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How Long Is The First Trimester

how long is the first trimester

At the age of first-trimester pregnancy or also known as the first three months (12 weeks), a weight gain of pregnant women is usually around 1 or 2 kilos, or maybe less if pregnant women experience morning sickness.

Most of the weight is in the placenta, breast, uterus, and cause of the increase of blood volume in pregnant women. Here are the signs experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester:

During pregnancy, the body of pregnant women working harder, heart rate and breathing rate will be faster. Hormones can make the breasts more tender when touched, and become more prominent and more substantial.

The uterus will get bigger and put pressure on the bladder, so pee (urine) worked more often, in other words, more often pee.

How Big Is 10 Oz

how big is 10 ozThe first two weeks after conception, you probably haven’t felt changes meaning. It is because the body of the fetus still has not been entirely formed until in the fifth week after conception (when the menstruation you stop).

At this time, your baby’s new-born candidates still in the form of embryos are the size of a sesame seed. A single sesame seed weighs about 0.00364 grams. However, the fetus now has led to the layers of the skin, nerves, vital organs (liver, heart, lungs, and intestines), eyes and ears, to the circulatory system even though it is not yet perfect.

Around the seventh week to eighth, ideally fetal weight currently around 1 gram with a body length of 1.6 centimeters. The increase of the importance of this happens because the fetus has begun developing limbs, heads, as well as parts of the face. Week 9 weight baby increased about 2 grams with the length of the fetus is about 2.3 cm, because it followed by the development of the members of the other body.

In week ten, the head of the baby been round and members of the movements. The baby’s head will be more rounded, and fingers become perfect on Rue 10th. Followed by the development of the outer ear and the cord will be seen more clearly. The current length of the fetus 3.1 cm with a weight of 4 grams.

In week 11, part baby-faced already perfect but formed part of the new teeth will grow. The genitals will also build into the penis or the clitoris and the labia major. Fetal body weight at this time already two times, which is about 7 to 8 grams with a length of 4.1 inches away. In week 12, the nail will grow, and the size of the fetus becomes 5.4 cm long with a weight of 14 grams.

How Long Is The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The changes experienced by the prospective mother and fetal development they contain are different every month. Therefore know what happened in the first month in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The Condition Of The Mother:

  1. Most women do not know herself pregnant in the first month.
  2. The body but usually start feeling tired often due to hormonal changes and emotions the mother began to fluctuate, i.e., be mad or glad unexpectedly.
  3. Morning sickness is nausea or vomiting occur, changes in appetite and weight loss not realized.
  4. The expectant mother also experienced an increase in the production of the hormone progesterone and breast felt soft. But it’s yet to be seen the presence of abdominal enlargement.

To Do:

  1. At the start of this month, the mother should avoid any processed or canned food; meat cooked half done, tape, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  2. Whereas sport can do is walk, swimming and yoga.

Fetal Development:

  1. Amniotic sac that is watertight sac around the egg that has fertilized have already formed. This condition helps cushion the embryo develops during pregnancy.
  2. Also, the placenta also began to grow since the first month. The round-shaped placentas and serves to transfer nutrients from the mother to the baby and also carry waste from the baby.
  3. Blood blocks begin to take form and circulation will start and formed the existence of dark circles for the eyes. At the end of the first month of pregnancy, the baby is already about 6-7 mm (about the size of rice).

How Long Does The First Trimester Last

how long does the first trimester lastLearn the four signs of normal pregnancy are most common in the first trimester (the first week to twelve) the following as a guide the beginning of your pregnancy.

The changes that occur in your body in the early weeks of pregnancy, this could be caused by changes in hormone levels that will affect the various systems of organs of your body. Signs and changes that you can feel, that is:


Nausea is a healthy pregnancy sign that usually starts in the third week of pregnancy up to the twelfth week. About 85 percent of pregnant women will have nausea.


Little amounts of bleeding in early pregnancy is a sign of the embryos that attached to the lining of Your uterus. These conditions may accompany by cramping and may occur more than once.


You feel cramps in early pregnancy is not much different from that usually you’re experiencing premenstrual. Mild cramping common in healthy pregnancy.

Vaginal Discharge

As was the case before pregnancy, vaginal discharge during pregnancy also classified as normal. Because vaginal discharge keep Your reproductive system remains clean and free of infection.

How Long Is The First Trimester In Pregnancy

how long is the first trimester in pregnancyWhen you’ve entered the first trimester of pregnancy, what would you do? Here are ten things you should be doing during the first trimester of your pregnancy:

  1. Start prenatal vitamin consumption.
  2. Find the right healthcare provider for you.
  3. Create your first prenatal consultation appointment.
  4. Carefully Your health insurance.
  5. Set the healthy eating pattern. Learn which one should and should not eat.
  6. Keep exercising regularly, but avoid strenuous exercise.
  7. Rest enough.
  8. Consider a genetic test.
  9. Design a financial plan for the future.

How Long Is The First Trimester Pregnancy

how long is the first trimester pregnancyOnce you have told your doctor or gynecologist clinic that you are pregnant, you will need to make your first consultation appointment with the doctor/midwife of your choice. You must at least undergo a consultation appointment You around the eighth week of gestation.

Prenatal consultation you can take up to two hours. During the discussion, the doctor/midwife you will:

  • Ask a question of medical history and lifestyle, including a history of previous pregnancy (if any). At general, you will also receive a complete physical examination, including a pelvic exam and Pap smear.
  • Provide information on how to care for and look after yourself during pregnancy, as it begins to set healthy eating patterns and exercise safely.
  • Check the blood pressure.
  • Measure Your height and weight. The doctor/midwife you will use these numbers to calculate Your body mass index.
  • Test whether a sexually transmitted infection exists (if not, you can ask for it).
  • Give you a due date, which is officially called the “estimated time of birth,” usually 266 days after the first day of last menstrual period if you have a regular menstrual cycle. If not, it has become a habit for doctors to set a date based on ultrasound.

How Long Does The First Trimester Of Pregnancy Last

how long does the first trimester of pregnancy lastDifferent types of foods recommended for pregnant women; some best avoided, there are even prohibited altogether. The following are the different types of foods that recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester.

1. Vegetables

The symptoms of nausea and vomiting normal experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester. Signs also referred to as morning sickness; this turned out to much reduced by consuming different types of green vegetables

2. Fruit

Various kinds of fruits are very suitable to become food for pregnant one month. During pregnancy, try to choose fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. It is because the canned fruit contains preservatives and also contains excess salts.

3. Processed Milk Products

Pregnant women are also advised to consume more processed products made from milk. As we know that a protein requiring cell growth, including the growth of the fetus very rapidly so that the mother will be in dire need of protein intake.

How Long Is The First Trimester When Pregnant

how long is the first trimester when pregnantIn addition to food, the activity of pregnant women should also note further. Some activities prohibited for pregnant women in the first trimester is as follows.

1. Diet To Deal With The Body

Pregnant women should be aware that at this time in his body the developing fruit candidate hearts. The candidate must be a heart fruit need proper nutrition to develop well and perfect.

2. Sport Weight

During the early steps of pregnancy, pregnant women should also reduce the sport is too heavy. It aimed at to keep the fetus in order not to fall.

3. X-Ray Tests

X-rays test is a medical test done to see the inside of the body through an image. In this test, there will be radiation that emanates from the tool.

4. Exposure To Radiation

In addition to x-rays, there are still many things around us that can cause pollution and should avoid by pregnant women.

5. Wear Make-Up Containing Hazardous Materials

Some make up dangerous is growing in the market. Most also contain mercury.

6. Smoking

Smoke, good for ordinary people, especially in pregnant women, it is hazardous. The fetus can disrupt because of this bad habit.

7. Use High Heels

High heels or high heels may indeed be making the appearance more confidence. But pregnant women better avoid these types of shoes first and switched on his kind of shoes are more secure.

8. Massage

Pregnant women are also advised not to perform the message. Let alone a massage performed on the abdomen. It would potentially disqualify the content.

9. A Vulnerable Activity Makes A Fall

Pregnant women should also be more careful in their everyday activities. Avoid activities that are susceptible to make fall, like standing on a Chair to correct something, swab, or up and down stairs too fast.

How Long Is The First Trimester During Pregnancy

how long is the first trimester during pregnancyAlso, there are also some other activities that should be avoided by pregnant women in their first pregnancy trimester, such as the following.

  1. The action of the damning for joints
  2. Drive in the distance
  3. Too long in the sun
  4. Do bathroom sauna
  5. Soak in warm water for too long
  6. Stand in a place too high
  7. Do a long distance flight
  8. Diving
  9. Acupuncture therapy
  10. Use plastic cutlery that contains BPA


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