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How To Ensure You Get Pregnant

how to ensure you get pregnant healthy

An early sign of pregnancy commonly known in the community was too late coming months, this applies to your regular period cycle and never be late every month. But it will be difficult to know the sign of early pregnancy if you tend to period cycles is not regularly using this method. But when you are a woman who has a period cycle the right time though, when you miss a menstrual period is not a guarantee that surely is a sign of early pregnancy.

Dietary changes increased physical activity, and stress is a factor that can cause you to experience late puberty or not even dating months altogether. Here are the physical changes that indicate you are pregnant:

The Period Cycle

Menstruation did not usually come to a sign of early pregnancy. Make a note of Your menstrual cycle to know when the approximately menstrual time you arrive. If you were not experiencing menstruation when the time had come, it could be a sign of early pregnancy.


About a part of pregnant women experiences nausea as an early sign of pregnancy. Your stomach can be ill at specific times throughout the day. A strange odor can trigger feelings of nausea and pain.

Bleeding implantation Bleeding sometimes happens shortly after you positive pregnant. It may occur because the attached of sperm into the egg. Most women can mistakenly think of it as a light menstrual period.

Painful Pain

Pregnancy can cause physical discomfort. Typically, the trouble is mild cramping in the uterus is shaped, as well as pain and pain in the breast.

Like most of the symptoms of pregnancy, the pain is often similar to the pain that you experience right before the arrival of menstruation.

The Habit Of Urinating

When pregnant, the kidneys will produce more fluid due to increased levels of blood in the body. Many women often pee when pregnant. If you are the more frequent urination, perhaps this is a sign of early pregnancy.

How To Become Pregnant

how to become pregnant that make happyIn General, when one spouse run the program pregnant attention and changed habits also focused on the wife. However, the role of husband habit even indeed a factor that is important enough to get a pregnancy.

In fact, it is the process of pregnancy occurs due to the presence of two parties in a pair of mutually supporting each other. For that, it is not strange if a wife pregnancy should also help the husband.

These are things that need to be done by the husband of a pregnant wife to be fast:

Check With Your Doctor

Not only is the wife who should be routinely checked me to the doctor, but it turns out her husband was also obligated to perform a self-examination to the doctor. It is aimed to know the health condition and even the fertility of men. It is undoubtedly a factor that is important enough to support the success of your pregnancy.

Know Your Family Health History

In addition to the checked yourself to your doctor, of course, it is also essential for you to know the health of your family. The most important thing to you in understanding your family health history as there are disorders of bleeding, down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell anemia also.

Check The Environment Where You Work

In addition to the home, the environment should be clean; workplace environment has also become one of the factors men experiencing fertility disorders. The danger could come from a situation where you work like chemicals such as organic solvents, pesticide exposure, as well as other chemicals.

Stock Healthy Food

Of course, not only a wife who must consume a healthy diet. But you also as a husband should have a pretty good awareness to do even with healthy lifestyle healthy consumption. By running pattern and also a healthy lifestyle, you can easily keep the sperm cells become more healthy as well.

Don’t Take A Bath By Using Hot Water

In addition to his wife, the husband also needs to avoid with a custom shower using water as hot as a dip and even a sauna. It is because heat can kill sperm cells. For that, you as a husband should avoid bathing with hot water, primarily when it will run the program.

Avoid Cycling Too Long

Cycling has indeed become a habit that’s pretty fun, man you must also avoid cycling for quite a long time. It is because if you are too long sits on the saddle of a bicycle, it will be your amount of sperm cells and also in volume more decline.

Avoid Binge

Can not be denied that the men often do a variety of activities outside of the home with just hanging out with his friends after work went home. Not rarely did the man who regularly smoked and drank alcohol to simply tiredness.


These words would have a desire for everyone, isn’t it? For that, after you work or have enough time to spare. You should use this time to rest with his family and avoid heavy activity to do and also outdoor activities with friends.

How To Conceive

how to conceive firstThere are significant things to be prepared when you and your partner want to have children soon. Ideally, this is done six months before conception.

The following six tips for planning a healthy pregnancy in balance:

  1. to enrich your knowledge about pregnancy, birth and baby care of sharing resources such as books, magazines, the internet.
  2. Stop bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, a habit of coming home late at night, stress and so on.
  3. Note eating patterns. Continue healthy eating patterns are balanced. The bottom line enough all the nutrients the body needs namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Health Checks. One of them did a blood examination to find out if there is a virus in your body like a virus toxoplasma, cytomegalo, and rubella. Diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure or low are also influential in pregnancy.
  5. The balance was born. The pattern of healthy living the prospective mother and father make the whole body organs to work optimally. Whereas a guarantee balanced inner happiness of humanity as a whole.
  6. Ready to face various changes including fluctuating conditions of emotions due to hormonal changes. Hormonal changes while pregnant will affect the health of the feelings of expectant mothers. The prospective mother and father who have prepared themselves emotionally will be ready to face this time.

How To Ensure Pregnancy

how to ensure pregnancy testHave you recently experienced a sign of pregnancy? When facing the first trimester then many myths that are often said by parents. They may also intervene to keep your pregnancy. But you don’t have to worry because everyone indeed will give more attention to other people who are pregnant.

The following are some ways of keeping the adolescent pregnancy, so you are safe from the risk of miscarriage:

Nutrition Adequate Food For The Fetus

At this stage of pregnancy the fetus in the womb so young You’re growing up, and you must make the growth it becomes perfect. Your fetus is developing a critical point of growth such as the brain, the body’s tissues, eyes, ears, face, and bone network. It means that all the nutrients that must meet are the nutrients that could support the growth of Your fetus.

Avoid All Alcohol And Soda Products

The health of the fetus becomes a priority for all pregnant women. The habit of consuming alcohol and carbonated drinks of all kinds should stop. All products of whiskey and soda can cause a grave risk to the fetus and the pregnant woman. Even all this risk does not only occur in adolescent pregnancies but to labor.

Avoid Smoking And Cigarette Smoke

All pregnant women should not be active nor passive smokers. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is very dangerous for the health of the mother and the fetus. Cigarette smoke containing nicotine could make the fetus does not receive enough oxygen. Even the fetus can also experience severe illness such as lung infections and asthma.

Keep Enough Bedtime

Young pregnant mothers usually suffer some disorders such as painful to sleep well. But to keep the pregnancy, then the mother should get enough sleep time. When a pregnant mother can sleep well, then this could make the fetus also grow well.

Keep Your Thoughts In Order Not To Stress

Pregnant women are indeed often experienced disturbance of emotions. It causes due to hormonal factors influence which can make pregnant women easily stressed. Stress can cause the growth of the fetus compromised and the risk of babies born with low weight.

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