Aug 26, 2010
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Top 5 Green Breastfeeding Gear

We are all aware of the fact that breastfeeding in the superlative option for feeding a baby and ‘breast is best’. For mothers committed to this noble cause there are copious beneficial, eco-chummy items that they should have handy to make the nursing experience more comfortable and easy-going for them as well as their babies.

Here is a roundup of 5 fabulous green nursing must-haves for all mommas.

Eco-friendly Nursing Cover

The brand Itzy Ritzy’s ‘Eco-Friendly Nursing Covers’ have a pretty womanly outline, ornamental clasp and silk-textured bamboo lining that all at a touch of glam and oodles of discretion and prudence to the nursing experience. The eco-chummy nursing cover has a full lining of silk-feel, innately sterile and ultra-violet shielding Baby Bamboo that could easily been cleaned in any washing machine. Other notable features are a firm neck line which facilitates the mother in maintaining eye-contact with the little one, a modifiable neck band and a tapering form for ensuring the front portion of the breastfeeding mother is totally concealed. Last but not the least; moms would be pleased with the array of neat fabric designing to opt from.

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding tops from ‘Motherwear’ are comfy, eco-chummy and their USP being their liberal coverage that flatters a new momma who has a squidgy belly. Breastfeeding tank tops and light-weight breastfeeding chemises are ideal choices for new mothers keen on coverage sans a bulky cover-up which is great for summer-time nursing.

‘Motherwear’ brand uses Bamboo as their preferred material which is an exceptional fabric for nursing clothing as it is innately antibacterial, super-absorbent and yet not compromising on the comfy, soft feel. Moreover, bamboo could easily transition as the climatic conditions change and keep mother and child warm in nippy weather and cool during the sultry months.

Breastfeeding Pads

Brands like ‘Heavenly Hold’ and ‘Reusable Nursing Pads’ are soft-textured and a comfy substitute to conventionally used cotton breastfeeding pads. Check out the super-cute ‘Groovy Hooters’ by ‘Reusable Nursing Pads’ which are created from bamboo that is innately airy hence the mother’s trunk would not overheat with the additional layering. Also bamboo is capable of wicking moisture from the skin. Every pair of re-usable breastfeeding pads have a base layering of soft-feel, whitish flannel, sheets of innate bacteria-resistant bamboo and organic cotton material and also an upper layering in an exciting print.

Breastfeeding Bra & Pads

Women in the lookout for the basics must look no further and opt for the ‘One Hundred Percent Organic Cotton Nursing Gear’ made by the brand ‘Under the Nile’. This brand provides some of the simplest yet endearing range of tank & breastfeeding pads made from Egyptian cotton that are totally organic. The breastfeeding pads have a flannel layering plus a terry-lining. What’s even better is that their range is truly reasonably priced which is great for all breastfeeding mother who deserve nothing less than the finest.

Breastfeeding Pads

The brand ‘Itzy Ritzy’ offers the ‘Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads’ which are totally chic and help in adding a slight spring to your step during those downbeat days. Even the ‘Washable Nursing Pads’ by the brand ‘Glitzy Gals’ available in crimson shade is comfy, could be re-used and created from hundred percent cotton topmost layering in 1 of 3 pretty materials.

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