Apr 29, 2010

Special Case Scenario Child Vaccinations

There are several vaccinations administered to babies and kids with backgrounds or lifestyles which would place them at risk of contracting particular types of diseases.

Tuberculosis BCG (post-birth)

The tuberculosis BCG vaccination helps in safeguarding from TB or tuberculosis. It is given to infants with a likelihood of coming in contact with a TB-infected person or who has parents or grand-parents coming from nations that have an elevated occurrence of tuberculosis.

In a number of regions, all infants are given the vaccine, whereas in other regions, it is solely administered to some babies. The BCG inoculation is mostly given soon after delivery of the baby while the mother is still hospitalized, though it could be offered afterwards.

Tuberculosis is a type of infection generally affecting the lungs, though other body parts like the bone, joint, kidneys and even lymph glands could develop the infection. It could additionally be contributory to a grave kind of meningitis. In majority of the situations, tuberculosis cure without any therapy is possible.

A tiny swelling or sore could surface at the site where the inoculation jab was administered. It is advisable to always keep the injection site aired and well-ventilated. Gradual healing would occur with at times a tiny remnant scar. In case one is apprehensive and doubtful of some infection having developed in the sore, then it could be shown to a child doctor.

Hepatitis B (Post-Birth)

The hepatitis B vaccine is administered to an infant whose mother is hepatitis B positive or having severe hepatitis B infection during gestational term. Presence of hepatitis B could be identified during blood analysis done in pregnancy.

Hepatitis is a virus-caused liver infection. Hepatitis B vaccine solely safeguards from the B viral form that is passed via infection-ridden blood from the mother to her baby. There is a possibility that the infant could turn out to be an infection carrier and eventually developing a grave liver ailment in future.

The side-effects of the hepatitis B vaccine are generally mild-ranging. There could be some extent of reddishness and tenderness at the jab site that subsides in a couple of days.

Crucial Pointers in case of Overseas Travel

In case the child would need to be traveling overseas, then his/her regular vaccinations should be kept up-to-date. Children might additionally require additional vaccinations.

It is important to plan a visit in advance with the physician or travel clinic to gather requisite data. Majority of the course of travel vaccinations could be administered over a 4-week time period, however it would be necessary that more time be given in case one’s kid additionally requires an initial course of the vaccinations (IPV, HiB, DTaP). In case one is short of time prior to leaving for abroad then going to a specialist travel health center.

Thwarting Malaria

Malaria could be a grave infection which one could get after being bitten by particular variety of mosquitoes. It is a critical issue in tropical nations and majority of the cases occur when individuals fail to recollect taking anti-malarial tablet course.

Despite hailing from a nation having malaria cases, yet one would require taking the tablets. The general practitioner would recommend what kinds of tablets are best-suited for infants and the manner of giving them.

There are numerous ways one could put a stop to mosquito bites occurring to children.

  • Ensuring that clothing is totally covering the arm and leg region during day and post-dusk hours.
  • Using topical application insect-repellents specially tailored for children. Ask the chemist which brand could be used on children.
  • During night times, using mosquito nets permeated with insecticides.
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