Apr 26, 2011

Pregnancy Facts – Weirdest Things That Happe...

Pregnancy Facts – Weirdest Things That Happen

Irrespective of whether you are an expectant mom or a guy keen on gaining a deeper understanding about what pregnant women actually are going through, here is a compilation of ten of the strangest & some rather unsettling pregnancy facts which transpire though often kept secreted. Being Preggers for Well Past a Year Majority of the gestations are lasting for around nine months & physicians, in most likelihood, would be inducing labor when gestation extends beyond a certain stage. This being stated, it is likely for pregnancy to be prolonging for an entire year. The most protracted gestation was recorded to last 375 days, extraordinarily; the infant was merely below 7 lbs. in weight. Now, doesn’t this put an entirely novel outlook on just being delayed by some  [...]

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Apr 21, 2011

In Vitro Fertilization Controversial 3-Parent Tech...

In Vitro Fertilization Controversial 3-Parent Technique

Fertility supervisory body HFEA (Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority) recently supported a medical advancement that would lead to infants being born with trio biological parents since they would be having genes from mom, dad plus a woman egg donor and deemed it as safe, though further lab experimentations are necessary prior to them being deployed in clinic settings. This divisive in vitro fertilization method essentially intervenes in the fertilization process for removal of flawed mitochondrial DNA that might cause mitochondrial conditions – an array of conditions like lethal cardiovascular issues, failed liver, brain conditions, muscle weakness & sightlessness. These conditions arise due to DNA mutations within mitochondria of the egg – the power sets  [...]

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Apr 19, 2011
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April is Autism Awareness Month R...

April is Autism Awareness Month – Knowing Which Treatments Work & Don’t

April is commemorated as Autism Awareness Month for the key purpose of reminding us of the varied challenges that autistic kids & their kin face on a day-to-day basis & how we can all contribute to this noble endeavour. In the recent past, autism cases have seen a sharp spurt from one in 110 kids to one in seventy boys. Though autism is not a lethal condition, it has now been identified as an endemic because of the increasing numbers of kids being identified with it. This kind of  [...]

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Apr 14, 2011
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Sex During Pregnancy – What Yo...

Sex During Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

Though it might be hard to believe, but your partner still finds you sexy. Keep the intensity & intimacy going strong whilst the infant is growing with the following things to bear in mind for making preggo sex comfy, safe & pleasurable for both the partners. Sex During Pregnancy Important Information Positions like the side-by-side, from behind or woman-on-top are preferable for sex during pregnancy since they are lesser uncomfortable with advancing gestation. Deeply penetrating by  [...]

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Apr 12, 2011
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Factor V Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Factor V Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Factor V is a heritable condition predisposing you to blood clot formations. During gestational period, likelihood of blood clots forming augments, inclusive of DVT or deep vein thrombosis clots that arise in the deeper veins such as the thigh’s femoral vein. Deep vein thrombosis atypically arises – 1 from each one to two thousand gestations. But, gestational alterations in blood because of hormone levels tend to increase the frequency of DVT in females by five to ten percent as compared to  [...]

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Apr 7, 2011
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Morning Sickness Remedies That Reall...

Morning Sickness Remedies That Really Work

In case you are one of the fifty to seventy percent of females having some extent of morning sickness, those ‘blessed’ pregnancy hormones couldn’t be amply thanked for the fact that those constant barfs or farts, the thoughts of consuming only Pretzels feels appetizing & the earlier-sexy-smelling hubby’s body spray presently just makes you want to puke out violently. Don’t be disheartened as the positive aspect is that firstly, morning sickness perhaps wouldn’t be lasting  [...]

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Apr 5, 2011
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Early Signs of Autism to Watch For I...

Early Signs of Autism to Watch For In Your Baby

Studies have begun divulging that early signs of autism could commence virtually birth-onwards (a latest trial linked the atypical developmental condition to erroneous cells in the maternal placenta). As per a recently conducted nationwide assessment, 1 from 175 children has autism. Although majority of the children are not identified till they are two years old or more, trials reveal that several of them are exhibiting signs & symptoms quite early on. Are you worried that your baby could  [...]

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Apr 1, 2011
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Mastitis Symptoms Among Breastfeedin...

Mastitis Symptoms Among Breastfeeding Mothers

Mastitis is a condition wherein the breast develops inflammation & becomes red, tender and painful. An infection might be present; hence it is always prudent to seek consultation of a healthcare expert for determining if the use of antibiotics is needed. Abscesses could result from infections in the breasts which have then to be operatively drained, though this could be averted at all times by proper treatment of mastitis. Mastitis Symptoms A section or the entire breast is too agonizing,  [...]

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Mar 29, 2011
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Medication Errors Which Parents Shou...

Medication Errors Which Parents Should Avoid

Despite being alert and aware, more often than not, many parents make medication errors. Here’s critical information that would hopefully prevent them occurring in the first place. The use of incorrect dosing tool Around seventy-five per cent of the adult populace deploys teaspoons from kitchens to offer runny medicines to little ones. However, such practice is not the correct means of measuring it – particularly so for small children – based on the teaspoon size, one may be offering the  [...]

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Mar 24, 2011
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Diaper Rash Cream – How to Pre...

Diaper Rash Cream – How to Prepare at Homemade

For all those who strongly believe in innate cures, frugal ‘do-it-yourself’ outlook & in general are attempting to find balance as innate, non toxic parents here is some handy advice on preparing a 100% innate diaper rash cream. This could be slathered over any indication of reddishness, for added shielding, during night times & excursions – when frequent changing of the little one might not be possible. Salve for Diaper Rashes The formula is basically for a non petroleum jelly,  [...]

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