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Early Pregnancy Tips

early pregnancy tips

The condition of pregnant women who undergo a lot of changes in the body, mainly the adaptation of the body on the pregnancy hormones which often give rise to complaints of pregnancy. Pregnancy complaints left without getting the proper handling will cause health problems of mother and fetus. How do I keep the young stay healthy pregnancy?

Pregnancy often aimed at young pregnant women aged 1-3 months or pregnancy first trimester of pregnancy. At the time of young expectant mothers many risks that will be experienced by pregnant women, one of them being the risk of miscarriage if the mother is not exactly in keeping with the pattern of life. Here’s how to keep your pregnancy you can do in the age of adolescent/ first-trimester pregnancy.

The Condition Of Pregnant Women

After the fertilization in the body then women will experience hormonal changes, one of them the HCG hormone production is increasing. Pregnancy hormones will this affect the condition of pregnant women, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid mood swings, fatigue, blood spots, experienced cramping in the abdomen, breasts size changes even to experience cravings.

Although in General will be fine until it enters the second-trimester pregnancy but condition changes above should address carefully. Even if pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting the excess to interfere with daily activities we recommend you consult your physician.

The Condition Of The Fetus Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy divided into three trimester, i.e., first trimester, second trimester, and the end of the trimester in which pregnant women should be prepared to experience the physical and psychological changes that caused due to the development and growth of the fetus.

On the development of the fetus early pregnancy, i.e., about two weeks after the late woman experiencing menstruation. A woman’s body releases an egg cell than in fertilized.

The time span for a week then the egg cells already fed will stick to the wall of the uterus and do development, at this time the readiness of the placenta is functioning already distributes nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.

Safety Tips For Early Pregnancy

safety tips for early pregnancyTo keep the pregnancy in the first trimester, the care needed by pregnant women is to resolve complaints that usually appear, such as:

1. Bleeding

In the first trimester, bleeding on pregnant women is a severe symptom that indicates that pregnancy is being problematic. So, if you experience bleeding, although patient should immediately talk about it to a specialist for treatment.

2. Nausea & Vomiting

In the beginning trimester, a common disease experienced by pregnant females is nausea and vomiting. These habits caused by hormone beta HCG in the blood. But despite the frequent occurrence, we recommend pregnant women discuss the doctor if nausea and vomiting that occur is excessive.

3. High Fever

Body temperature on pregnant women is indeed higher than people who are not pregnant. However, if the body temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius or more then the mother experiencing a fever.

4. Insomnia

In the first trimester, mothers became hard to sleep or having insomnia at night. It happens because the mother changes sleep patterns so thus feel sleepy in the morning.

Tips For Early Pregnancy

tips for early pregnancyPregnancy in the prime trimester is very exposed, either the mother or the person on the environment must be very mindful of health conditions. Not just for the health of the mother but also the fruit of the candidate’s heart.

The development of the fruit of the spirit depends heavily on how mothers care for pregnancy. Here are five tips for keeping the pregnancy in the first trimester should do mother:

1. Avoid Mercury

Cravings are a habit that is common in pregnant women. Seafood is usually a favorite of pregnant women when the needs. Well, the mother must carefully choose the seafood because if not careful could be selected seafood contains mercury.

2. Half-Cooked Food

Foods that not processed until the eyes potentially infected with toxoplasma that is harmful to the fetus. So, we recommend that you avoid foods that not cooked consumption ways such as sushi and half-cooked egg.

3. Smoking And Alcohol

Despite not smoking, but it’s not that pregnant women are safe from smoking. Becoming a passive smoker can be harmful to the fetus. Not only that alcohol in foods containing, but rum can also interfere with health and grow fruit candidate hearts swell.

4. Regular Inspections

Don’t miss the schedule routine check-ups to the doctor or midwife. The mother should continue to monitor the health condition of the child in the womb. His weight, his physical development, can be controlled by the age of the content.

5. Light Activity

Mothers who have a history of anemia should avoid strenuous activity when pregnant. If the mother is a career woman used to working, should begin to reduce the movement of the solid for maternal and child health is not decreased during pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Health Tips

early pregnancy health tipsAlthough during pregnancy you are only consuming alcoholic beverages in abstinence, smoke/passive smokers and foods containing mercury and the rest you are free to waste food, it just does not mean you sideways right nutrition needs during pregnancy.

Choose foods that contain folic acid, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Here are the nutrition needs of early pregnancy guide:

The Consumption Of A Lot Of Vegetables

All vegetables have different benefits for the health of the body, neither for pregnant women. Should pregnant women choose all kinds of useful green herbs, orange vegetables such as carrots and other vegetables?

Consumption Of Fruits

During pregnancy, pregnant women often experience the tired and lethargic, so it requires foods that can increase your stamina. Pregnant women can consume fruits that can help improve your strength.

Foods That Contain Protein

Fish is one of the critical food menus for consumption of pregnant women, helping in the formation of the brain of the fetus during pregnancy. So pregnant women are advised to consume different types of fish, including fish.

Cereals And Nuts

For pregnant women often experience nausea and vomiting when consuming rice, can try the breakfast menu with cereals. Various cereals are containing B vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates your body needs to support the activity of the nutritional needs of pregnant women and the fetus.

Early Pregnancy Tips To Avoid Miscarriage

early pregnancy tips to avoid miscarriageThe first trimester is a critical period of pregnancy. At this time the necessary extra care so that the fetus is healthy and the mother doesn’t miscarry.

To avoid the miscarriage, I can pay attention to the following things:

  1. Stop the habit of smoking or consumption of liquor. Cigarettes and alcohol are very risky, bad for the baby.
  2. When the pregnant young woman, very susceptible to stress. Often stressful conditions make the mother lose stomach eat so talking lust becomes empty. As a result, the mother will feel nausea, declining health conditions so that in the end harm the content.
  3. The consumption of bananas to fill the belly and start looking for food with the scent of fresh biscuits like ginger, tea, salad, orange juice, or mint.
  4. Keep the psychological balance of the order were able to overcome the difficulties in early pregnancy are usually not readily encountered, especially for women who experienced the first pregnancy.
  5. The drowsiness often felt by pregnant women. You should not delay bedtime when you feel sleepy. It aimed at saving energy and maintain stamina.
  6. Expand the consumption of iron-rich foods and avoid foods that contain lots of vitamin A.
  7. Do not consume any medications, supplements, or other chemical substances.
  8. Do not perform strenuous exercise, such as running or aerobics high impact.
  9. Do not wear tight clothing that is not pliable. Loose clothes or elastic is the better choice because it will not interfere with fetal development. Same is the case with a bra, wear them.

Best Tips For Early Pregnancy

best tips for early pregnancyHere are some guidelines that you can take food when pregnant:

1. Cereals

In the morning is often a problem for pregnant women to consume food. So, you can overcome the disorders nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite by consuming cereals.

2. Milk Products

The content included in the milk can help you in supporting the growth of new tissue in infants, repairing damaged tissues and the formation of muscles and also the transport of oxygen to the fetus.

3. Fish

Foods that contain protein and omega three fatty acids can help the creation of fetal brain. Nevertheless, you have to be careful because the content of mercury in certain fish types will interfere with fetal development.

4. Water And Vitamins

Moisture content and vitamin are essential to watch out. For pregnant women often experience nausea then you can consume white water mixed with fruit juice without the extra sugar.

Early Pregnancy Tips And Advice

early pregnancy tips and adviceThe presence of hormonal changes in the body of the mother also led to changes in the physical and psychic. As a result, often pregnant women on this trimester to feel discomfort. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and dizziness is a complaint often felt at this time.

The following tips and suggestions on healthy pregnancies in the first trimester:

Enough Rest

Most mothers-to-be feel more exhausting one trimester compared to previous days. A sense of weary due to an increase in the hormone progesterone that has the effect of a depressant on the nerves, thus causing drowsiness naturally.

Create Planning

Look for people who can replace while doing exhausting tasks, such as shopping, cooking, or clean-up the House. To facilitate daily task planning make a household of ordinary Moms doing it every day.

Cleverly Circumvent Nausea Vomiting

The emergence of nausea caused by increased oestrogen hormone in early pregnancy. The increase in these hormones makes stomach acid levels increased until came the complaints of nausea.


It was not easy to adjust to physical changes that occur during pregnancy. As a result, any emotion condition often fluctuates. For that, take some time to relax as much as possible.


Do exercise as usual.  It’s kind, consult first the doctor what sports Mom select. Most mothers-to-be in the first trimester did a healthy path program.

Shoulder Tip Pain In Early Pregnancy

shoulder tip pain in early pregnancyJoint pain is one of the most common complaints occur mainly on the shoulders. Even in the shoulder joint pain can also occur in pregnant women. However, because pregnant women should not carelessly take medication and in demand should not be making the drug without a doctor’s prescription.

Here’s how to tackle joint pain in healthy pregnant women:

  • Do light exercise including walking in the morning.
  • Perform gymnastics pregnant
  • Compress swollen joints by using ice cubes
  • Bed with sloping positions, then add a pillow between the legs.
  • Avoid sleeping on back position
  • Avoid the improper sitting position

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