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How To Be A Good Father

how to be a good father

The presence of a baby in a wedding is always a challenge. Some couples have a romantic view of having children and feel they’re delirious happy, and in love, the baby will elevate the level of respect in the household.

Then they were shocked to realize that bringing baby home can turn a perfect relationship and peace into a situation which is fraught with stress. Gone are the days in which you and your wife go on vacation when desired.

You can’t run out to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, and you cannot drag the baby in the stroller to a nightclub or bar. So many aspects of casual relationships naturally end.

Furthermore, all previous cash to buy jewelry your wife or a flat-screen TV right now to buy diapers, formula and other necessities for the infant.

You can’t imagine how much it costs, and baby gear you’ll need lots of things for years to come. We don’t even talk about saving for College, or for a wedding if you have a daughter.

Being a great dad with regards to being a good husband. You can’t be one. You never want to experience the days where your children grow up and tell you that you are a fun dad, but sorry for the husband of his mother.

How To Be A Good Dad

Many people say the father is the first love for a child, especially for his daughter. A father is a role model for her family. The standard for being a good father is indeed no, but being a father is undoubtedly a dream in the male so that later they can be the perfect role model for her children.

Father’s day commemorated on 12 November. Indeed it’s not such festive other days. However, for some people, this is very meaningful.

Not all children have a father figure of the ideal and comfortable with his father respectively. However, each of the fathers in the real world, of course, cultivates it.

A father should be faithful (obedience and faith in God). As a good father, he must put God above all. Excellent spiritual life can take his family into the street anyway.

How To Be A Father

For those of you who are bewildered how Tips to become a good father for your children, here we create the Surefire steps to answer it:

1. Take Time For Family

Show Your kids that they are more important in your life than a hobby or a job. As a father, surely we should be a lot of sacrifice and bear for the sake of a living child and wife.

2. Be A Good Listener

Be a good listener to your child. Listen with full attention each time she told me about all the things he experienced.

3. Apply Discipline

Educating children to discipline is a form of affection towards them. By instilling a disciplined attitude like this, you teach children responsibility understanding and management of the good life.

4. Be Nice Towards The Wife

One of the best things that can be channeled by a father on her children was by showing a right attitude toward their mothers,

5. Instill Religious Values

As a father, it is imperative to teach religious values against the son and wife, so they had a right attitude by the teachings of the religion that is believed to be.

How To Be A Dad

As bad as any man, would she want to be a good father. Including you, you thirsty with tips and tricks, as well as how to be a good father.

Because it is one of the most painful regrets, that in fact is not a few people regret it, is when it is old, just realized it turns out that You failed to become a good father.

Prevent is better than cure. You must know what the signs of a good father are. Well, here it is, 12 things that cannot be done by a good father, to his children.

  1. A good father would not give a bad example.
  2. A good father would often hit his son.
  1. A good father will not be stingy with his children.
  2. A good father would not forget anything on his son.
  3. A good father will not remember to appreciate the work of his son.
  4. A good father will not carry around a problem with his wife, to his son.
  5. A good father would not have much force.
  6. A good father will not let her son most freely.
  7. A good father would not lie to his son.
  8. A good father would not ignore a request please her son.
  9. the good father will not cease to love his son.
  10. the good father will not let her son doesn’t understand about religion.

Being A Good Father

One of the things that can make you a good father is there is always a time for your child. Here are tips that you can consider;

1. Take Time For Your Kids

It is because children will not want to know, with all the Affairs of the elderly.  If you’re going to be a great father, then you must set aside time each day for your kids – or at least every week, no matter how busy you are.

2. Is A Special Moment For Children

Although you plan every week to strengthen your relationship with your child, you should also try to be on an important day in the life of a child.

3. Teach Children To Perform

You also have to be there to teach your kids, how to accomplish basic tasks of life.

4. Develop Strong Communication

Located beside the children at crucial moments in the lives of your kids is very important and must be able to communicate with your kids when you’re there.

Being A Good Dad

being a good dadIn addition to taking a lot of time for a child, you also have to be fair and disciplined.

1. Give Reward For Your Kids With The Right

Discipline is not all about punishing children when they have done wrong. Give awards to children when it has done something right is also crucial so that the children are motivated and want to repeat it.

2. Punish Your Children Appropriately

To be fair and disciplined, you have to punish your kids when it has made a mistake.

3. Be Consistent

Being consistent is as important as applying a system of punishment and reward. If your child is having problems, the consequences every time must also be the same, even if it’s not convenient or you are tired.

4. Do Not Shout

Although you may feel upset with the behavior of your kids, snap is not the resolution. If you own to yell, try screaming when you’re lonely, in the bathroom, or to the pillow.

5. Don’t Do Violence

No matter how annoyed you are, you need avoid hitting, hurting, or touch your kids.

6. The Dreaded And Loved

It is essential for your kids to know that you are very disciplined, but it is also equally important that would also like to love and affection and have a fantastic time bonding with you.

How To Be A Good Father And Husband

how to be a good father and husbandAs a good father, you should also get to be a good role model for your kids.

1. Lead By Example

If you want to lead by example, then you should have a motto, “Do as I say and as I do,” so your kids know that you’re not hypocritical to what you taught them about right and wrong.

2. Treat The Wife/Mother With Respect

If you need to be a good role figure, then you also have to treat the mother of children with respect. If you marry him, then you have to let them see how much you love her.

3. Admit Your Mistakes

You don’t have to be perfect to be good role models. Even better, if you’re not perfect, because one day the kids will see that no one is perfect, and every person can make mistakes.

4. Help The Work Around The House

If you need your kids to want to improve work around the house, next, you should also help the action throughout the house, too.

How To Be A Good Father To Your Son

You should also be able to understand your kids so revered by them.

1. As For Your Children

It takes time to accept the wishes of your kids. Let your kids make their own decision, by way of letting them become independent and open-minded.

2. Be Aware Of The Changing Times

To be a good father, then you also have to understand, that your kids don’t grow up in the same neighborhood you grew up with.

3. Accept Your Children

If you want to be a father who understands, then you have to accept that, like you, your kids are not perfect, and they will undoubtedly make mistakes.

4. Want To Understand If Your Kids Are Struggling

If you’re going to be a good father, then you should be aware of when your kids are having a hard time and need your attention.

5. Do Not Put Unreasonable Expectations On Your Kids

The life of a child could contain the pressure, from siblings or teacher trainers in schools.

How To Be A Good Dad When Divorced

After a breakup with a partner, you should also understand very well what are the things that are not delivered or should do on the little one where things are in fact going to be fishing new problems or give them a more powerful pressure. What are some things that? Let us refer to the following.

  1. Do not make the child as “bridge to communicate.”
  2. Do not ask children to make choices.
  3. Do not make the child as “therapist.”
  4. Do not encourage children to talk about the divorce.
  5. Correct the mistakes you have made.

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