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How To Get Pregnant Now

how to get pregnant now

Do you want to have a baby? Indeed, pregnancy depends on various factors, which are not infrequently are difficult to predict. However, there are some ways to quickly get pregnant after marriage, which can be done to increase the chances of getting offspring.

Keep in mind, every woman’s odds of getting pregnant was 15%-25% each month.  Great opportunity for pregnant women if sex when it entered a period of fertile, that is when the ovaries release eggs (ovulation). The egg cells will survive during 12-24 hours after it published.

This process occurs about 14 days after the first day of the menstrual period if a person has regular cycles of 28 days. Or, more specifically 12-14 days ere the first day of next period to have irregular menstrual cycles.

Pregnancy happens when the sperm prepares the egg during ovulation. However, despite the couple having sex before this period, sperm have entered can survive in the body for up to seven days. After reaching the fallopian tubes, sperm can wait until the egg is released.

So, you don’t require to worry too much though the difficulty to calculate ovulation periods.  Increase fertility is a significant step to get pregnant after marriage quickly. Also, you also have to do some changes to prepare the body. Here are the certain tricks can be done immediately to get the baby.

Have Sex Regularly

The chance of sperm fertilizes an egg cell is small, i.e., only on 4-5 days before the ovulation period, and on the day of ovulation itself. So that you can do is have sex during this period.

The problem, the study found that the body is often not timely is working like a machine. Ovulation times can shift because of many factors such as stress and excessive exercise.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is essential when you are planning a pregnancy. You and your partner are advised to do the following things. Exercising regular can improve fertility rates. But keep in mind, excessive exercising may result otherwise. Consuming foods that rich in nutrients.

Maintain cleanliness of the food and wash your hands regularly after cooking or preparing food. Also, check with your health to find a likely impediment to getting offspring.

Consumption of Folic Acid

Folic acid is crucial to fetal development. You are advised to consume the tablet of folic acid during pregnancy planning. Similar consumption continues for at least three months of early pregnancy.

Other than in the form of a supplement, folic acid naturally much contained in vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, spinach, potatoes, and cereals. Sufficient folic acid is necessary for the health of the fetus.

Stop Bad Habits

Avoid things or following practices that can be annoying and dangerous when you are planning a pregnancy: smoking, besides being harmful to health and reduce fertility, also stop the smoking habit, because it can eventually harm the content.

Limit caffeine consumption and prevent the use of alcohol and illegal drugs. Avoid consuming too much vitamin A likeminded animals.  Avoid consumption of meat and eggs of half-cooked and raw fish because it is risky to contain bacteria, viruses or parasites.

Avoid the kinds of fish too that could potentially provide mercury and milk that is not have pasteurizes. In essence, avoid habits that endanger their health and decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

Check Health and Immunization

Check with your health and take blood tests to find out the possibility of a disease that reduces the success of pregnant or dangerous to the fetus such as hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis. Also, make sure you get the measles-rubella immunization or Germany to avoid the risk of infection.

The more extended the period of anticipation and experimentation to get pregnant, then the more laborious effort it takes to get pregnant. Consult with the obstetrician about a quick way of conceiving and preparing for pregnancy after the wedding, if it has been more than a year seeking to get the baby.

How To Get Pregnant

how to get pregnantYou might have done a variety of ways to quickly had children but has not yet made it to this point. Might be that you haven’t done is change my eating patterns that You undertake. Yes, it turns out that eating patterns strongly influenced the fertility. Don’t worry, here’s a quick guide to choosing food to conceive.

1. Choose the Right Type of Carbohydrates

After you know the number of calories needed, your next task is to select the right foods. Choose fast foods to get pregnant is not difficult. You can start it from the choose carbohydrates. Preferably, choose carbs that have a low glycaemic index and high in fiber, such as red rice or wheat bread.

2. Multiple Proteins from Vegetable

Examples of vegetable proteins are nuts and seeds. Various studies have proved that replacing animal protein with plant protein can reduce 50% of the risk of infertility.

So, don’t keep eating animal protein, but be sure when your food on the menu there is always a vegetable protein.

3. Eat Fatty but Healthy

Many people who get rid of fatty foods when they were doing the program is pregnant. In fact, fatty foods are needed to increase fertility. Essentially, fat plays a vital role in the formation of hormones in the body. If too little amount of fat, then inevitably you will experience a hormone disorder.

4. Avoid Drinking Skim Milk

Many who tell you that skim milk healthier because there is no fat content in it. However, you should avoid the skim milk and return the switch to real dairy fast if it is to get pregnant.

Research has found that women who consumed one glass of pure milk every morning can more easily get pregnant compared with those who did not drink pure milk or low-fat milk to drink.

5. Taking A Multivitamin Supplement

Sometimes, you need a supplement that contains various types of vitamins and minerals so that daily needs would be sure. One right consumed supplements for those of you who want to get pregnant fast is folic acid and iron, which is needed when the process of fertilization.

Folic acid is also essential during the prenatal period early to prevent congenital disabilities to the brain and spinal cord. Taking prenatal vitamins can improve fertility in women and taking a multivitamin or mineral supplement every day can increase the sperm count in men.

6. Avoid Food Containing Listeria

Listeria is harmful bacteria found in meat eaten, soft cheeses, and unpasteurized milk. Then a healthy adult, pregnant women could have possibly 20 times more likely to fall ill due to consuming foods that contain listeria.

7. Don’t Forget to Eat Vegetables and Fruit Every Day

Source of vitamins and minerals is best for fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables not only has a wealth of vitamins and minerals, but they are also abundant with micronutrients exterminator’s free radicals, such as phytochemicals and antioxidants.

8. To Achieve Ideal Body Weight by Eating According to Your Needs

The increase or decrease in pressure may thus affect Your ovulation. While in men, excess body weight or too thin can, therefore, have an impact on the quality of sperm and testosterone production.

If your weight while trying to get pregnant, still less should ideally raise approximately 3-5 kg to normalize Your ovulation time and increase fertility. Conversely, if Your excess weight, decrease 5-10% of the pressure at the moment to increase the chances of pregnancy.

How To Get Pregnant Fast

how to get pregnant fastOnce you make the critical decision to start a family, you probably can’t wait anymore to wait for the pregnancy, isn’t it? Therefore, it now also starts planning. Here’s a step-by-step guide and tips for you on how to fast to get pregnant:

1. Intercourse and Do It at The Right Time

The first step you must do is make sure that you’re doing an intimate relationship with a sufficient amount of because pregnancy will never happen if you leave this section.

Sometimes it is not easy for you to share the commitment to work and family. If you want to conceive naturally quickly, then you need to take the time to make love.

2. Calculate and Know the Time When You are the Most Fertile Time in A Month

For women, in a month there is only time for six days as the best opportunity for you can experience pregnancy five days before ovulation and occurs on the day of the event of ovulation. So, it is recommended to calculate and find out Your fertile period cycle on its own.

3. Side Effects from The Use of The Birth Control

Some women may have to use the birth control for years before finally deciding to have a baby. It may take several months for the pill so as not to affect your body and menstrual process you can go back to being normal. But in General, so You stopped using the tablets, you can get pregnant fast after menstruation.

4. The Right Position of Having Sex

Although there is no position to have sex the best to enlarge your chances, so that quickly became pregnant. But there is no harm for you to try it out.

If you are in a standing position to do an intimate relationship, you might be a shortage of sperm, but reality says that it only takes one sperm cells so fast. To be precise, you can quickly get pregnant because of sex in any position.

5. Relaxed and Don’t Stress

Trying to stay calm, relax and keep the stress level remains at a low level, can help you get pregnant fast. Stress and strain on the mind that is the passion of desire to get pregnant quickly could complicate or hinder the occurrence of pregnancy. Same as other public pressure. For example, the problem of households, jobs, and careers, or financial concerns.

7. Avoid the Use of Lubricants

Use a lubricant when sex can affect sperm cells and make the process of occurrence of pregnancy becomes more difficult. Some brands of oils may even contain spermicides agents, namely a contraceptive substance could destroy the sperm, usually serves to prevent pregnancy.

8. Keep Your Body’s Health

The healthier your body and mind, the higher your chances of becoming pregnant more quickly. Then we recommend that you keep the pattern eat well and avoid things that can impair your health.

9. Seek Help When You Need It

If you are below 35 years of age and after one year of trying, but no pregnancy occurs, or if you are over 35 years old and after six months of trying still no pregnancy occurs.

Should you ask for help from your doctor or a health professional, who can assist and advise you to overcome fertility problems that you may experience. Maybe useful.

How To Conceive

how to conceiveThe desire to have children who are healthy may encourage some women to make healthy lifestyle choices when they want to get pregnant. Women may become more aware of the foods, drinks, and medicines that they put into their bodies and set aside time for sports.

To optimize the fertility of women, pay attention to the body is an excellent first step. What else can women do to improve their chances of having a baby? Here is the plan that you can consider to get pregnant fast

Ovulation Monitor

Women with ovulatory cycle remain two weeks before period comes. It is difficult to predict ovulation in women with irregular cycles, but that usually happens 12-16 day before the start of the next period.

Several methods can be used for women to help determine the most days of their fertile each month.

Drinking Vitamins for Pregnancy

We suggest that women who are working to get pregnant start taking prenatal vitamins even before getting pregnant. This way is a fun way for a woman. You can drink it regularly during your pregnancy.

Avoid Heavy Exercise/Sports

Being physically active Sunday can help a woman’s body that prepares the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. But doing too much exercise or do strenuous exercise can often disrupt ovulation.

Aware of The Age-Related Fertility Decline

When women get older, then fertility declines because of a change in age-related ovaries that cause a reduction in the amount and character of eggs.

With age, there is also an increased risk for some health problems, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, tubal patency and blockages, which can contribute to the loss of fertility.

Avoid the Smoking Habit

Smoking can cause the onset of problems on fertility in women and men. Chemicals found in Cigarette smoke, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide, accelerating the rate of loss of a woman’s ovaries.

Stay Away from Alcohol

It is the safest for a woman to avoid alcohol when she wanted to get pregnant soon. A woman should also stop consuming alcohol if he stopped using contraceptives because she tried to get pregnant.

How To Make Sure You Get Pregnant

how to make sure you get pregnantPregnancy is the normal eagerly awaited times by any married couples, especially young bride. Therefore, a common if they are looking forward to getting children soon.

Various ways can be practiced to know a pregnancy without the use of tools of test pack. This way you can do it yourself at home with the methods and devices that are very simple. Want to know how? Here’s how to check for pregnancy are easy and straightforward.

Urine Tests

Following a pregnancy test can be applied at home, and the result can also ascertain accurately. Accumulate your urine in a container and leave it on for 3-4 hours. If there are a lot of white foam on the surface of urine, then most likely you are pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy

Recognize the symptoms commonly experienced by people, such as pregnant nauseous in the mornings, late-onset, as well as an increase in body weight significantly. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is sure you are pregnant.

Toothpaste Tests

This system is one of the best ways a pregnancy test at home. Take a few drops of urine on your first and mix it with toothpaste and then leave on for several minutes. If toothpaste turned into blue or frothy, then chances are Your positive pregnancy.

Liquid Bleach Test

Did you know that the fluid bleach clothing turned out to be used to find out the pregnancy? Take a sample of your urine and then pour it into the liquid bleach that already prepared. If the mixture is foamy, then most likely you affirmative pregnant.

Test Your Body Heat

Pour two cups of mustard into the tub and soak your body for 15 – 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. If the coming cycle months You cease within a week, then it could be that you are pregnant.

Test of Dandelion

Have you ever seen flower vinca or dandelion? It turned out to use as testers during pregnancy. How to grab a few leaves of vinca and then soak it in a sample of your urine. If you see the red marks on the sheets after 10 minutes, then it is a clear indication of your pregnancy.

Soap Test

This method can also be quite an effective way to test the pregnancy. Collect your urine into the bottle, and then the liquid adds soap into it. If the mixture contains many bubbles, then chances are Your positive pregnancy.

Test Use Tuna and Vinegar

Put a sample of your urine into a bowl. Then add the collision of tuna fish and vinegar with an equal amount. If the mixture turns green, then indeed you are pregnant. If converted to yellow or orange, then the reproduction you are negative.

Test the Peroxide and Tylenol

Collect your urine in the daylight into a bowl, then add a suspension of peroxide and Tylenol. If the statement turns into blue, then you are pregnant. If not, then Your adverse pregnancy.

The Sugar Tests

Another alternative to testing pregnancy test using sugar. Obtain your urine in a bowl and add the 2-3 spoon of sugar in it. If sugar cannot dissolve in it, then Your positive pregnancy test results.

How To Become Pregnant

how to become pregnantIf you want to get pregnant and have children immediately? Already tried the tips about any pregnant? I know enough, what it’s like to fight for the most significant desire after Shah became husband and wife.

Talk about intimate relationships, must have discussed the recommended position. Don’t be considered trivial; this is already proven to be quite useful for most married couples who want children. Then how do I set up an intimate relationship that is good and right so that they can get pregnant faster?

Set the Program of Having Sex to Let Fast Pregnant

There are some things you need to consider if you want to sex with her husband. Set the time precisely. Do the computation of the fertile period of pregnancy or with more methodically.

You can arrange the time of the implementation of the relation itself. Do contacts with the correct position and can increase the chances of pregnancy.

About the first thing, you (women) have to read it first calculates the period of fertility, because at this moment the existing ovum in the uterus will be more accessible from the sperm when dealing with a husband.

The Position of The Intimate Relationship That Fit

Doing close relationships is indeed quite a hassle because the process is done not only to the satisfaction but also to get offspring.

Position with the pelvis higher wife is an excellent position because the sperm will have more direct accommodated in the womb. Try also to always relaxed when dealing.

Fertility Tips How To Get Pregnant Fast

fertility tips how to get pregnant fastHaving a child is hugely anticipated by each spouse. In the process of having a child requires some strategy and effort needs to do. Body condition of the women became the primary factor that determines a person’s latest quick or to have children.

It is because the condition of the body affects the fertility system owned by every woman. For the ladies who want to have children quickly, you can do some tips to stimulate your body’s fertility through the following ways.

1. Consumption of Healthy Foods

Food intake on the body becomes a determining factor in a person’s productivity. Some food and lousy eating pattern will affect the disorder in ovulation. Therefore, dietary arrangements needed to stimulate fertility.

It will be better to avoid foods containing saturated fat as in greasy food and various types of fast food. While the recommended foods to eat are foods that contain high protein and fiber such as vegetables and nuts on a regular basis.

2. Weight Control

The ideal body weight can also play a role in stimulating the fertility of women. Excess body weight or under on average can affect reproductive hormone production is urgently needed.

Therefore, a regular eating pattern needs to be done to keep the pressure always ideal in an attempt to stimulate a woman’s pregnancy.

3. Reduce Stress

Mental condition is also a factor other than the level of fertility in women. In fact, someone who is has a variety of problems will be more challenging to get pregnant compared to women who can control their stress correctly. Stress can result in the disturbance of an irregular menstrual cycle in women.

4. Doing Yoga

Stimulate fertility can also be done with a business mind and train moves the muscles of the body. It can do by doing yoga regularly. Yoga movement can move the muscles around the female organs.

It is done for the woman or the mother of the mother being in pregnancy. There are poses in yoga can improve the blood circulation in the uterus or uterine by giving a message to naturally from the body through breathing.

How To Get Pregnant Easily

how to get pregnant easilyIn addition to tips on how to let us know quickly became pregnant, but we also have to know what are the factors that cause a woman difficult get a pregnancy.

By identifying the cause, we can indicate what the things that can do and what are the things that shouldn’t do are. Here we present some of the reasons for a woman having trouble getting pregnant, including:

1. Experiencing High Levels of Stress

The leading cause of a hard woman is pregnant that is often experiencing stress overload. Weight is here can be caused by some of the things that stressed because of work, a situation that is saturating, stress due to family factors and environment are not conducive so that support someone to experience higher stress

2. Obesity

If you are someone who had excess weight or obesity is often referred to, it is possible You have difficulty in obtaining pregnancy. Why? High cholesterol levels and a build-up of excess fat will make the body undergoing hormonal imbalance that can disrupt the menstrual cycle.

3. The Age Factor

The cause of this is indeed no doubt, because of the age factor largely determine a person’s fertility rate. Women’s fertility rates lasted no more for 35 years.

4. Too Skinny

Not only is the obesity which causes a woman difficult get a pregnancy. Too thin would be very risky for you to get difficult pregnancy. Woman with a skinny weight will often disrupt menstrual cycle each month.

5. The Blockage of The Vagina

If a woman is experiencing blockages in the vagina, it is possible his sperm will have difficulty when it was about to reach the egg cell. The obstruction of the vagina, there are two types of deafness, including psychogenic (dyspareunia/vaginismus) blockages and anatomic.

6. Uterine Abnormalities

Cannot be denied that defects in the uterus will result in a woman’s pregnancy is hard to get. Abnormalities in the womb caused by problems of the uterine myomas, contraction, adhesions, and endometrium.

7. Defects in The Ovaries

These types of disorders are usually caused by disease cysts and tumors that make the ovaries/ovarian became very disturbed. It certainly will cause ovulation does not occur until the pregnancy is tough to obtain.

8. Vaginal Infection

Vaginal expulsion which often appears is a sign of the onset of an infection in the vagina. Vaginal infection if left will become a severe disease as it will enter into the uterus and causing disruption on the womb making it difficult getting a pregnancy

9. Cervical Abnormalities In

In the mouth of a healthy uterus usually facing forward so that dealing directly with the back wall of the vagina. If a woman with a uterus who are facing forward, then it will significantly hinder the movement of the sperm that will go into the womb so that the process of fertilization is not going to happen.

10. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle will significantly hinder a person to get a pregnancy. Such bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking drugs without a prescription or doctor often food and drinks fast food (fast food) will suppress the production of the hormone progesterone and estrogenic which would hamper the process of ovulation.

11. Egg Tract Abnormalities

Abnormalities-abnormalities in eggs channels is a problem that often found. Abnormalities in the cells of the egg are characterized by the increase in overall tuba (endometriosis), bonding the tuba that disrupts the function of the tuba, fimbriae retract and the formation of connective tissue (fibrosis).

12. Endometriosis

The cause of the occurrence of a woman that is pregnant hard affected by endometriosis. It causes the endometrial tissue is not growing in its place.

13. The Varicocele

One of the causes of the difficulty getting this pregnancy found on a man. Varicocele is varicose veins caused dilation of vascular valve back in the testicular SAC.

14. Too Long Delay Pregnancy

There is nothing wrong if delaying pregnancy period long enough will lead to a woman’s fertility rate being annoyed. The number of production of the egg at the age of 30 years and above will be decreased compared to the creation of the egg at the period of 20 years.

How To Pregnant

how to pregnantIf you’ve been exercising and maintain fitness routine? Or you are quite the lazy sports? Well, you need to do some changes in lifestyle if you want to get, pregnant fast. Follow the steps safely exercise while trying to get pregnant here.

1. Start the Sport on A Regular Basis from Now On

Don’t wait until you conceive of starting regular exercise. Start from now, when you animate the pregnancy. If it conditioned from now, in the future, exercising while pregnant will feel more comfortable and fun. Some types of sports that you can select include walking, running, swimming, yoga, and ride a bike.

2. Do Core Training

Core training is a physical exercise that focuses the power of the core muscles in the abdomen, back and groin. This exercise will help you maintain balance and posture. Both of these things are important because later when a pregnant woman’s belly and breasts will enlarge.

Therefore, core training can prevent back pain, reduce the risk of falls, and strengthens the core muscles that hold the load time of your body contains.

3. Avoid Excessive Exercise

Sports with intensity and reasonable levels could increase the chances of pregnancy. Excessive exercise, however, thus making you more difficult. Excessive sports would undoubtedly be draining so your body so too stressful.

To measure yourself, for example when jogging, make sure you could still talk without having to pant out of breath.

4. Cardio Exercises

Cardio workouts such as active walking, swimming or jogging prove useful to improve fitness and to maintain ideal body weight during your pregnancy to labor. Also, cardio exercise is also helpful for Your heart health, especially when you’ve been pregnant later.

Noteworthy too, practices conducted should have a medium intensity when it wants to deliver results. Try to do cardio exercise for half an hour every day. Quickly bored, so as not to break up the different types of sports every day. For example, today you jog, tomorrow you can swim.

5. Doing Exercise with Your Couple

Not just women alone, the prospective father should also be routine exercise to increase fertility and the chances of getting, ting pregnant. Therefore, we recommend that you and your spouse work out together every day.

Also, to maintain fitness, physical activity together could be closer you both because of the growing sense of mutual support.

How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy

how to get pregnant fast and easyIn General, when you are trying to conceive, you will do all that is considered safe for health and is also useful.

Often, pregnant women are advised to be careful with their diet and avoid foods that are not healthy or harmful to their babies.

Did you know that there are some fertility foods, can help you to get pregnant quickly? Note the food menu that you can insert into the list of your diet while you are trying to conceive.

  • The first is the inclusion of organic food, fresh fruit, and vegetables into your diet menu. Avoid food packaging because they contain preservatives and chemicals.
  • Fiber-rich foods make a progressive bowel movement and force the toxins in the body out. Include whole grains, brown rice, melons, flaxseed, wheat bread, and beans.
  • Foods that are flush with Vitamin C like guava, peppers, broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, citrus, and strawberries, you can also insert it into your diet menus for the pregnancy more quickly.
  • Dairy products are not only rich in calcium, but also can increase fertility hormones FSH and LH. In addition to yogurt, milk, and eggs. Fish can also attach to your diet because their menu is food that can support the fertility.
  • The vegetable that has green leaf such as spinach are beneficial for women who want to conceive pregnancy fast. These vegetables have antioxidants, iron and folic acid that can save the reproductive organs.
  • Foods rich in folic acid can also help you to get pregnant fast.
  • Often irregular menstrual cycle becomes a problem for some women. To quickly get pregnant, you must be a regular menstrual cycle.
  • Folic acid increases the reproduction of eggs in the reproductive system, so that makes you the easier it is to get pregnant. Soybean products, egg yolks, potatoes, flour, cabbage, bananas, broccoli, and sprouts are also rich in folic acid.
  • Carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and oranges will help you obtain more precise menstruation period.
  • The nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and apricots are also rich in omega 3, and fatty acids are healthy.

How To Get Pregnant In A Month

how to get pregnant in a monthNewly married couples usually don’t wait to have children. The husband wanted their wives pregnant as early as possible. To explain the process, you can follow the simple steps to become pregnant within one month. Following his methods:

  1. Check Your menstrual cycle. To get pregnant; every woman should have a regular menstrual cycle. Because if cycles, not regular menstruation can affect your fertility. You can consume the food can increase your menstruation cycle.
  2. Keep the time ovulation. Fertile Ovulation Period or is the best time to get pregnant. When you want to get pregnant quickly, you can program on the days you are on during the infertile. Typically, the fertile time occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Include folic acid in your diet. For enhancing the process of pregnancy contains folic acid which contains lots of vitamins parental. Folic corrosive can also decrease the chance of miscarriage or congenital disabilities. Also add citrus fruit, broccoli, asparagus, beans, whole grains and cereals so that you will get pregnant fast.
  4. Sports. Have the body fat may pretend the pregnancy. With sports organs of your body remain active and your health any time awake also can also lose weight.

How To Get Pregnant Immediately

how to get pregnant immediatelyIf you’ve been married a long time but still not also have descendants? Before you do your pregnancy, you should know in advance what are the things that can cause your difficult pregnancy.

Sperm from The Husband of Low Quality

It is one of the most of the few factors that make you’ve also got the offspring. The cause of this low-quality sperm there are some elements as well, such as often smoke. Cigarette smoke is not good for the growth of cells and hormones in the human body.

You can also try the food factor consuming that make sperm quality so be advised to consume foods that are rich in protein. According to some sources of bean sprouts and nuts – very rich nuts right you can try protein substances.

A Person’s Psychic Conditions

It can also affect the psychological conditions that are no good effect on the fertility of the uterus and be challenging to get a pregnancy. Like you are depressed or stressed the weight about a thing that concerned with your mind and makes the movement of cells and hormones to be not good. My advice to remove the condition as it could be with relaxing or other things that make your mind be calm.

Distraction in The Uterus of The Woman

In general, the sperm has entered the uterus will run its cells to fertilize the ovum in the uterus. And sperm cells will remain more or less lasting three days in the womb. Certainly, enough time to feed. But other barriers inhibit the sperm travel, i.e., inflammatory endometrium which irritates the process at the moment of conception.

How To Get Pregnant On Birth Control

how to get pregnant on birth controlThe pill called a very reliable and prevent about 99 percent of pregnancy. It means that 99% of the time, you will be able to avoid pregnancy by taking birth control pills but, even with optimal use, birth control pills can fail.

To make matters worse, a lot of women not seeking birth control “optimally ” so that the chances of getting pregnant is even higher than one percent. Several things can affect the effectiveness of the pill:


If you vomit within several hours of using the medicine, the tablet will not survive long full in your system to be employed, and you will not protect. The same applies if you have diarrhea that lasts more than one day.

If you don’t know it and failed to follow up the instructions to replace the missed dose, you may end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

Taking Other Medicines

Certain drugs would make the pill less effective. According to the Mayo Clinic, if a woman drinks the antibiotic called “rifampin,” a tablet that can become ineffective and the woman can get pregnant even if he swallowed the pill correctly.

Other drugs could interfere with the medicine, such as seizures, HIV disease, and certain fungal infections. Most of the other medications, including antibiotics (except rifampin) will not interfere with the pill, contrary to popular belief.

You Forgot to Drink the Pills

If you do not take the pills right when you should or losing one or more capsules per cycle, you can easily conceive. In fact, failed to make the pills exactly as directed is the number one reason why a woman become pregnant on the tablet.

You don’t have to be very picky when you drank the medicine, but you must take it at the related time each day and not miss a pill.

Start with A Pill

If you take medicine as soon as you have Your menstrual period or sometimes within some days after the source of your menstrual period, you have an excellent opportunity to have an active pill.

If on another hand, you randomly choose one day and started drinking the medicine, you may already have ovulation and pregnant, even though you may have started taking the pills.

Leave the Pills in The Car

Is not a good idea to keep medicine in your car, in your wallet, or in the bathroom? It is essential always to hold a tablet in an environment that is not too humid and less than 77 degrees at any time.

If the temperature inside the capsule more than 77 degrees for a long time, the medicine will start to decline and would not be effective in preventing pregnancy.

How To Ensure You Get Pregnant

how to ensure you get pregnantTo know the pregnancy early on you can find out through physical and psychological changes. Here’s how you know it is judging from the changes that occur in women.

1. Late Menstrual

Women with regular menstrual cycle while pregnant is marked with menstrual new. It’s too late menstruation can also be caused by other factors is not a symptom of pregnancy. To be sure you can have checked me into the obstetrician or the pregnancy test using tools that sold in pharmacies.

2. Flecks and Cramping

How can knowing the next pregnancy is with the appearance of streaks and cramps. At the time of the initial conception, women experience implantation where embryos stick to the walls of the uterus. This condition can last for 8-10 days compared to the arrival of menstruation.

Then coupled with conditions such as PMS symptoms cramps, just that the time is shorter compared to regular menstruation.

3. Nausea and Vomiting

Changes in body condition, when pregnant that young can be known is nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting also identified with the term morning sickness. It occurred on the morning of the day or night.

It’s just that it will feel very severe when it morning and night. Morning sickness occurs on 2-8 week after fertilization and stops by itself on the fourth month of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women due to hormonal changes in the body during early pregnancy, even so, every expectant mother suffering different conditions. Anyone experiencing nausea and vomiting is mild also too heavy.

4. Tired of Excessive

Pregnant women will experience extreme fatigue; the body undergoes changes that are characterized by a significant metabolism so that pregnant women experience a sense of weary overload although only doing light activities.

The condition of this body needs to make adjustments to the process of growing fetuses for most young women in pregnancy.

So, for you who are experiencing a sense of weary overload, you need not worry because this condition will end at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Changes to Breasts

The changes that occur in early pregnancy, i.e., breast and areola when the fruit changes color and size. At the time of pregnant women experience breast changes which the areola softer after three weeks undergoing fertilization.

Even the size of breasts is getting bigger and noticeably swollen as well as when you have PMS. The colors of the dark areola turned into; this condition is the presence of the adaptation of the female body to help in the process of breastfeeding. Dark Aerola will help babies born to find the nipples for breastfeeding.

6. Frequent Urination

How to know the signs of pregnancy early on is when women often have to pee. The habit of urinating due to the womb that increasingly enlarged and pressing the bladder. It can occur around 6-8 weeks after conception.

When the uterus is out of the pelvic cavity so these complaints will diminish, it’s just that when it enters the final trimester. This complaint will be felt back because the fetus is already starting to get into the pelvic cavity.

7. Psychological and Physical Changes

When pregnant, women experience a change in which the occurrence of the uterus and the uterine wall are soft around the 2-8 week. Then characterized by a reduced appetite. Even some pregnant women who experience severe morning sickness have to need the help of medical experts.

Unisex changing sleep patterns change because women more often experience insomnia. Often characterized by a psychic mom who changed conditions. This condition described by a mother who is usually more sensitive.

8. Pregnancy Test

The next way that can be done to know early pregnancy test is doing. A pregnancy test can perform in various ways. Anyone using a pregnancy test can purchase at pharmacies, test pack.

While pregnancy tests which have accurate results are to use ultrasound assessment, Office of the pregnancy test, pregnancy blood test and an internal exam.

How To Ensure Pregnancy

how to ensure pregnancyYou can notice the change of mood and your energy to find out which of your pregnancy. Usually, women who are pregnant will experience changes in spirit and mind. Here are the things you need to consider to make sure whether you are pregnant or not:

1.    Pay Attention to Your Overall Energy Levels

An early sign of pregnancy that often happens is fatigue. Although it does not change the sleep time or daily routine, you can feel tired throughout the day. A sense of tired without because this could be an early sign of pregnancy.

2.    Pay Attention to Whether Your Appetite Change

Maybe you will not direct cravings for something. However, early in pregnancy, you can feel the hatred of some particular foods. You may not like the smell of drink or food that you usually don’t like, or You fail.

3.    Observe Yourself If Your Moods Fluctuate

Pregnancy hormones can make the attitude quickly changed. Maybe you feel more irritable, frustrated, or highly emotional. You might be a natural cry when watching a television advertisement or pathetic.

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