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Are Ultrasounds Safe

are ultrasounds safe

An ultrasound does when you visit a doctor for checked the condition of your pregnancy. Ultrasound examination while pregnant not only performed to find out the sex of your baby but also to see the shape of the baby in the womb as a whole.

Yes, through ultrasound, a lot of information that you may receive related growth, development, and health of your baby in the womb. Through ultrasound, the doctor can also determine what you should do while pregnant to support the health of your baby.

A fertility ultrasound is a test that applies high-frequency sound waves to describe the fetal development and also reproductive organs of pregnant women. When you do an ultrasound, your stomach will smear the gel, and then the doctor will move the transducer over Your abdomen.

This transducer will transmit high-frequency sound waves into the uterus, and then the sound waves it will send a signal back to the machine that will transform it into a picture. You can see a picture of the fetus in the womb You on-screen.

First ultrasound you can do when the gestational age reaches the 6-8 week, but you get the picture may be unclear. You may be getting a clearer picture at the period of 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Appropriate age pregnancy, ultrasound can You make for a variety of purposes, for medical goals as well as the purpose of nonmedia, like to see the sex of a baby in the womb.

Are Ultrasounds Bad For Baby

are ultrasounds bad for babyUltrasound safe during pregnancy does when done correctly. Ultrasound does not involve radiation, such as x-rays. However, we recommend that you do an ultrasound just to your doctor or health professional who assured of its quality.

In fact, many experts suggest that ultrasound is done only for medical reasons, such as to monitor the growth and development of your baby in the womb. Ultrasound does not cause pain to you.

If you feel uncomfortable while doing the ultrasound, we recommend that you tell Your doctor. The doctor will probably ask you to empty your bladder (urinate) you first. A full bladder will usually make you feel uncomfortable when a transducer (a device used to ultrasound) suppress your stomach.

When you do the first ultrasound early in your pregnancy, you may need to make Your bladder is full. The liquid into a medium the propagation of sound waves, so that a complete bladder while undergoing an ultrasound early in pregnancy can improve the quality of Your ultrasound.

Whereas during pregnancy You are old, you do not need to fill Your bladder before doing the ultrasound. When your pregnancy is already significant, the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby you had enough help make echoes (voice) to produce an image when you do an ultrasound.

How Many Ultrasounds Are Safe During Pregnancy

how many ultrasounds are safe during pregnancyWhile pregnant, you should undergo an ultrasound examination to find out the fetal development in your womb. However, as it turns out this ultrasound baseball can do too often. Then how many times the recommended pregnancy ultrasound from a doctor? Let’s see explanation here!

There are some cases where the mother is always asking for the ultrasound pregnancy control when to see a doctor. When in fact, ultrasound pregnancy which is a tool to find out the condition of the fetus in the belly, only done if there are only specific medical indications.

No matter who does it have to be doctors who are already certified. Generally, doctors recommend that a pregnancy ultrasound was done three times, namely:

10-12 Weeks Gestational Age

If healthiest pregnancy and smoothly, then the first pregnancy ultrasound was done on 10-12 weeks gestational age. The goal was an early screening for knowing the fetal development. Here, the shape of the face and body of the baby in the womb will notice, is developing typically or not.

In gestational age 10-12 Sunday, abnormalities such as Down Syndrome will be detected by measuring the length of the neck, bones of the nose and the fingers of the baby.

20-22 Weeks Gestational Age

The next pregnancy ultrasound was done at the age of 20-22 week, which is complete than an ultrasound examination first. On a second ultrasound is also done to detect other possible disorders experienced by infants, the condition of the amniotic fluid.

The baby’s position, measure the length and weight of the baby, the approximate birth, heart rate up to the location of the placenta.

30-32 Weeks Gestational Age

To be aware of the possibility of disruption or disorder appear to the potential baby, then pregnancy ultrasound did back in 30-32 week. In addition to knowing the abnormality, an ultrasound is performed to monitor the development of the fetus before it is born.

For the mother that her pregnancy is healthy and well, this third ultrasound is the last one, but those who suspected of experiencing specific medical indications then will do the ultrasound pregnancy back in the age of the pregnancy.

Are 3d Ultrasounds Safe

are 3d ultrasounds safe3D ultrasound usually recommended for those who wish to have a clearer picture of the fetus, as compared to the results obtained from the regular 2D ultrasound. This procedure ideally performed between the 24th week of pregnancy to 32. After 32 weeks, the fetus will begin to go down to the pelvis, so it will be more challenging to take a right 3D image.

There are many reasons to do a 3D ultrasound, depending on the age of the pregnancy. In the first trimester, usually scanning is done to:

  • Examine placenta, uterus, cervix, and ovaries
  • Look for abnormalities or abnormal fetal growth

In the second trimester, usually done for scanning:

  • Find out the gender of a baby
  • check for placenta previa (placenta covers up part, or all of the openings of the road was born) or placenta (placenta begins to separate from the uterine wall before delivery)
  • Look for congenital abnormalities and structural, as well as the problems of blood circulation
  • Look for tumors of pregnancy
  • Examining alleged fetal growth abnormalities, such as abnormalities of the spinal cord or cleft lip

Are Ultrasounds Safe For Baby

are ultrasounds safe for babyThere are various types of ultrasound you can choose to see a picture of your baby in the womb, among others:

Transvaginal Ultrasound

A transvaginal ultrasound can be done early in pregnancy when Your uterus size is still small and when the images are clear it may be difficult to generate. This type of ultrasound can produce more explicit models than any other ultrasound when Your content is still small. An ultrasound is done by inserting an ultrasound probe into the vagina. Therefore, ultrasound may make You a little uncomfortable when done.

3D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound allows the doctor, and you can see a picture of the fetus and the organs in your body that is wider, taller, and more. Because it produces a clearer picture, ultrasound is very helpful to diagnose problems during pregnancy.

4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound can make videos move from the fetus. So, through the 4D ultrasound, you can see the range of activities of the fetus in the womb. 4D ultrasound is also more able to produce images of the face and limbs of the fetus more clearly. An ultrasound is done the same way as other ultrasound, but with specialized equipment.


Echocardiography usually performed if doctors suspect that your baby may have a congenital heart defect. This test takes a long time to do so. However, the analysis can show pictures of fetal heart You deeper, including size, shape, and structure of the heart.

Are 4d Ultrasounds Safe

are 4d ultrasounds safeThe presence of 4D is an enhancement in ultrasound technology developments that can record the motion of the fetus in the womb.

Though many also say, that this is a live 3D ultrasound or meant to be real time, is based on dimensions that exist only to 3D but marketers of consumer products in a steal gave the name 4D ultrasound, the more commonly used.

Mainly the ability of 4D ultrasound will equal the capabilities of 3D ultrasound that read more accurate fetal movement.

By using the 4D ultrasound can identify abnormalities in the fetus up to 85 percent.

1. Identify The Fetal Health Is More Accurate

At the age of 11-14 pregnancy weeks, 4D ultrasound can identify abnormalities up to 85% as there are abnormalities on the chromosome, down syndrome or congenital heart abnormality detected early.

2. Knowing The Fetal Movement With Detail

The advantages possessed by 4D ultrasound can see the movement of the fetus as it is capable of sucking the thumb, hitting, kicking.

3. Can Save Such Movement Of The Film

The advantages of 4D can save the movement or appearance of a fetus inside a computer database so that it can play back as seen on film.

How Many Ultrasounds During Pregnancy Are Safe

how many ultrasounds during pregnancy are safeThe condition of her pregnancy is a healthy & is not recommended for too often do an ultrasound, or you can do so at certain times. The following eight perfect timing for an ultrasound while pregnant.

  1. At the beginning of pregnancy.
  2. Gestational age 11 to 14 weeks
  3. Gestational age 18 to 23 weeks
  4. When approaching childbirth.
  5. Weeks 11 to 14
  6. Week 18 to 24
  7. Weeks 21 to 24
  8. Week 32 to 34

How Many Ultrasound Scans Are Safe During Pregnancy

how many ultrasound scans are safe during pregnancyUltrasound does have many benefits for pregnancy. But did you know the side effects of ultrasound? Ultrasound has two side effects:

Thermal effects

Pictures of fetuses that occurs on the screen of the monitor in the ultrasound monitor with thermal index

Normal Effects

Are the results that arise due to mechanical effects of ultrasonic waves passing through the pressure of the network

Ultrasound has only two side effects above. So although ultrasound has side effects, ultrasound is safe to do in understanding the mechanical index. So the assumption that said that too often the ultrasound will cause damage to the fetus that is incorrect.

Due to this confusion and also many pregnant women who ignore the candidates with doing an ultrasound just a few times. It certainly is unfortunate.

In addition to the above side effects, other dangers arising from ultrasound is an effect of the heat. And this is not harmful to pregnant women or their babies. Many of the assumptions are wrong who say ultrasound dangerous to make parents afraid to more frequently doing the ultrasound.

But for those who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy rarely do an ultrasound, fear the development of babies could not risk going, and they know the things that are not will be even higher.


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