Sep 21, 2010
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Fifteen Handy Pointers for New Mommas

Elucidated herewith are fifteen tips for new mothers that ensure successfully handling their new roles.

Tip 1

Sleeping when the child is asleep as mothers too requires resting analogous to what babies do.

Tip 2

Taking baths along with your baby and ensuring your better half is present in close quarters to offer hand-offs so that one could be relaxed all through. Do not miss out smelling the infant’s head soon after – heavenly.

Tip 3

Infants up to four months of age adore swaddling as it re-creates the warmness, cosiness and security of being within their mother’s womb.

Tip 4

Start some white noise like running water or dishwasher (machines emitting noises) or the over-head stove fans for calming a colic-ridden infant.

Tip 5

Pre-filling newly born baby’ diapers with cream prior to bed for saving time in mid-nightly changing episodes is a handy tip.

Tip 6

A glass or bottle with water could be kept at reachable distance when one breastfeeds as it tends to innately increase thirst.

Tip 7

Babies need loads of caring, loving and attention but even moms need it. So, handing over the infant to kin members or your hubby for an hour’s time when one could de-compress, catch up on some snooze or do a manicure-pedicure.

Tip 8

New moms must not get worried about purchasing all infant items new-fangled as second hand stores also provide such items that are in decent condition and mildly handled.

Tip 9

Except in case one is apprehensive regarding tap water quality, the infant’s bottle and pieces could be washed using soaps and heated water is perfectly okay.

Tip 10

Infants could be placed in carriers when one is busy doing domestic chores as the motions help to soothe them and reminding them of being within their momma’s uterus.

Tip 11

Teething could start in infants by as soon as four months of age lasting till around two years and homeopathy formulas like Camilia (Boiron brand) could be safely used for infants that help allay pains and inflamed feeling and causes not abdominal upsets, no identified side-effects or chances of overdosing or any contraindication. Also try popping chilled, de-skinned cucumbers in mesh teethers or using icy washcloths for soothing gum soreness.

Tip 12

Try laying the infant on your torso as the skin touch is soothing, promotes mother-baby bonding and also helps in strengthening the infant’s neck muscles.

Tip 13

In case you are not close to the infant’s jumper then try holding him/her underneath the arm area in a manner that the feet lightly brush the ground. Babies adore the bouncy motions.

Tip 14

Place additional diaper, wipe, cream, a change padding and cleansed outfits in a number of locations about the residence so that they would come handy in case a swift diapering is required abruptly one has all the necessary items at close distance.

Tip 15

Placing the infant to sleep in his/her crib when drowsiness arises and letting the baby go into sound slumber independently sans the need to rock or breastfeed each night.

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