May 19, 2010
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A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Safe Beauty Treatments

Pregnant women are often confused about which beauty and skin care treatments are safe to opt for. Here are clarifications of several commonly asked doubts regarding all beauty and hygiene treatments and their safety quotient for a pregnant woman.


Basic in-home and spa facials usually carry no risk for a pregnant woman. However, it is best that specialized facials which employ galvanic currents (electrical micro currents use to assist in toning muscles), peels that contain glycolic acid or herbal facial be avoided in the initial three months of pregnancy, especially in case nausea and vomiting is being experienced (the sharp, sweet odours could aggravate these morning sickness symptoms).


Getting a massage from an experienced and skilled masseuse also specializing in antenatal massage could be a safe option for a pregnant woman. Also, propping oneself on one’s left side with the assistance of a cushion or requesting for a special table having an opening in the mid-section for accommodating the pregnant bulge. Several experts propose steering clear of any form of massage in the initial trimester hence checking with one’s physician firstly.

It is best to avoid aromatherapy during pregnancy since the treatment involves the use of plant-based oil types inclusive of basil, fennel, myrrh, thyme which must be avoided since they are doubted to cause physiological outcomes on the fetus.

Tanning Salons

There is dearth of concrete proof that tanning bed is detrimental to fetal growth, however there is plentiful evidence backing their grave effects on the person by raising chances of getting skin cancer. Tanning booths additionally increase body temperature to an extent which could be perilous to the growing fetus, especially in the initial trimester. Also the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy would cause an uneven tan or the woman developing large-sized brown patchy areas on the skin called melasma. Those pregnant women on the lookout for a brazen glow could make use of a self tanner that is not harmful to either the mother or the baby.

Hair Colouring

Even as obtainable studies indicate that hair colouring during gestational period is deemed free of risk (there is dearth of information indicating that it raises chances of birth anomalies or miscarriages), it is best to book an appointment for hair colouring on conclusion of the initial trimester for being on the safer side since till that time, a significant extent of organ growth of the fetus has been completed.

Sauna and hot tub

A no-no to sauna or hot tub use for expectant mothers since their intense heat could have an effect on the fetal development. Even during normal bath or jacuzzis, the water temperature must not cross beyond one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.


Reflexology must not be done during pregnancy since foot massage could trigger uterine contractions hence best avoided.


A manicure could be done, however it is always safer to carry along one’s own instrument kit comprising of nail filers, cuticle clippers among others. Also salons having especially pungent chemical smells must be avoided- check out presence of air-conditioners or fans so that fume inhalation does not occur. In case one is applying nail-polish at home then doing it in a space that has proper ventilation or close to opened windows for the analogous reason. Foot massages must be avoided which could elicit fetal movements and uterine contractions.

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