Dec 12, 2011
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Play and learn with colors

Kids are taught in playful manner and they learn quickly if you allow them to play with things as they want. And colors are known to attract kids more than anything. Seeing vibrant colors makes them curious and they try to do things. Children tend to learn effectively by doing. Hands on experience of learning makes better impression in children’s mind which they are able to retain more and better of what they learned in that manner. WheFun ways to teach kids colorsn you allow kids to be creative, it’s wonderful for the development of the child.

Give your child opportunity to play with colors. As mentioned above, research has proved that colors stimuli certain parts of the brain. This leads to child learning better and makes the brain active too. Hence you should give your child opportunity to play and learn with colors. As most of the mothers do, they take swatch of color for example red, and point and say “RED”, no doubt children learn from this too, but after a while kids grow bored of this technique, but if you allow them to be creative and along with them if you become creative in your teaching methods then your child will learn faster. Let them play with crayons, colored tissue papers, marker, finger paints, etc.

Activity suggestions:

Finger color pFinger color paintsaints: give kid the basic color that is red, blue, green, yellow, white, and black etc. let them mix color, and let them create new colors!

Tissue paper activity: take some colored tissue papers, cut them in shape of small leaves and thereafter draw a tree trunk on large white color paper. Ask your kid to paste those leaves on the tree trunk, this will make him creative as well as help him being organized.

Sandwich: When making sandwich also you can ask them to play with colors,  letting them decide what they want for example the red Tomato Sauce, Yellow peanut butter, etc.

Making play Dough: Play dough can be made at home, mix ½ cup salt, 1cup flour, ½ water, and food dye to give color. When adding food dye ask your kid to tell which color do they want or let them make some new color all together. Then let them play with colored dough and be creative into making new things.

Also Crayons, and if yoHow to teach kids to identify colors in playful mannerur kid is young enough, allow water color to play. That way they will be mixing and wondering what color he ended up by mixing this and that and try to make new different colors next time.

Colors give them opportunity for hands on the learning experience along with resulting in doing critical thinking while mixing colors. Even when your kid is playing with blocks different colors blocks make them creative when they join different color blocks in some formations. Also its important that you should praise your kid for whatever it makes. Well it’s a master piece in its own accord. Efforts should be recognized but the most important thing is to show your approval.

Even the color books should be given and let them color as they want. If they coloring water as orange and sun as blue, let them. Then ask why did they color so and you will get interesting answers such that you will be amazed by their creative thinking. Through colors kids are known to express emotions as well. They will use vibrant colors when happy and dull colors when sad.

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