Jul 21, 2011
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What Are the Different Parenting Styles?

The style of parenting varies from one family to the other; there are also families, in which different style of parenting is practiced by different members. The three basic parenting styles are:

1. Authoritative:

This form of parenting is kind, loving and firm in nature. Parents following authoritative parenting pattern set certain boundaries for their children and expect them to stay within those restrictions. These parents never act too strictly or never become extremely indulgent; this is probably the most balanced parenting style. Authoritative parents strike a perfect balance between extremely high and extremely low expectations. It has been found that children of these parents grow up to become more able and confident. Anne Livingston Story - My Digital Parenting Journey

2. Authoritarian:

The best words to describe this mode of parenting are: inflexible, unbending and strict. Parents following this parenting style try to control each and every part of the life of their children. They never allow their children to decide anything on their own or to make their own choices. For the authoritarian parents, children are there only to be obedient to them without asking a single question. Majority of these parents set harsh disciplines for their children. At times they also act extremely insensitively and fail to understand the emotional needs of their kids. An authoritarian parent will never explain the motive of his or her decisions or the reason due to which he or she is setting up the rules for the children. Generally, when the children of the authoritarian parents grow up, they lack the ability of taking decisions and fail to act without any specific direction. These children are often very introvert.

3. Permissive:

Parents, who are excessively indulgent, practice this mode of parenting. These parents generally do not set any regulation for their children. The consequences of this parenting mode are not always good. The children of these parents generally possess a selfish frame of mind and lack the ability to act according to situations. Permissive parents usually are extremely loving and kind; however, they can become frustrated if the child becomes excessively disobedient.

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