Feb 8, 2011
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Sore Nipples During Breastfeeding – Your Guide to Best Natural Remedies

Despite appropriate positioning & attaching, a breastfeeding mother could experience sore nipples at some stage or the other. Although they would be healing swiftly, mostly in a few days, however it is yet simpler in preventing them instead of healing them. The widely promoted nipple spray for preventing sore nipples has been proven to be ineffectual, however the below mentioned prudent women cures are safe & have proven results.

Caveat –

Persistent or abrupt soreness in the nipples might be indicative of thrush infection with other tell-tale signs comprising of pinkish, peeling skin & scratchy nipples.

  • Do not discontinue breastfeeding due to thrush or sore nipples as actually it is proven that when mothers nursed more frequently these issues got resolved swiftly.
  • Exposing the nipple & breast areas to the sun’s rays (max 3 mins), air for discouraging any type of thrush growths and for strengthening breast tissues. Avoid donning brassiere round-the-clock and use nursing bra with flap down whenever doable.
  • Rubbing medical-grade lanolin, olive oil, comfrey cream, almond oil on the nipple areas all through the final trimester of gestation & the initial weeks of breastfeeding for creating supple tissues that are resilient to any crack, tear & chapping.
  • Try experimenting with diverse breastfeeding positions till you locate ones wherein you experience least or no discomfort and the complete darkish region around the nipple is within the infant’s mouth, nipples centred.
  • Also offering the breast more frequently as when the number of feeds is reduced it could make the infant so famished that he/she tends to tear at the breasts.
  • Evade using soaps, colognes, powders or deodorants on the nipple, breast areas. Avoid washing nipples using soaps as it tends to predispose them to  develop cracks or chap.
Sore Nipples Cures
  • The use of tea bag (warm, moistened) has been advised since long for treating nipple soreness due to the presence of tannic acid that has inflammation-combating features.
  • Avoid using vitamin E on the nipple areas as was earlier advised to heal soreness since it might in fact aggravate skin alongside also exposure the infant to elevated dosages of vitamin E.
  • After having breastfed, nipple areas could be rinsed with saline water mix comprising of one-third tsp salt into a cupful tepid water. Doing so helps in cleaning any breaks in skin & lowers chances of infections developing. This solution must be prepared fresh on every instant one uses it. Prior to the subsequent feed, nipples must be rinsed off with regular water. Saline rinses could be deployed prior to applying lanolin.
  • Special devised gel pad known as hydrogel dressing are available that could be worn in the brassiere to help heal sore nipples & offer comforting sensation.
  • Application of crush ice swathed in a damp cloth or iced gauze pieces on the nipple areas just prior to breastfeeding is a fine pain-allayer. Doing this also aids in bringing out smallish or soft-textured nipples & assists the infant in feeding with greater ease while breasts are quite heavy.
  • Poultice made of yarrow foliage or its infusion in oil offers instant respite from pains & helps in healing any cracks in nipple areas soon. Even poultice made of marshmallow, comfrey are particularly effectual.
  • Aloe Vera gel also helps in soothing & healing soreness & any crack in nipples.
  • Calendula cream had been favoured since long for healing & strengthening nipple areas. One warning – any ointment which contains antibiotic, steroid & anesthetics (pain-killer) medications have the potential to be detrimental to maternal & fetal side.
  • Comfrey cream helps in softening & strengthening nipples and really soothes sensitive ones & helps to swiftly heal any form of fissure or bruise formations.
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