Oct 7, 2010

Weight Loss Pills Usage Among Breastfeeding Mothers – Safe or Sorry

New moms mostly feel the strong urge to shed excess pounds gained at the time of pregnancy as quickly as doable. Subsequent to child birth, a number of mothers have to shed twenty or above pounds for attaining their pre-gestation weight.

News moms who breastfeed their babies offer life-long health advantages to them due to the rich hormone, antibody and enzyme presences which have shielding properties. Mothers who formula feed their infants could take weight loss pills in case they desire to for weight-loss however nursing mothers should be approaching weight reduction in a different manner.

Weight Loss Pills

The markets are flooded with scores of varied diet pills several of which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates whereas some of these pills are not. A number of diet pills have no identified side-effects whilst other types are so unsafe that the FDA has proscribed its use.

As per information provided by the Mayo Clinic, composition of weight loss pills (inclusive of prescription as well as over the counter or OTC) could range from herb forms and even amino acids. For instance, Alli or Xenical is the OTC edition of prescription-only orlistat and widely chosen since it obstructs food fats from being absorbed by the body.


A number of weight loss pills are effectual in spite of likely health dangers. The Mayo Clinic states that even as weight loss pills like Alli could assist individuals in shedding pounds it might additionally be causal to liver harm. It additionally finds CLA, ma huang or ephedrine sinica effectual for weight reduction, however how safe they are continues to be debated. Factually, FDA has proscribed the use of ephedrine because of health dangers. Ma huang & hoodia are weight loss supplements chiefly functioning as appetite-suppressors. The Mayo clinic points out that hoodia’s safety quotient is still confounded in doubts whereas guaran (galactomannan) & mallow herb are not identified to be effectual.

How safe is the use of Weight Loss Pills for nursing moms?

Usage of weight loss pills when nursing is usually not deemed safe. The active constituents present in weight loss pills are capable of travelling via the female’s blood and gaining entry into breast milk and contributing to unidentified side-effects to the infant. According to La Leche League International, nursing females who shed pounds quite swiftly through the use of weight loss pills or crash dieting are increasing the levels of environmental toxic substances in their breast milk which could be harmful to their babies.

Also testing of the safety quotient of weight loss pills on infants in not yet done and can in most likelihood cause harm to them. Such diet supplements could additionally be causal to side-effects to females who breastfeed making many of them feel nauseous and experience loose bowels that could hamper their general health and capability of feeding their infant.

Weight Reduction Through Nursing

Weight loss pills are unadvisable and also unnecessary since nursing itself melts close to five hundred additional calories daily. A nursing female could easily shed 1.3-1.6 pounds on a monthly basis in the initial 4-6 months of the infant’s life sans any extra dieting or exercising.

Females who exclusively nurse their infants and not supplementing with formula feeds are in fact burning additional calories as compared to moms supplementing with formulas.

In case a nursing mother is keen on weight reduction then she could begin exercising two months following child birth when breastfeeding has been established. Thirty minutes of exercising thrice or 5 times per week is recommended by burning additional calories. Nursing women must ideally be getting 1500-1800 calories daily for maintaining ideal weight.

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