May 4, 2010
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Invigorating and Beneficial First Trimester Yoga Poses

Elucidated herewith is a plethora of yoga poses designed for the first trimester of pregnancy to ensure a smooth-sailing pregnancy.

First Trimester Yoga Poses
Half Butterfly Pose (Ardha Titli Aasan)
  • Being seated and outstretching the legs. Bending left leg and placing left foot as far upward on the right thigh as doable.
  • Placing left hand above the bended left knee and holding toes of left foot using right hand.
  • During inhalation, moving the left knee toward the trunk in a gentle manner.
  • While exhaling, pushing the knee downwards and trying to touch the ground in a gentle manner.
  • Being particular about not allowing the chest to move.
  • Leg movement must be done by exerting the left arm.
  • Repeating with right leg.
  • Gradually practicing ten upward and downward moves using each leg.
  • Avoid straining the body.
  • This yoga pose is an ideal means to loosen the knee and hip joints that facilitate swifter childbirth.
Full Butterfly Pose ( Poorna Titli Aasan)
  • Being seated and outstretching legs. Bending the knees and bringing the base of one’s feet together and keep balls of the feet as near to the body as doable.
  • Completely relaxing the inner portion of the thighs and then clasping the feet employing both hands.
  • Bouncing the knees in upward and downward movements in a gentle way and use elbows like pedals for pressing the legs down.
  • Avoiding any force application during this pose and repeating the above steps for twenty to thirty times.
  • Straightening the legs and relaxing.
  • This yoga pose helps in allaying tension in thigh muscles located to the inner side and provides relief to tired legs.
Waist Rotational Pose (Kati Chakrasan)
  • Standing by placing feet shoulder-width apart and arms by the sides.
  • Inhaling while one raises the arms till shoulder height and exhaling while twisting the body to the right.
  • Bringing left hand to right shoulder and wrapping right arm around the back and looking over right shoulder.
  • Holding this pose for two seconds, inhaling and returning to beginning pose.
  • Feet to be stay in contact with the floor during the twist.
  • Repeating on the other side as well and avoid any jerky twists. Doing five to ten repetitions.
  • This pose helps in toning the midriff, back and hip areas. It helps in inducing a calming effect and ally stresses both physically and mentally.
Palm Tree Pose (Tadasan)
  • Standing by placed feet next to one another and arms placed by the sides.
  • Raising arms overhead, interlocking fingers and then turning the palms upwards.
  • Placing hands on the head, inhaling and stretching trunk, shoulder and arm areas in the upward direction.
  • Raising heels till one is tip-toed and stretching the entire body from top to toe.
  • Lowering heels when one exhales and bringing hands over the head.
  • Relaxing for a couple of seconds and doing five to ten such repetitions.
  • This pose aids in developing balance both mentally and physically. Total spinal stretching and loosening occurs as a result which helps in clearing any spinal nerve blockage. The pose additionally helps stretch rectus abdominus muscles.
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