Aug 18, 2010

The Novel Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method – Part I

An eminent speaker for The American Fertility Association and serving on board, actress Brenda Strong of the ‘Desperate Housewives’ fame also dons an equally vital role in non-celluloid. She is a skilled registered yoga teacher assisting females in maximizing their reproductive chances, improving wellness, empowering them to feel good within irrespective of whether or not they conceive or become parents. Strong is a firm believer that one has to learn to unearth inner peace which would help one in ably donning the role of parenthood in the future.

Her program dubbed ‘The new Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method’ helps females by adding the advantages of self-massaging plus acupuncture to yoga moves. The fertility ball measuring a mere 5 inches diameter-wise works by targeting the acupressure points over the body for boosting fertility and helps in stimulating blood circulation, massaging inner organ structures and lowering stress.

Brenda came to the realization that acupressure when coalesced with yoga is a potent combo for women keen on getting pregnant and thus originated The Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method.

Strong believes that females irrespective of attempting conception could be benefited from this method in the following ways.

Females not attempting conception, however are mulling over the idea.

Females who feel they are not yet ready yet are considering getting pregnant in the future could be benefited by this method as it would enhance their health and vivacity. The fertility ball could assist them in getting more in-tune with their inner self, improving blood supply to vital reproductive organs for maximizing their prospects of conception once they plan to have a baby. It would additionally allay bothersome symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and help in balancing their endocrine hormones plus menstrual cycle.

Females attempting conception innately

An ideal match as this method is the powerful amalgamation of yoga plus acupressure.

Females on the course of Fertility Drugs

The fertility ball could also be useful for females who are on the course of fertility drugs. However in case hyper-stimulation is being experienced then these women should avoid some of the poses like complete inversion or upside down poses and avoiding a number of deep-forwards bending poses for safety and calming purposes.

Females attempting IVF

It is best that females who are attempting in-vitro fertilization or IVF should firstly seek doctor’s consultation. But several reproductive specialists do use acupressure pre and post embryo transfer method as research has shown that it promotes healthy blood circulation to the pelvic region and reduces contractions in the uterus that could avert embedding. Using the fertility ball to do acupressure plus yoga would also proffer analogous soothing and health improving benefits. However Strong advises to steer clear from complete inversion or forwards bending poses in case one is feeling distended due stimulation, retrieving or transferring process.

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