May 1, 2011

Parenting Tips Top 10 Stress-Free Solutions

How often in our endless pursuits to be ‘super-mom & super-dad’ do we end up exhausting ourselves, complicating scenarios & creating stress. Here are some truly incredible parenting tips that would surely help in resolving daily dilemmas & the oddest concerns about kids.

  1. Getting Attention – Lowering your tone to whispers & then saying your requests. Many children aren’t accustomed to hushed requests.
  2. Increasing constructive behaviours – Studies have shown that offering children apt forms of praises (known as positive re-inforcement) is among the finest parenting tips one could inculcate into daily existence for shaping novel favourable deeds or conduct in your child. Hence, whenever you find that your child is doing a deed that you want then simply ensure commending him/ her specifically & notify precisely what he/ she has done correct. (Addition of words like ‘that’ or ‘because/ since’ would be taking your extol up a level. For instance saying ‘Mamma is really amazed that you began doing your homework by yourself on this instant’).
  3. Stretching perseverance – Praise the kid’s efforts (‘You are really working hard’) rather than innate intellect (‘You are so clever’) is shown to improve persistence & performances, however the kid is even more prone to be bouncing back from a blunder – all since he/ she senses that accomplishment isn’t mixed.
  4. Curb Fears – Exposing the kid to his fear in miniscule dosages that he/ she could manage & assist them in developing an announcement for speaking back to that fear like ‘Shoo fear’ or ‘I could do this’.
  5. Taming tantrums – More the amount of time one gives attention to tantrums, lengthier they would be lasting hence ignorance is bliss and the best approach during most such occasions.
  6. Nurturing compassion – Encouraging the kid in using the Dual Praise Decree daily – saying or doing a minimum of duo kind, thoughtful things for somebody. Random deeds of benevolence truly are beguiling.
  7. Increasing Assertiveness – During stressful events ‘looking at the eye colour of the person speaking to you’ – maintaining eye contact assists children in exuding confidence and strong body posturing even assists the kid from being the target of bullies lesser often.
  8. Comraderie Building – The duo most prevalently deployed attributes of admired or popular children are ‘beaming’ & ‘encouraging’ hence reinforcing these in your kid for boosting his/ her amity quotient.
  9. Developing healthful  consumption practices – EatIing relaxed kin meals on a regular basis helps enhance the child’s psycho-social welfare, boosting school ranking & even deterring dire behaviour such as boozing, cigarette smoking & eating disorders while also teaching the kid healthful consumption habits.
  10. Curbing nagging – Simply refuse on the foremost instant & do not be giving into it. On an avg. a child would be nagging 9 times well-aware that the parent would cave in to it.
  11. These parenting tips would surely empower you as a parent to bring up your child in a better & smarter manner.
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