Apr 26, 2011

Pregnancy Facts – Weirdest Things That Happen

Irrespective of whether you are an expectant mom or a guy keen on gaining a deeper understanding about what pregnant women actually are going through, here is a compilation of ten of the strangest & some rather unsettling pregnancy facts which transpire though often kept secreted.

Being Preggers for Well Past a Year

Majority of the gestations are lasting for around nine months & physicians, in most likelihood, would be inducing labor when gestation extends beyond a certain stage. This being stated, it is likely for pregnancy to be prolonging for an entire year. The most protracted gestation was recorded to last 375 days, extraordinarily; the infant was merely below 7 lbs. in weight.

Now, doesn’t this put an entirely novel outlook on just being delayed by some weeks, doesn’t it?

Boy Foetuses do get a hard-on while in-utero

For the most part, moms prefer not thinking about their male foetuses getting it up even when they’re teens, however the reality is that a number of male babies get a pocket rocket whilst yet in the uterus. Factually, infants from duo genders have been identified to be masturbating while within their mom’s uterus, though male foetuses are the sole ones that could be spotted in arousal mode on sonograms.

In case engaging in sex during pregnancy felt disturbing, this piece of information certainly takes the cake.

A Woman’s Complete Lower Chassis might require Suturing

No woman would want suturing in her under-body though several moms require operative closure of that region. Around 9 from 10 females experience some form of vaginal laceration or tears following child delivery, though several degrees of tears occur – few of them require hardly any tending or some sutures though the truly acute ones extend from the vaginal till the anal part and many even affecting the muscles past the anal area. Lacerations which reach the anus rarely occur & solely afflict 1 from 100 moms. It is believed that when the region is massaged before child delivery it could lessen tears though despite this it would not be able to totally stop the tears from arising in majority of the individuals.

All of a sudden, opting for a caesarean section birth does sound a better choice, isn’t it?

Poop Scoop

While delivering a child, often pregnant females tend to inadvertently eject bowel constituents. This occurs since the muscles used for pushing the foetus are the analogous ones which are used for bowel motions. What also makes the anal sphincter go into expulsion mode is the foetus exerting direct pressure on the rectum while exiting the birth canal which then helps in squeezing out whatever’s there present at the outlet.

Earlier, nursing staff commonly offered enema before labor, though this yet doesn’t appear to stop the messiness from occurring & mostly even dehydrates the woman. Nowadays, physicians & those from the nursing staff co-operatively assist in clearing out any droppings. Mostly, no one in the delivery room would even be saying anything about the pooping so the mom might not even realize it happened during the birthing process.

Are you still favouring the idea of your hubby dearest recording the birthing process?

You’re Positively Radiant

How often does one end up complimenting an expectant mom about how glowing her she appears, though majority of the individuals are chalking it up to the preggo female’s exhilaration of carrying a child. During gestation, quantity of blood flowing through the body would be increasing by fifty percent & additional blood would be showing up in several areas, especially the cheek areas. This coupled with the hormones lead to the sebaceous glands becoming more active & resulting in a soft, shiny look and that apparent glow.

You have a Dog’s nose

During pregnancy, you develop a hound’s sense of smell along with oversensitive taste buds. Researchers have hypothesized that this assists expectant moms to steer clear from consuming even miniscule amounts of toxin which could be perilous to the fetus although not unsafe for adults. As smokes, alcohols & caffeine are especially obvious to expectant moms; such conjecture definitely appears to be on the correct path.

Vaginal contractions not halting post-birth

Majority of the moms would be experiencing contractions for the initial couple of days post-birthing. Muscular cramping is the body’s way of halting excessive bleeding. In case one has delivered in a hospital, one would yet be pretty much under the influence of medicines to most likely even be noticing it.

Pregnant women really need not be going overboard on the eating part

In spite of the common rumours which state that expectant moms must be gaining on as much weight as they could for delivering a bonny baby is utter fallacy. The reality is that majority of the females would solely require an additional three hundred calories daily which is corresponding to around 1 serve yoghurts & ½ bagel. Majority of the women would simply need to gain on around twenty-five lbs. all through their gestation.

Certainly, in case, you find yourself at a buffet & simply can’t resist the sweets section then go ahead & indulge a little.

You land up getting Huge Feet

In case you are pondering about the reason for your feet getting that huge while having gained just twenty-five lbs, it is due to the excessive strain placed on the feet alongside ligament relaxation inside the body. With the gestation wearing on, a pregnant woman’s body begins releasing the stiffness in its ligaments to assist with the delivery. Regrettably this also translates to feet begin losing arch & stretching out. The flattish, broader form of feet would perhaps be transitorily experienced though in case the growth is too much then the alteration would mostly turn out to be long-lasting.

To-Be-Dad Also experiences Pregnancy Signs

It is astonishingly prevalent for soon-to-be dads to begin piling on pounds, experience morning sickness & also lower abdominal cramping – something which is medically termed as sympathetic pregnancy.

So, which one of these pregnancy facts astonished you the most or the least bit?

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