Nov 23, 2010

Winter Health & Safety Pointers for Kids – Part II

Here are handy winter health tips for tackling common associated sicknesses while ensuring a fun time for the kids.

Your five to eight year old kid could enjoy playing ice hockey. In case the kid is comfortable with the fundamentals of this sport – like gliding, stopping & going backwards then parents should be looking for hockey sticks which come till the level of a child’s chin while he/she stands on the skate gear. One could simply start off by playing pick game forms on iced lakes or ponds which one’s township considers risk-free to skate, however in case your kid shows interest to join some teams then enrol for novice clinics to get a hold on the basic aspect of skating is deemed best.

Nine Year Children

Kids in the age of nine years onwards could snowboard but parents should select an aptly-sized one by procuring them at sports goods shops or renting them from locally placed ones on skiing slopes. Skiing centers could provide child-chummy settings as well as sessions. Even backyards having a slope or some sleighing location would also suffice. With your kid getting more fine-tuned, parents could spruce it up a bit by removing their shovels for creating small bumps for their kids.

During some instant in the nippy season, parents would at some time be faced with a tricky winter health related situation – your child begs for permission to go outdoors for snow fort fights and must you go with the flow hoping for the best or sending the child off to bed.

Here’s some winter health advice on tackling commonly encountered bothersome symptoms.

Winter Tips for Fever

In case the kid has fever & feeling low then he needs to rest on bed till symptoms allay. But parents must avoid freaking out when fever arises. In case the kid is active then there is no need for staying in bed. In case parents offer some fever-lowering medicines & temperature has plummeted then the child could also go outdoors for playing sometime. What is crucial is that the child must avoid mixing up with others when feverishness is experienced as he would be infectious that time.

Winter Tips for Throat Soreness

In case this is mild-ranging & no accompanying high temperature then allow the kid to go about with doing whatever he/she desires. But in case soreness is more acute & the kid faces problems trying to swallow then strep-test becomes necessary.

Winter Tips for Coughing

In case the parent is keeping the child at home since he/she hacks, the child would then be seeing the lights of the day lesser frequently than majority of the vampire community. Till the time the kid appears fine, stays amply hydrated & having normal breathing then it is alright to allow him/her outdoors. When breathlessness or chest pains are being experienced by the child then calling the physician is imperative. Parents need to understand that coughing could aggravate when outside and the child might have to come indoors at regular intervals for resting. Parents must totally halt the child from playing in case he/she is finding it difficult to complete sentences due to being so wound up.

Winter Tips for Dribbling nose

Similar to coughing, dribbling nose could be experienced for several days subsequent to the preliminary ailment having subsided. In case your child’s nasal dribbling is being felt along with fever then seek doctor’s opinion for the same. In case the child lets you know that he is ready for playing then letting him go outdoors. Yellow-coloured nasal emissions are not as threatening as it appears. Usually mucus starts darkening when it has been there in the nasal area for longish times or many days of cold being experienced. It is an innate evolution of the viral form and in case there is thick-consistency greenish or yellowish mucus for seven days then you must visit the paediatrician on the earliest as there is a strong likelihood of the child having sinus infections.

Winter Health & Safety Pointers for Kids – Part I

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