Jun 28, 2011
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Why Is the Baby Walking Late?

One of the milestones of parenthood is when the parent sees their little one taking their first steps. The usual age when a child starts working is between nine and eighteen months; statistics suggest than around 50% of the infants start walking before they reach the age of 1 year. However, in some cases the baby even after attaining the walking age does not show any sign of striking out his or her own feet. This becomes a major cause of concern for the parents. Below we have discussed the possible reason for which the babies walk late.


Temperament of a baby is often responsible in making him a late walker. Some babies like to get engaged in activities that can be done while sitting; there are some who prefer alluring the parents and other grownups around him with verbal skills. Such infants generally feel the need of walking a bit late compared to the average babies of his age.

Lack of opportunity:

Often babies start walking late due to lack of enough opportunity of learning how to walk. There are instances when the little one is always attended by the parents or an older sibling and gets whatever he needs right into his hand. This decreases the little one’s motivation to make an effort to reach those items himself. Babies who are always carried by someone or spend a large share of time in a car seat are also at risk of developing walking skills late compared to the average infants.

Physical issues:

Physical issues like reduced muscle tone might also result in delayed walking. It has been seen that babies who spend a lot of time in the baby exerciser starts walking late. This is because staying within the baby exerciser does not allow the muscles required for walking to develop properly.

Developmental issues:

A baby might also walk late due to some developmental disorders; one common example is Down syndrome. Down syndrome is categorized as genetic disorder; babies with this developmental disorder suffer from gradual destruction of central nervous system. They possess weak muscle tones, which delay walking and at times might also prevent the infant from walking.

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