May 5, 2010

Vegan Diet for Augmented Fertility – Part I

New-fangled study has shown that consumption of lesser meats and increasing intake of fruits and veggies may augment fertility. However, would a vegan diet that excludes meats, poultry, sea-food, dairy or egg augment fertility even further or does it mean that a good fixation been taken way too far.

The proofs appear to be stacking up that veggies are ideal fertility foods meaning that vegetarians inclusive of vegan diet followers could be having a certain fertility benefit. Till the time a women adhering to a more rigid vegan diet has been taking precautionary measures, an animal products-free dietetic intake seems to be completely safe for their health, fecundity and for gestational term.

Experts state that in case this form of diet would translate to lesser cardiovascular ailment and diabetes, undoubtedly it would also help lessen infertility.

Although specialists have deduced that a diet high in veggies is better for fecundity, outcomes of large-scaled Nurses’ Health Study done in 2007 offers required backing to this conjecture. The research has shown that females receiving additional proteins from veggies as opposed to from meats had considerably lesser infertility due to ovulation issues as compared to women consuming more meats. Ovulatory infertility constitutes twenty-five percent of identified cases.

Although as enthralling as this study outcome appears, several specialists aver that this was an inspectional research rather than a randomized control study. Stated differently, the study did not take females incapable of conception and ask them to pursue a high-veggie diet for checking whether it augmented their fertility in comparison to those women staying course. Hence, it is likely that other aspects could have expounded the fertility risk of these women.

Still there are numerous reasons to why a vegan diet has a number of fertility advantages. People following a vegetarian diet have a tendency of weighing lesser as compared to those people eating meats. Those people eating a vegan diet weigh lighter in comparison. There has been substantial proof which shows that people with obesity or overweight issues have lowered fertility.

Additionally, animal derived protein has a tendency of being rich in saturated fats that could raise insulin resistance which is an identified offender in infertility. When there are greater levels of insulin flowing in the body, it could have a negative impact on hormones regulating ovulation. Insulin resistance is one constituent of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which is among the top reasons for infertility among females.

A lately amended paper by the American Dietetic Association has concluded that vegetarianism and vegan diet are safe for pregnant women to follow. The thesis however does not explicitly address pre-pregnancy and fertility.

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