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28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position

28 weeks pregnant baby position

To know the position of the baby at 28 weeks, you may need to do an ultrasounds examination to see his condition with a definite and precise, because the baby position cannot be checked and estimated in random.

Moreover, the position of the baby in the womb cannot indicate by physical symptoms like pregnancy traits in General. When pregnancy has already entered the third trimester or age at the age of 28 weeks later, the baby had started many of its development.

His position also changing since the beginning of the pregnancy before the baby will finally position itself in the path of the birth and is ready to be born at the age of approximately nine months of pregnancy.

Well, the expectant mothers especially first time pregnant may be less knowing, and knowledge is still pretty skimpy on the development of a fetus or a baby in the womb.

Therefore, at this time the article we will provide a discussion of fetal position 28 weeks in the womb and its development.

Baby Position At 28 Weeks

baby position at 28 weeksTo find out how to position a baby at 28 weeks in the womb, you can do an ultrasounds examination twice a week. The ultrasounds routinely are also essential to know the development of the baby, whether a baby grows up with healthy and normal?

Whether the baby will generally be born on time or is there the possibility of premature birth. Also, you can also consult all about complaints during pregnancy 28 weeks now, is there anything that is not supposed to be so that need handling by a doctor?

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the position of the baby in the uterus usually position under head and feet above (images only as an illustration of its development, does not include examples of its position in the womb). With only two months towards childbirth time, the position of the baby has been gradually adjusting.

One thing to look out for is if the baby upside down position (head over feet, below) or better known as the breech. At the age of pregnancy is quite challenging to find out whether the baby is breech or normal examination except with ultrasounds.

Usually detects the breech babies is to feel the kicks away baby, baby legs kick if it is below, the possibility of a breech. But it is hard to do at a time when the age of a fetus at 28 weeks, because although there has been movement on the fetus, yet strong enough to be felt clearly.

At a time when the gestational age is already treading the 28th week, the mother will feel pain in the waist. The size of the fetus which is the higher will increasingly put pressure on internal organs. This pain will continue to increasingly felt as you get the size of the baby until the time of delivery.

One of the pressures on the organs in a happens on the colon and rectum, which will cause constipation. When the pressure on the bladder will cause increased urination frequency.

28 Weeks Pregnant Position Of Baby

28 weeks pregnant position of babyPregnant women should continue to monitor the development of the fetus in the womb. The importance of the monitoring to see if the fetus is in the womb develop age-appropriate pregnancy or not. The following fetal development that should be known by pregnant women when age implies entering age 28 weeks or 7 months:

  1. 7 months of age When fatty tissue in the fetus starts to experience a build-up. These fats called with vernix.
  2. The brain and its functions have begun to develop rapidly, the surface of the brain began the regular and formed a perfect network.
  3. Fetal genitalia is already starting to look. However, this could change.
  4. If the sex of the fetus, you like pregnant traits boys when scrotal SAC 7 months of age are taking shape.
  5. The fetus could have dreamed.
  6. The fetus is male will make the uterus is about 8 cm above the belly button.
  7. Seven fetal movements are getting stronger and more frequent.
  8. Fetal heart rate began to hear more loudly.
  9. 7 months of fetal development still looks skinny body, despite already having the weight 1100 grams or one kilo more an ounce. Fetal length approx. 35 up to 38 cm.
  10. The hair on the head begins to grow ever denser than ever before.
  11. Eyebrows and eyelids have started to take shape more perfect.
  12. Membrane covering the eyeball of the fetus has already begun to disappear.
  13. The embryo begins not to feel comfortable while in the womb because the size of the body of the fetus is growing, the fetus will feel increasingly uncomfortable womb condition.
  14. Fetal development eight months already could see because the membrane covering the eyeball had lost.
  15. Fetal Hearing has already started, is now not only the voice of the father and mother, but she could also hear. The fetus will distinguish sound and music can listen to from him in the womb of the mother.

28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position In The Womb

28 weeks pregnant baby position in the wombPregnant women while 28 weeks gestational age are experiencing significant change compared to previous months. Following a variety of changes that can occur in pregnant women week 28:

  1. Pregnant women feel like to urinate regularly. An enlarged uterus causes are depressed with the bladder.
  2. The Uterus enlarges progressively make expectant mothers feel back pain and quickly became sore. For back pain are not getting into pregnant women are advised not to sit too long and do not wear high heels that make a painful lower back condition is getting worse.
  3. The body will enlarge in line with the growing fetus that is getting bigger. Pregnant women are increasingly uncomfortable with her body especially if pregnant women will take a NAP or sleep a night.
  4. Fluid or breast milk Colostrum who will come out the first time it produced at the breast glands.
  5. Pregnant women will feel discomfort when the womb enters the age of 28 weeks. One of these is the discomfort shortness of breath even incidence of varicose veins in the legs is also swollen foot condition while pregnant. Pregnant women are advised to rest that much as the age of the womb of 28 weeks. Avoid sitting too long because of back pain.

28 Weeks Pregnant What Position Should Baby Be In

28 weeks pregnant what position should baby be inGetting closer to childbirth, pregnant women should be routinely checked the ingredient to the medical doctor or midwife nearby. If the first midwife or medical officer sent to the element is checked once a month, when the age of the womb enters the 28th-week midwife will send pregnant women to test the organ of the past two weeks regularly.

The following things should be noticed and also promptly sent by pregnant women:

• Examination Of The Womb

The checks done when entering womb age 28 week aims to find out the position of the fetus in the womb. Usually, the fetus has a place that sometimes fickle, its position is excellent and reasonable, but his position is breech. It is because the head of the fetus has not entered into the pelvis. If it has introduced into the pelvis, the fetal position was not going to stay waiting for the fickle amniotic rupture only.

• Food Of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should pay attention to the quality and quantity of healthy foods for pregnant women. Eat small portions can be performed by pregnant women, given the mother’s womb and the mother’s belly is getting enlarged due to the presence of a fetus.

• Place Of Birth

Start age 28 weeks pregnant should begin to negotiate with families willing to give birth where, in a hospital, clinic or in a midwife. Don’t forget to set up the necessary costs of childbirth and transportation of what you want to use.

• Practice Straining

The mother should start practicing straining gymnastics through the pregnant to follow, or he teaches in clinics or on-site fitness of pregnant women.

In certain conditions, the fetus had to be born at a time when he was only seven months have a higher life expectancy compared to fetal age six months. However, when viewed regarding weighting, the fetus still has a small weight and not entirely perfect.

28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Transverse Position

28 weeks pregnant baby transverse positionHere are the facts about pregnancy 28 weeks you need to know:

1. The Baby Started Sensitive To Light

When the gestational age is 26 weeks, the baby’s eyelids will start to open. Since that time, the retina began to grow. At the age of 28 this week, he is increasingly sensitive to light and reacts to bright lights beam.

2. Size And ‘ Expertise ‘ Of Other Baby

When the age of 28 weeks your baby should have been growing of an eggplant. It weighs 1 kilogram of 37.6 cm long with a heartbeat which was very quickly now slowed to 140 times per minute, two times faster than Your pulse.

3. The Development Of The Brain And The Body Of A Baby

As already said before, the baby is already quite large. The shape also resembles a baby perfect, but still, the size is still too small.

4. Baby Sleep And Wake Up On A Regular Basis

You may already be feeling the baby move in the stomach before the 28th week of gestation. At this gestational age, you start to get a feeling that the baby is moving and stationary in the cycle are more regular.

5. Stretch Marks On The Abdomen

Along with the increased size of the baby, your stomach will also enlarge. Stretching of the abdominal skin of course happen. It causes the onset of stretch marks.

6. Taste Tickles Your Feet

Don’t be surprised if you feel a strange sensation in the feet. The symptoms that you usually think a desire always to move away, twitch and want to kick.

7. Nasal Congestion And Bleeding Gums

High estrogen and progesterone hormones cause blood flow to mucous membranes in the nose increases. The thing that is causing your nose feels full.

8. The Incidence Of Chloasma

If you see that increasingly turn dark facial skin, then it means you have Chloasma. Chloasma occurs because estrogen can stimulate the production of melanin (also called with hyperpigmentation).

At 28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Is Position How

at 28 weeks pregnant baby is position howYou need to know that nutritious food being one of the significant things for a growing swell of the fetus. What’s more at 28 weeks gestational age which is a process of refinement on the fetus?

This phase is nearing labor so that intake of nutrients into one significant thing to note. The following are the types of foods that are good for 28 weeks gestational age

  • Foods that contain Omega-3 and calcium
  • Foods Containing Vitamin B
  • Food Containing Iodine
  • Foods Containing Vitamin K

28 Weeks Pregnant Baby In Breech Position

28 weeks pregnant baby in breech positionAt the time of the old pregnant, there are also foods that you should avoid. The following is a list of meals that you should avoid while pregnant older:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Saccharin
  • Soft cheese
  • Raw seafood
  • Tobacco

If you want to know best age to have a baby please read this articles.

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