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How To Be A Good Mom

how to be a good mom

Who wouldn’t want to be a good mother for her son? Every woman must have minded ideals become the wife of a good mother at once in his household.

A mother must be a role model for his children so that they grow into the next generation a great nation and bring pride for her parents. However, it is not as easy as it looks.

A mother’s character is significant to every child both women as well as men. However, especially for boys, the mother is the first and true love, a figure that can educate him to become loving and responsible.

The mother how vital a role your job for Your boys, in particular, educate them to be the ones men are patient, compassionate, confident and responsible for his family someday. Because of that, you have to find things to do and things to avoid a mother in educating your child.

How To Be A Good Mommy

To be a good mom, there are a few things that you should do as follows:

1. Inpatient And Unruly

A mother must be a real example for his son. In the face of all the problems that befall in the household, should always be impatient and unruly. It can make children imitating the patience and stubbornness of yours.

2. Be A Good Listener

Create openness between you and your child. Put yourself as a mom’s best friend at the same time with your child. Start by asking the events that occurred in your school or neighborhood play, and listen to every story that comes out of your child.

3. Teach Compassion And Tenderness

Dad teaches assertiveness, while mothers taught gentleness and compassion. A child who grew up without a mother’s love usually has a cold, insensitive, rude, surroundings and do not appreciate others.

How To Be A Good Mother

Be a good example for young children indeed is not easy. The following things should avoid by a mother in educating his children.

1. Choose Love

Be favoritism is a thing to be avoided per mother. Give attention, affection, and the same free time to each child so intertwined harmony among the children of your children. By being fair to each of your children, it will make them feel appreciated and avoid feeling competing in children.

2. Justin

Being a good mother should give enough attention to his son. Do not let You get too busy with work or other affairs that make you less attentive to the children of your children.

3. A Fight In Front Of Children

Married couples must have had problems which often creates good TIG small and significant problems. However, a good mom should be able to cover the issues in his son’s family. Avoid arguing in front of children, because it can affect the child’s psychological abuse.

How To Be A Good Mother In Law

An ark of marriage is the Union between two people without seeing a difference on both. But the fact of marriage not only unites two people alone but rather two different families.

Well, the role of marriage law is pretty significant, because he must ensure that the children of the marriage relationship are in good shape. He became a place of bitching and could provide the solution.

But not all the in-laws have a character like that, many were even indifferent towards her son’s home life, usually because he does not love her.

The following Seven characteristics of a good mother-in-law:

  1. Don’t meddle the son of household affairs.
  2. Can provide the solution.
  3. Want to help his son-in-law that distress.
  4. Treat her like a child yourself.
  5. Not talkative and always looking for the error in law.
  6. Can forgive his mistake.
  7. Does not demand a lot of things.

How To Be A Good Mom When Depressed

how to be a good mom when depressedMothers tend to have a significant role in a family. The good that it does to a husband, children and family become separate lives for a life together. Live your role as a mother is not always sweet. Often, a mother feels desperate, disillusioned and eventually led to the depression.

Thus, what cause it can happen to him? Stress factors usually attacked confidently. According to him, the mother also has a level of confidence that is uncertain. Often, mothers doubting his ability to be an excellent mother to her children.

The mother should not be to feel weighed down. When that feeling comes up, she needs the support, love, and compassion of those who favored him so that he continued to believe in his ability.

How To Be A Good Single Mom

There are several tips that we can do in raising a child if Moms forced to become a single fighter.


A sincere acceptance directly will increase the resilience of Moms in dealing with any problems that occur in life.

Focus On The Goodness Of The Former Spouse

If Moms split with couples because of death, indeed it’s easy to focus on the goodness of the former spouse.

Keep Your Relationship With Your Ex-Spouse’s Family

These points are more or less similar to the previous points. If we left out because of the death, naturally easy to maintain links with the family of the former.

Select A Flexible Job

Being a single mom indirectly “forced” Moms for being the primary breadwinner for the family. Especially for you who are separated not by fine.

How To Be A Good Mom Tips

how to be a good mom tipsWe have tips about the habits you should change from now to be a young mother who is useful in the future. Hopefully could help preparation mu to be a fantastic mother:

  1. being a mother is the trip forged patience. It would be nice if that trip you start from now on.
  2. begin to disgust at dirty things, because thy babies later won’t be able to clean-up alone.
  3. Good at in the kitchen, it was not an obligation, but you should pay attention to what you eat.
  4. If you are an animal lover, make it a habit is for routine hand washing.
  5. Do not be an afraid or allergic reaction on a medical examination, since the life of thy babies depends on your welfare.
  6. Embrace the fact that also the time already a mother, you will more often buy their needs rather than the needs themselves.
  7. being a mother is a long journey nan tiring. But, there are always ways that you may not travel sickness.

How To Be A Good Stay At Home Mom Schedule

Did you know? A mother is the central Foundation in a family. If his mother well, then her children well, her father and her family ever prosper. It is six helpful tips on how to successfully become a good housewife

  1. Intention right to worship.
  2. Keep clean the house and take care of him properly.
  3. Decorated for her husband.
  4. Study.
  5. Educate children to become a godly generation and salehah.
  6. Maintain quality ruhiyah.

How To Be A Good Mom To A Newborn

Being a mother is very exciting, but scary at the same time also. The world of motherhood always gives every moment, here are the three small advice to help you prepare for the arrival of the little one.

1. Baby Don’t Always Sleep When Tired

It does not make sense, but that’s not always tired baby newborn baby sleeping slumbering. In fact, children who are tired will usually quickly got angry and difficult to set up.

2. Beware Of Germs

Although exposure to germs early on can help strengthen their immune system, you don’t want them to get sick. Practice the control of eggs are smart with suing everyone who would like to hold your baby to wash your hands first.

3. Learn Some Techniques Calm The Baby

All babies are different and love different things, but gentle massage may be just a way effectively to calm your baby and can also provide comfort when they’re upset.

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