Jul 9, 2010
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Which Domestic Cleaners Might Harm Fertility

The chemical constituents in several commonly used household cleansing products might have lethal impact on a woman’s fertility. Although knowledge does lie in the grey area, yet there is ample proof to be apprehensive about the effects such chemical substances could have on reproductive health. What appears to compound the issue even further is the dearth of cataloguing standards. Simply the presence of labels like ‘bio-degradable’ or ‘all natural’ does not essentially translate to it being risk-free.

Here are several vital pointers that must be taken into consideration while choosing domestic cleaners and which ones to evade.

Scented Products

Artificial fragrance present in many cleansing brands like laundering detergent products, mostly have chemical phthalates bonding present in them. The makers of such products are intent on the customers smelling the scent when the container is opened, while using the brand and then afterwards when one smells the clothing. Innately scents have a tendency of dispersing swiftly however phthalates help in binding the scent to the clothes so the smell is continually felt. Even the analogous concept is followed in many air fresheners. Innate smell-maskers like baking soda or clean air are ideal substitutes.

Petroleum-derived Surfactant Types

APE (alkyl phenoxy ethoxylate) is an assemblage of chemicals that are less-known yet under the scanner. Such surfactant forms or agent types help in easy breakage of surface tension of water and are commonly used in laundering detergent and cloth softener brands. Research conducted on animal models has found these surfactants to be linked to lowered sperm counts and testicle size. Since they do not easily biodegrade, they make an entry into the waterways after laundering. Even as the effects on human-beings are still not corroborated, it is worthwhile to note that an element of APEs chemical family is nonoxyl-9 that is employed as a spermicidal.

Solvent Types

The solvent forms present in cleaners used for solid-surfaces, ovens, carpets, glasses have 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE) that has proven to harm animal fertility in studies. Individuals fail to comprehend that any solvent which assures cutting via grime or oil could additionally permeate the skin and enter the system. Chinese research findings that did a close evaluation on fertility, found associations of lowered fertility among females who have been increasingly exposed to such chemical substances.

Tips for making the Right Choices

Although chemical testing is done singly, however humans face exposure to a mix of such chemicals and the impact of such combinations on humans is yet not totally comprehended.

It is always prudent to check the maker’s website and peering through the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for locating components in the domestic cleaner product. Also, the consumer service contact numbers could be called for asking the components in the brand. In case, information is not being clearly provided, it is definitely a red flag.

Opting for Green Cleaning Products

Among the pioneering firms, Seventh Generation is totally clear about the constituents in their product types. The purposeful constituent listing is mentioned on the container listing whereas a comprehensive listing of components is available on the link (seventhgeneration.com). Apart from the mechanical dishwashing detergent products, all are made with no presence of petroleum-derived components, easily biodegrade and are non-lethal to health. One could look out for the scent-free and non-dye substitute or even the novel range of ‘Free & Clear’ is a great must-try.

All the products of the company Holy Cow are toxin-free, multi-purpose and strong cleaner types which the firm assures have enough potency to de-grime or de-grease a vehicle’s engines, although mild for using on utensils.

D.I.Y cleaners could be made by simply mixing together duo cupfuls of water with white vinegar, adding a dash of essential oils for perfume. This blend could easily do all the heavy-duty cleansing tasks of the house.

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