Dec 23, 2010

Parenting Toddlers – 9 Blunders To Avoid

Tots are often bursting with energy & keen on testing parental limits which can be rather tricky in handling. Here are nine errors often made when parenting toddlers that are best avoided.

Error 1 – Not being Consistent

Tots would be doing finest when they are aware of what they could look forward to – be its bathing, studying, sleeping times or the pertinent consequences to their misbehaviours. Greater the consistency & predictability of things, better resilience & agreeability can be noticed in tots.

Amends – Maintaining regularity in schedules for kids to as much extent as doable is recommended. Being consistent could be tricky when a parent or caregiver is not seeing eye-to-eye.

Unsure about the most favourable means of reacting when your tot tosses food on the flooring or disregards bedtimes – the best way out is discussing with your mate in advance what response would be ideal and then sticking to it. When you are parenting toddlers avoid making the gaffe of sending mixed messages.

Error 2 – Lays too much focus on kin time

Although it is lovely to be spending time with the entire kin several parents focus excessively it. Children treasure exclusive time with one parent and parents too enjoy it as they do not have to be contending with brother-sister rivalry at that time.

Amends – An ideal way of devoting undivided attention to your tot is to just get down on the ground together & play around with him/her.

Error 3 – Offer too much assistance

How often a parent would eagerly pitch in to assist a tot who is facing problems when trying to do some task. Prior to being over-helpful, take into consideration the likelihood that assisting your kid in completing puzzles, or putting on a trouser, one may be conveying the message that the kid cannot do it independently – or stated otherwise, that the kid is inept. Parents that proffer too much assistance might actually sabotage their little kid capability of becoming self-sufficient.

Amends – Kids need to be taught to endure struggle and certainly tendering praises & encouragements would provide your child the boosting he/she needs in tiding over hurdles.

Error 4 – Saying too much

Having a discussion with your tot is generally a good idea though not when it is time for reining in erroneous behaviours.

Envisage a mother who just refused her two year old child’s demand for a pretzel. The kid starts fussing – Mother expounds it is time for dinner. The kid seizes it anyways. Mother takes it from the kid & attempts once more in explaining herself to the teary-eyed kid. This back-forth painfully continues with surging frustrations felt on each end.

Speaking could be leading to the speaking-persuading-arguing-yelling-hitting patterns. Tots aren’t grown-ups in a concise body; they are illogical, and simply incapable of assimilating what one says to them.

Amends – Laying down the laws is a prudent approach and no sooner has one told the tot for doing something, avoid conversing about it or making eye-to-eye contact. When the kid is disobeying, offering a concise caveat or counting till 3. In case the kid is refusing to abide then giving time-outs or other instant upshot – with no explanations necessary.

Error 5 – Offering solely kid-centric foods

Is your tot merely eating French fries & chicken nuggets or is teddy bear cracker the solo one he/she is eating? Many parents come to the realization sooner or later that tots steadily offered a dietetic intake of nutritive-wise fluky kiddie food items might show resistance for any other ones.

Amends – The kid should be encouraged for trying food-fare that grown-ups eat. A fair percentage of children are game for trying novel foods when they see their parents enjoy them. In case the kid is resisting, continue to put the food on his/her platter as frequently several of them need trying foods over a dozen times prior to accepting them.

In case your tot is a finicky eater avoid worrying about it as majority of them are. Kids enjoy food-related tussle. When parents are making a big commotion about it then unnecessarily a bigger deal is made about it. Till the time there is some item that kid could munch on his platter, avoid fretting and permit yourself becoming your tot’s brief-order chef.

Error 6 – Getting Riddance of the Cribs

A crib not just helps in maintain safety but also promoting ideal sleep patterns. Tots often shifted swiftly to adult beds might face problems trying to stay in bed or fall asleep & hence might eventually climb into beds with their parents. A number of mothers jade themselves out since they have to be lying down with their kid on a nightly basis. These mothers fail in realizing that they are actually the one who is setting the patterns.

Amends – The ideal time for getting riddance of cribs is when the kid is asking for a bed or begins to climb out of his cot. For majority of the children it is in-between two to three years of age.

Error 7 – Commence Potty-training quite early on.

Several parents coax their kids to use the toilet when they deem it is the right time & issuing stringent chides when matters blunder leading to power struggles.

Amends – When kids are ready they would learn using the loo and hence must never be hurried into doing so. However setting the stage would do good like showing the tot the loo and explaining its usage. In case one feels comfy doing so then allow the kid observe how you are using the loo – & offering praises when the kid offers a twirl. What in case your kid is yet in diaper by four – avoid getting frantic as no kid would be going to university with diaper on.

Error 8 – Permitting excess Television viewing

Tots watching television for long periods of time mostly face learning-related issues afterwards. Research indicates that children below two years of age are incapable of taking in whatever appears on television & laptop screen.

Amends – The tot should be kept engaged with activities that encourage his creativity like reading among others. Parents should be having tête-à-tête & promote speaking & paying attention. More one holds off television exposure for your kid it is always better.

Error 9 – Attempt at stopping tantrums

Several parents are worried that an uncontrollable kid reflects their inefficacy as parents. However, most tots throw tantrums and it is meaningless to attempt talking them out of it – even when the performance unfolds in public places or formal occasions.

Amends - Every parent should bear in mind that the kid should matter above what the opinion of the other person is – particularly any stranger. In case those around are glaring or offering unneeded suggestion then just smiling & scooping up the howling kid to an area far from snooping eye for the tantrums to end. No sooner it is done then hugging the kid & getting on with the day.

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