Apr 14, 2011
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Sex During Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

Though it might be hard to believe, but your partner still finds you sexy. Keep the intensity & intimacy going strong whilst the infant is growing with the following things to bear in mind for making preggo sex comfy, safe & pleasurable for both the partners.

Sex During Pregnancy Important Information
  • Positions like the side-by-side, from behind or woman-on-top are preferable for sex during pregnancy since they are lesser uncomfortable with advancing gestation.
  • Deeply penetrating by the male partner must be something decided by the woman & her comfort level.
  • Air, some foreign object or air in the vaginal region mustn’t be part of sexual intercourse during gestational period. Moreover, pregnant women must never douche.
  • Thoughtful, empathetic, creative & humorous would definitely be favourable assets to sex during pregnancy.
  • The expectant mother must always be able to refuse or simply saying ‘no’.
  • In case a female is having an elevated risk of experiencing premature labor, then sex & orgasms must not be engaged in till the time her physician or mid-wife has notified her that it could be safely done. The woman’s nipples must also not be stimulated in such scenarios.
  • It is best to steer clear from sexual contact or activity in case it is recommended by the health care expert.
  • Avoid sex when some leakage, rupture of amniotic fluid is noticed or when one is doubtful that it might be seeping.
  • It is best to avoid any form of sex in case the pregnant female or her mate has had exposure to, or is confirmed to be having an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or HIV. Usage of condoms & spermicides is highly advisable when sex is unavoidable.
  • With term approaching, begin discussing what post-delivery birth control would be most feasible.
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