Jul 20, 2010

Shed Post-Pregnancy Pounds: Toning Strength and Cardio Workout – Part I

Bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body with these toning, strength and cardio exercises designed to be effectual, swift and easily adaptable into the busiest of days. These exercises are to be done on alternate days or thrice a week to gain optimal benefits.

One-legged Flyes

  • An ideal exercise that works on areas like shoulder, abdominals, gluteal muscles, quadriceps and upper back.
  • Positioning oneself by standing with feet placed at a distance shoulder-width away, bending knees to a slight extent and dumbbells held in both hands.
  • The right leg is to be extended ahead of oneself and torso hinged forwards from the hip region.
  • Extending arms ahead of the trunk and palms to face one another.
  • Exhaling and bringing arms out to one’s sides. One needs to lay focus to draw the shoulder blades or scapula together.
  • Lowering to initial pose and repeating.
  • Doing five repetitions on the left leg and swapping sides.
Inclined Extended Leg Push-ups
  • This exercise targets trunk, abdominals, arms, gluteal muscles and hams.
  • Start off by placing hands on the ends of a steady seat or step at a distance shoulder-width away while extending legs at the back of oneself in a complete push up pose. Inhaling and bending elbows for lowering the trunk.
  • Exhaling as one straightens the elbows.
  • While at the peak of the push up, lifting left leg away from the ground till hip level and holding the pose for five seconds and then lowering.
  • Repeating push up leg-hoist combination on the right side and continually alternating till ten repetitions have been completed. For simplifying it, the knees are to be kept on the ground and leg to be extended at the back of oneself at the peak of every push up.
Single-legged Squats
  • Standing with feet placed at a distance shoulder width away in a partial squatted pose and arms placed on the sides with dumbbells clutched.
  • The body weight is then to be shifted to the left leg and knee to be bent even more. Now extending the right leg at back of oneself around six inches away from the ground.
  • During that analogous instant, arms are to be raised ahead of oneself till shoulder level.
  • Returning to starting pose repeating on the other side as well.
  • Continually alternate legs till one has completed sixteen repetitions.
  • Cardio interval I (2 minutes) – Shuffling from side-to-side for a minute’s time and then spot marching or jogging for a minute.
Hamstrings Curls plus Triceps Extensions
  • An ideal exercise that works the abdominals, hamstring and triceps.
  • Balancing oneself on the left leg while extending right leg behind oneself around a foot suspended in air with dumbbells clasped in palms to face one another.
  • Leaning torso to slight extent forwards and extending arms to the backside of oneself.
  • The elbows are to be bent and hands brought towards the sides. One additionally has to bend the right knee for drawing right foot towards the buttocks.
  • Doing eight repetitions and switching legs.

Shed Post-Pregnancy Pounds: Toning Strength and Cardio Workout – Part II

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