010
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Invigorating and Beneficial First Trimester Yoga P...

Invigorating and Beneficial First Trimester Yoga Poses

Elucidated herewith is a plethora of yoga poses designed for the first trimester of pregnancy to ensure a smooth-sailing pregnancy. First Trimester Yoga Poses Half Butterfly Pose (Ardha Titli Aasan) Being seated and outstretching the legs. Bending left leg and placing left foot as far upward on the right thigh as doable. Placing left hand above the bended left knee and holding toes of left foot using right hand. During inhalation, moving the left knee toward the trunk in a gentle manner. While exhaling, pushing the knee downwards and trying to touch the ground in a gentle manner. Being particular about not allowing the chest to move. Leg movement must be done by exerting the left arm. Repeating with right leg. Gradually practicing ten upward and downward moves using each  [...]

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May 3, 2010
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Crohn’s Disease Treatment Options during Pregnancy...

Crohn’s Disease Treatment Options during Pregnancy

Crohn’s disease is an acute, long-standing ailment leading to intestinal and bowel inflammation as well as ulceration (sores). Though the disease develops at any age, it is prevalently found to affect people in age bracket of fifteen to thirty years. Individuals affected with the disease experience alternating phases of being symptomatic and being in remission. Symptoms comprise of acute loose bowels, bleeding from rectum, weight reduction, fever, stomach pains and soreness, sense of fullness or accruement in the abdominal area and postponed or stunted development in kids. Crohn’s Disease and its impact on Pregnancy In several cases, pregnancy has a favorable effect on Crohn’s disease. Gestational term could assuage the symptoms since it has a suppressing action on a  [...]

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May 1, 2010
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Dos and Don’ts on the Right Ways to ...

Dos and Don’ts on the Right Ways to Exercise during Pregnancy

Being fit all through the gestational term would assist a pregnant woman in more ably coping with the demanding physical requirements of pregnancy, labor, delivery and maternity. The indication of pregnancy does not necessarily have to translate to a woman having to forego the things she enjoys doing. In case a woman is providential, she could manage to feel her healthiest best. In case not, engaging in exercise could assist her in improving her vigor levels and immune system. However, the  [...]

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Apr 29, 2010
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Special Case Scenario Child Vaccinat...

Special Case Scenario Child Vaccinations

There are several vaccinations administered to babies and kids with backgrounds or lifestyles which would place them at risk of contracting particular types of diseases. Tuberculosis BCG (post-birth) The tuberculosis BCG vaccination helps in safeguarding from TB or tuberculosis. It is given to infants with a likelihood of coming in contact with a TB-infected person or who has parents or grand-parents coming from nations that have an elevated occurrence of tuberculosis. In a number of regions,  [...]

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Apr 28, 2010
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Fuss-Free Tactics for Instilling Cle...

Fuss-Free Tactics for Instilling Cleanliness in Toddlers

Cleanliness in Girls Girls are innately picky and one could take benefit of this as one teaches the child how to keep good personal hygiene. Letting the child brush her hair by herself; she would prefer that and it would mean she could get to select her choice of hairstyles, ribbon, slide or hair bands. Letting her have her own special face cloth, soap dish and wipe towel; she would feel pride that she owns particular items or objects. Allowing your girl child to massage baby lotion into her  [...]

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Apr 27, 2010
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Baby Games to Hone Mental Developmen...

Baby Games to Hone Mental Development

A baby is constantly developing novel mental abilities at an astounding rate, generally via play and one could help by offering the child loads of fascinating novel experiences with these simple and effective baby games. Here are several baby games one could employ in stimulating an older baby’s mental development. Playing hide & seek employing toys. The plaything could be placed in front of the infant and then allow her try reaching for it on many instances, then placing a paper piece  [...]

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Apr 26, 2010
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A Parental Guide for Checking Vision...

A Parental Guide for Checking Vision Problems in Newborns

There are several signs which would warn parents if their child has any vision problems. It is imperative to seek medical advice in case one is doubtful regarding the infant’s eyesight or in case the infant’s eyes are watering a lot and intense lights are causing him discomfort. Certain eye conditions or vision problems could develop even in a very young infant. Though parents must not attempt to make a diagnosis on their own, yet there are a number of things that they could detect which  [...]

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Apr 26, 2010
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Fertility and Light

Fertility and Light

It is a well-known fact that factors like what foods one eats, exercise routines, weight and whether one is drinking or smoking could all have an effect on a woman’s fertility. However, many are not aware of exposure to light (innate and artificial) playing a significant part in controlling the reproductive system functioning. Light aids in keeping the circadian pacemaker synchronized in tandem with the twenty-four hour day. In other words, light helps in synchronizing the suprachiasmatic  [...]

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Apr 23, 2010
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Birth Control Options after Baby

Birth Control Options after Baby

Although breastfeeding could offer majority though not all moms with approximately three months of safeguard, yet birth control has to be given careful consideration. Women who bottle feed their babies could go through their ovulation phase in just a couple of weeks post-delivery. Hence, wisely stated, it is time to plan for the future by taking into consideration several birth control options. Hormonal Method Hormonal methods like birth control pills, patches, rings have estrogen and  [...]

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Apr 22, 2010
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Viable Therapy Options to help a chi...

Viable Therapy Options to help a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is a mild to severe ranging condition wherein a child faces problems when trying to relate to individuals and scenarios and shows irrational resistance to any modification in routines. The condition is four folds more prevalent in the male gender as compared to females. Those tending to a child with autism would probably uncover that his/her behavior is most problematical in the ages of 2-5 years and there might be an improvement noted by the age of six to  [...]

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