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How To Be A Better Parent

how to be a better parent

Being a parent is happy in a marriage. Where they have a child, they’ve ever craved and had one family intact. The role of parents is indispensable since the child was born, for the preparation, maintenance, and education to adults in the future.

Parents must be clever-clever finding ways to educate is right and how to avoid the free association so that the child be personally useful to family and community environment. A child who has good personal generally also comes from a good family.

Because of parents is the first school for the child before the child goes into academic or community. Mental and physical readiness parents also needed to assist flower child growing in her every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rich people or poor people, all have the same obligation to educate his children by their respective environmental conditions.

Better Parenting

better parentingEach pair of parents naturally wants to be the best mom and Dad for his son. The kids continue to grow and evolve; it is essential for older people to grow and change to meet the needs of every child depends on their age.

Here are some ways that can use as a role model for parents to get better:

Always Be Patient

Sometimes when feeling depressed, older people become frustrated and venting Shannan snapped the little one when they are doing something wrong. We recommend that when reduced, take a moment before giving a reaction.

Take The Time

If parents have more than one child would indeed be difficult to find a particular time together with each child. But it is essential for every child. Sometimes the oldest child feels less attention since her sister was born.

Never Stop Learning

Provide time to research what are the things that are important to the little one. Take the time to learn about the issues, the challenges they face, and how they feel because it will all be used to help handle the situation they face.

Just Say No

If you are typical parents that it’s hard to say no to children, then you should learn to start saying no to things that are not necessary. For example, when the little one wants a toy that is not required, learn to say no firmly though she whines continuously.

Admit When Wrong

Children learn from their parents because they feel the old man is the highest leader in the House. Therefore, parents should make decisions for the right reasons. But sometimes, parents can also make the wrong decision. It is where parents need to learn to recognize the errors of the decisions have taken.

Being A Better Parent

being a better parentA research showed that in one day the parents provide more than 2000 orders. How a good rule is to give examples of acts that should be done by the children. For example, do not send to spruce up the shoes already went by only using words only. The mother can tell children about how to spruce up an excellent shoe to his son.

Let the child feel ‘powerful’

The key to success to become good parents are letting children have the power to make decisions, has the choice, and more. A small example is by allowing him to choose the menu to prepare foods that will be brought to school or help the mother shopped. But full control remains in the elderly.

Use ‘natural consequences’

Natural consequences here the intent is to let the child get a result that will encounter if he was wrong in doing something. Example: when the children forgot to bring packed, the mother does not need to be performed armed. Make this experience as a lesson that ‘ remembers ‘ that’s very important.

Avoid conflicts with children

Children are indeed his emotions are unstable. When the child begins to get angry and to scream at you, you can avoid it by way of switching the venue or getting away from your child. If your child is still shouting and angry, you can say ‘ If you’re still shouting the mother will be getting away from the brothers ‘. This way is a quite useful way to defuse the emotions of children.

Be a parent who consistently

A consistent trait should exemplify by both parents. Example: when parents can’t buy her child sweets, a parent need not give a promise to the child that the mother or father will buy candy.

How To Prove I Am The Better Parent

how to prove i am the better parentRaising children is not an easy matter. There is no specific recipe for parents to fulfill this task adequately. However, it remains necessary to a particular herb which can form a child so personally remarkable. Here’s how to be a good parent, such as:

1. While Maintaining Communication With Children

Don’t let the busyness of the elderly cause parents far away from children. Contact them on the sidelines of work or at lunch and keep watch from a distance about child development. Hear their stories a day and give a response. Ease of access communications on today will make it easier in the daily relationships. Excellent connection between fellow family one way to build a happy family.

2. Instill Moral Values And Ethical Religion

Tell the child where inappropriate done and where that may be. Give them clear rules or restrictions in this lifetime. Please invite children into the activities, the activities of the Islamic Assembly sharing. Knowledge and religion provided the parents must be balanced so that the world needs to awake and hereafter also exist.

3. Don’t Compare Them With Others

All people do not want to be analyzed, because human beings are born with their respective expertise. Children compared with other people will feel confident again. They consider themselves to have a lot of flaws, but they don’t yet know what their abilities.

 4. Do Not Be Too Excessive In Spoiling The Child

Children who are too pampered and always obeyed all his/her preferences will not be able to feel how difficult life is. Be what it needs, for things that don’t need to be number two. So that they could grow up to become adults.

 5. Give The Child Confidence

The trust given to the parents of the child will foster a sense of responsibility. They will be trying to keep the faith of his parents. Not good if parents are too worried about her son, the child will grow up to be people who are always dependent on the parents.

How To Be Better Parent

how to be better parentThen how can I be a good parent? To be able to be a good parent, thoughtful, and fun for the child surely need not process briefly. The following are some tips for those of you who want to be a good parent in the eyes of the child. Just take a look more in the way of being a good parent.

1. Show a Sincere Affection

Children need affection from his parents, but unfortunately today many parents are opting out of it. They prefer to busy with the Affairs of children and handed gave herself on a maid or nurse. But to be a good parent, You must be able to demonstrate a sincere affection for the child. Also, the attachment can also foster a self-confident child.

2. To know More in the person of the child

Many old people who are wrong in assessing his potential children in art music and even older people took it in the art of painting. Good parents are those who know of her son’s personal and act in line with it.

3. Control your Emotions properly

We know that sometimes a child’s behavior can be irritating and could ignite anger. But if you want to be a good parent, You should be able to control the emotions rather than the child grumpy.

4. Like To Quibble

The lie is the continuation of the above emotions take control. Once you can control the feelings well, of course as parents should be able to tell the child about his bad.

5. Know when to Joke, when to be serious

Many older people who want right in the eyes of his son is wrong in this case. Usually, they are too excessive joking with children so that when the time advised the son, the son instead consider it to be humor. It should if it is to be the parent firm and wise, should know when it’s time to joke and when it’s time to be dangerous.

How To Be A Better Parent Without Yelling

how to be a better parent without yellingWhen we rebuke, snapped or yelled at in front of the children. He can respond to us with the same strong, be taken or yelling we mimic others when she sees things that are not appropriate. That’s why we need to be wise in parents behave nor speak. There are tips for reducing your habit snapped here: more Have preparation.

During peak hours as the morning leading up to the school, so you’re not in a hurry. When we hunted downtime, we tend not to wait and ask the child to understand, but they also are in learning to discipline.

Flexible Your Expectations

A lot of parents ‘ hopes ‘ his son smart independently could do this and that. But, take note of the situation. How many his age, what he was doing.

Be A Role Model

Train the ability to negotiate and communicate with your child without having to label it, rebuked him, snapped, let alone to hit him. No matter when you take time to explain it slowly. The important thing he understands the meaning of his parents.

Take Control Of Your Voice

People who use loud noise can also make a child speak loudly. Even if You say,  “food court is ready! ” If you control the sound, on other occasions when your emotions are a little high, you better be able to control yourself.

Be A Friendly Teacher

Well, in this case, you’re holding three roles. Parents, teacher, and friend. Be parents who educate, not rebuked. He demanded to enter, not angry to scared.

How Can I Be A Better Parent

how can i be a better parentAs a parent, you naturally want the best for your child. You will do everything so that they can be a good boy and be useful in the future.

Sometimes parents become an exaggerated attitude, instead of making children grow comfortable but they can consider you as the enemy. Here are a few mistakes that parents in parenting:

  1. Meet all requests.
  2. Don’t spend time with the child.
  3. Inappropriate anger.
  4. Have expectations too high.
  5. Compare them with other children.
  6. Don’t listen to them.
  7. Do not practice what you say.
  8. Love promised but not promises kept.
  9. Do not become their friends.

How To Be A Better Parent And Wife

how to be a better parent and wifeBeing a mom and a good wife is the dream of all women. But, unfortunately, it is merely wishful. Some women do not know how.  Therefore, I will discuss 10 ways to be a good wife and mother.

1. Was A Friend Of The Child And The Husband

Being someone who can listen to complaints put a child is amusing. Moreover, if You consider you as a friend. You should also attempt to be able to understand the angst and desire your husband. As a good wife, you have to be sensitive enough and know how to appreciate men. Create an attitude of openness and say if you also want her to open on you.

2. Teacher For Children

Even if you have a busy job, don’t forget your obligations in educating your child. Educate not only by teaching drawing, counting, and working on homework.  But, you have to cultivate good characters on your son since childhood.

3. Be Personal Physician

Even if you’re not a doctor, but it is essential for you to know a few steps to perform first aid in case of things that are not desirable. As with drugs, should be complete in your home.

4. Become A Personal Chef

Even though you already live personally fulfilling and accustomed to eating out, it is crucial for you to cook for the family. If not possible, at least you can control the levels of nutrition and how healthy the food consumed by your family.

5. Maintain The Cleanliness Of The House

Cleanliness and tidiness of the House would describe the character of your family members, especially you. So, make sure your home is clean and neat to create comfort for kids and your husband. If they are comfortable at home, they would be welcome to linger over staying at home.


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