Oct 20, 2011
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Teaching your kids to cook food

We are living a fast paced world which has drive through windows and we get to order just at touch of one button. Convenience is important but this doesn’t mean that families and kids can’t have a good time together. Order quick meals doesn’t necessarily mean that we have more time in the family; it means that we are in hurry for getting to some place.

Toddlers love wooden spoons, pans, and pots mostly because they get to make plenty of noise with them. However, they might be keen on those utensils because they yearn to stir and mix a delicious recipe. What ever the reason might be, it is a great idea to teach your kids how to cook; it has plenty of benefits.

  • Children will Teaching kids to cook fooddevelop a healthier eating habit by making meals on their own with the real ingredients; instead of just shoving up something in microwave.
  • Cooking with your kids has two main benefits – you get to spend some quality time with your kids and you get to prepare a meal for the entire family.
  • You get to teach a little bit of science, math, health, etc while cooking in the kitchen with your kids. The children will learn to read the labels, calculate, measure, and understand the ingredient chemical reactions.
  • Home economics is not just for the high school. When the kids are learning to help shop for the ingredients, adjust recipes, and calculate the serving sizes, they will be developing necessary skills for their future.
  • Kids will be able to use their creativity and imagination in the kitchen and they will make their own recipes as well.
Here are some fun ways to cook along with your kids –
  • They should be given a free roam in kitchen and you should also encourage them to make their own recipes. This will mean plenty of sticky flour, pickles, and water; so be wary of it.
  • You kids should get to plan menu for family meals. Older children can take their turns each night or they can work together for coFun ways to cook with kidsming up with three or four course meal.
  • You should purchase some plain aprons and your kids should be allowed to decorate them with paint.
  • If there is a kids-friendly cookbook in your local library, then you should get it. There are plenty of pictures inside such books which pave way for visual learning.
  • You can have theme nights – Chinese, Italian, etc. You can then educate your kids about the origins of the food and how the type of food is related to the culture.
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