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How To Make Kids Listen

how to make kids listen

Have children who have good behavior, obedient, intelligent and religious is the great hope for the parents. Therefore, we as parents are obligated to educate our children early on so that the child can be a pride for parents. What is an excellent way to teach and correct?

In principle, in theory, is indeed easy to educate children, but on the fact that not all parents can do it. It was an awful lot of children who grow up essential experience obstacles and be the child that his presence less expected because it has personality. Well, below is an excellent way to educate and adequately early on.

In General, parents will feel anxious any excessive worry to his children. Should be not too much worrying and fretting over children or overprotective. It thus is not suitable for the cultivation of the personality of the child. But try to trust your child, but should still be monitored remotely without any restraint or protect when he is guilty.

Begin to teach your hearts to know the fruit items, as well as tidying them up after the play. When your child already entered school, then show him to help prepare for his purposes, give enough pocket money and try to teach them to save a bit of pocket money.

On the age of their children still feel the curiosity that has very high. When looking at objects and something that is not yet known and understood then usually they will be a lot to ask. As a parent, you must answer with an explanation that is quick and able to be recognized by the child.

If you don’t know what asked then, answer as much as possible not to lie. You should try to give the logic answer that possible. We recommend that you avoid the words “do not know.” You can undertake to find out about what was asked by the child.

But there are times when children like disobedience to what we say. Then the parents must be good at educating children to be a more obedient child. Here are a few things you can refer when teaching your child who liked to disobey your commands:

1. Fix The Communication With Children

Communication is less smoothly with the child’s parents will make it difficult to convey meaning to the child. Because it does not know the proper way of communicating, parents would be hard to make the child understand what delivered, so that the child will deny.

2. Listen To Your Child

Some parents are reluctant to take the time to listen to the aspirations of the child, because the child does not yet have much regard experience. This attitude will not help in developing the character of the child. That is precisely the approach will make the child feel is not considered and is not appreciated.

3. Don’t Be Too Spoil The Child

Spoiling children with fulfilling all desires will make children do not understand how to fight to get something. It will make it rebelled when their parents could not grant what he asked.

Thus, care about and love the child with reasonable. Give a gift or reward your child when he can do a good thing.

4. Teach Children To Be Independent

Children are more independent than an adult. They will be easy to convey feelings and desires with the right, so no need to argue every time parents counseled or instructed him to do something. You can teach him to gradually

5. Be Assertive

When children deny what you say, don’t budge just for the sake of avoiding debate. If you succumb, children will learn that she can prevent the command from being denied or disobey. And on another occasion, he will repeat it.

6. Keep Your Emotions

The face of a child that dissidents, indeed often drained of emotion. But try to keep a calm attitude. Do not let your feelings burst, especially if to do physical violence.

7. Tell Children The Consequences If Disobedience

To make the child stop or study that refutes it is not a good deed, parents should introduce children with consequences of his actions.

8. Be Consistent

When you’ve set the results then be consistent, you can do shape outcomes agreed each time the wayward child. Don’t give up when the child began to cry and sulk, and then you cancel the effects.

9. Find Out The Will Of The Child

Maybe everything you already do, but still, just children disobey. In a case like this, it’s good if you’re trying to figure out what exactly the desires of the child. He could have a mind of your own but don’t know how to express it.

Ask the reason why he repeatedly disobeys, and what he thinks he should do. After successfully figure it out, you’re more likely to find a solution so that it does not infringe.

10. Give More Attention

There are times when children disobey because he wanted attention from his parents. When parents can only advise and rule but never paid attention to the child, he will be looking for any way to get the attention. If in a way denied he gets it, then that’s the thing that will often he did.

How To Get A 4 Year Old To Listen

how to get a 4 year old to listenThe son stepped on the already aged 4 years would have been very active during play. Increasingly aggressive in the game becomes the obligation of parents to always keep an eye on so that kids can play securely and comfortably.

At this age they’ve started can interact well with other people in the vicinity. So, what are the things we need to teach them when such age?

Educate In Order Not Easily Lost Or Stray

The progress that needs to do is to ask someone for help and tell you the name of the father or mother. Also, teach the children to memorize the phone number of the father, mother, or call home, and home address.

Tell Your Children That Not All Strangers Are Dangerous

We taught that they must take care to strangers. But they also need to know the General characteristics of foreigners who may not be hazardous. For example, a mother or father who was with her son, or security officer.

Teach A Good Language

Language is an essential requirement for every human being no exception child aged 4 years. Because at this age the child will tend to learn any particular style.

For parents, you must teach a language that is good and right for the child. Because with operative word and it will make the child until later adulthood has the style and grammar of talk is good.

Religious Education

Children 4 years of age should have started given a religious education. Religious education is education first and foremost. As with religion will guide the child through her life later. The deepening of the faith is active; then it’ll always awake in every live activity of life.

Educating Children Not To Become Victims Of Sexual Abuse

They need to be taught that which determines may be kissing, hugging or touching their privacy is part of their own. So, they may refuse if the other person is feeling such parts. The bottom line, their body belongs to them personally, and my body belongs to me personally.

Instead, they are also taught not to touch other people belonging to the privacy section. We also teach them not to interfere with the child’s other body parts. An example is the pinch or kicks which can be categorized by bullying.

Refuse Food, Drink And The Granting Of A Stranger

Kids tend to like sweets, ice-cream or funny gifts. Educate children that did not receive food and drink for the unknown. Could have been food and drink that contain drugs that have made the children fall asleep and unconscious.

Teach them to accept things from strangers if was with father or mother or other relatives that they already know.

Declined When Invited By Another

It could be that one day there is a mother or father to come pick him up at another school, and he did not know him. The person said that the mother, who asked her to pick up.

Teach children not to believe in and immediately contact the teacher at the school, so that schools can contact you first.

How To Get A 5 Year Old To Listen

how to get a 5 year old to listenSometimes it is challenging to speak to our children and to make them pay attention and listen to the things we say.

Especially for older toddlers. They are indeed able to understand the words of other people as well. But since they still have the selfish, generally respond only to things that benefit himself alone. It answers why the 3-5 year is not always want to hear the words of a parent.

1. Fun Delivery

How to keep toddlers want to listen to us? Regarding the children want to hear things that he thinks is fun, the way a parent convey the message contents need to change so that it was not impressed, telling, criticism or banned.

2. Select Appropriate Communication

Communication with children can be officially or unofficially. This communication is dependent on the child itself and their age.

Communicating formally with a long conversation over 2-3 minutes with children age 3 years look ridiculous. But talk to him effectively while sitting in a rocking chair, while reading a book, and as we were in the car.

Some kids love the serious conversation with their father. Some children don’t like a discussion like that, and they shut his mouth in meetings. Don’t feel bad if you used didn’t work.

The key is to communicate. This communication can do while you guys are skiing on the slopes of the mountain while cooking in the kitchen, or wherever you guys are.

3. Do Not Speak While Being Annoyed With The Child

Many parents make the error of trying to speak with their children when they are upset. If the emotions rise, stop your conversation. Either you or your child is being heated up, end the conversation and said, “at this time we are outraged. Let’s wait and discuss this again later. ”

In this case, you are not fickle. Instead, you’re in control of the situation. We all know that the essential things should discuss with a cool head. Take control of the situation, perhaps maturity, and choose the best time to talk about it.

4. The Position Of The Body Is Parallel With The Child

Position the body height is aligned with our toddler and don’t get too far from it. In doing so, the attention of the children could more easily focus and catch the message or dialog that leveled a parent.

If the child is seen not to look at, touch him to draw his attention. That attitude shows the seriousness of the US in communicating. If necessary, hung your child when we took her son speak.

Long distances or specific activities in your busy life makes communication flow will not be up nicely.

5. Know The Child’s Comprehension

For example, a parent asked, “why do you do it?” Perhaps it would be more palatable when you say, “mom wants to know what’s new you doing it.” The sentence worded, threaten judges, or even accuse, make children cornered.

Don’t utter a sentence asking that encourages children to say no. For example, “want the baseball you clinch the toys?” But enough said, “It’s so pitied if your toys a mess everywhere. Let’s deal with! ” Remember, the child does not want to rule.

6. Wait For The Right Moment

Note, whether children engrossed with its activities? If so, it may be useless encouraged him to talk. Wiser if we wait for a moment until at least he is not very busy-busy or had completed its activities.

Sometimes, hard to distract children from things that are practical. If she is engrossed playing toy cars, do not immediately interrupted.

Start with the first approach so that children do not feel harassed or coerced activity chimed in our waffle. Especially if the parent is said to be either commands or prohibitions.

7. Use Simple Words

Not too much less convoluted Verboseness. An occasional look at how babies communicate with peers.

If the child shows symptoms that he is not interested in chat, maybe it is because of our greeting does not understand either because rambling or because of the form of sentences and banning orders. The more we are pedantic, then the child will be increasingly close their ears.

8. Eye Contact With The Child

The presence of eye contact also indicates a parent seriously against what spoken. With her eyes, staring at the son feel attention and its presence is so important.

We should rebuke delivered with sentences positively, so it will be considered necessary by the child. For example, to criticize the Act never hurts. Kept eye contact is required while the parents and children of regular dialogue, gives the command, or ask something.

9. Be Assertive

Being always tender is less useful also for the development of toddlers. So that children can obey the rules, firm stance should also be indicated.

Resolute attitude means saying what needs to be/should be done with flat tone but clear. By being assertive, the child will feel shy on parents so not willing to break the rules again.

10. Learn About The Character Of The Child

One thing that is not less important recognize characters fives to find the style of communicating that fit him. Children who tend to be shy or passive indeed usually more Justin rather than open or active children.

Parents who daily faced with their son expected to want more observant try talking style is most useful for each character. Occasionally you might lose control, go back to the old form or emotional facing children who tend to be stoic. Nothing wrong with that, but please change your speech immediately before the child closes her ears meetings.

How To Get A Child To Listen

how to get a child to listenVarious theories of how to educate your child already apply, but you often cannot attain. You are not alone.

This problem seems to be the main issue of parents these days. Don’t let this happens continuously because the child will be spoiled and feel all of her desires to meet. Then, it should be how to educate children so that they will want to hear your commands?

1. Listen To Them

Even if you give the authority, it does not mean you don’t listen to their complaints. They may be tired of learning, are uneasy with an atmosphere of the school, for example, or any problems they have experienced.

Listen, is the key of how to educate children. If you show the attitude of their complaints heard or capture the impression that they’re annoyed with their problems, then they will listen to your command.

2. Call Their Name

The cry was never the way of educating children suggested as only will stir the emotions. You also do not want to yell by boss just because you are asked to do trivial things, right?

Make sure you call their name, where they play. When the requested turned and noticed you, tell me what you want from them.

3. Eye Contact

Eye gaze has the power to show feelings. When the old man looked at the eyes of a child, then the child will see that their parents pay attention, not anger.

With staring eyes, you understand whether they heard or Justin with your command. With staring eyes child, you show that you care about them and listen to what they are feeling.

4. Introspection

Sometimes parents forget that they often pick. Of all the theories of how to educate the young, introversion often neglected by parents. How could the child hear the orders of parents, if the parents are often inconsistent with the utterance?

Our words were not on deaf ears again. We often scold the child for committing a fact we usually do on its own. It a birth parent must be considered in applying the diverse theories of how to educate children.

How To Get Kids To Listen

how to get kids to listenPerhaps most parents would feel upset when talking to children, but the children were impressed to be stoic or do not respond to what he says. Moreover, if the child is not at all looking to us while we are talking, of course, it should not be allowed. If such an attitude were left, then when the child grows up he will be challenging to interact with others. As for how to resolve a child be stoic can be done through some of the following tips.

1. Talk To A Closer Distance

Sometimes older Justin is not because he did not hear, but she did not immediately understand what he heard. Therefore, try to speak to the child with a closer, when necessary the position we are right in front of him. So, the child will understand more so want to respond to our greeting.

2. Use The Motivating Phrase

Rather than sent over and over again with such a tone, it’s better to say things that can motivate them. For example, to ask the child to get something, the child will be better listened to when we say “brother look prettier if you want to help the mother get the fabric in the room.” Then we are in front of him with the words “bring the fabric in the room now, please.”

3. Be Consistent And Example

Sometimes parents are not aware of what most kids do since they imitate him directly from what her parents. So, if you want the child to listen to you, you should also listen to what they say and understand what they want. The attitude of care we will make children imitate him so that he was also more concerned and not Justin again. Plus, more parents should be consistent with what they have demonstrated so that children don’t feel confused.

How To Get Your Child To Listen

how to get your child to listenSome children tend to be stoic regarding when advised or are invited to talk to their parents, do not want to listen. Annoying isn’t it if you one of those parents who experienced it?

No need to worry, here’s how to let children listen as we speak:

1. No Need To Shout

It’s not shouting and forcing the child to heed you. Yelling at children is precisely made them feel anxious, more aggressive, and tend to be more stubborn. It’s kind you are quieter when talking to a child.

2. Don’t Compare Your Child

Never compare your child with her friends. You must understand that each child is different. Also, use of simple advice or the message is also that although little by little but it’s understandable.

3. Acting Like Them

Can convey something successfully done when parents acted as the son of their daughter by its age. However, if the child is already beyond the limit, once in a while you can be assertive when talking with them.

4. Replace The Word ‘ Not ‘ With ‘ Better ‘ Or ‘ Yes’

Hear the Word can not so make children do not listen to you. Just by replacing words with yes, no or better, they will know that you as a parent indeed favored and they thus want to hear to you.

5. Change The Way Of Communication

Do not use complicated terms when talking with the child. When talking with children, make sure they understand the intonation, tone, and the thoughts that you point out in the form of a conversation.

6. Give The Facts

Many children who tend to want to know a reason when they counseled parents stubbornly. Well, before talking with children, it’s good you prepare a variety of information in the form of facts which are likely to arise from their questions.

How To Get Your Kids To Listen

how to get your kids to listenEvery parent wants the child indeed is excellent, smart, polite, and obedient towards parents. Can a child have the character? Of course, as long as parents have plenty of time to educate and shape the role of the child.

The character is a behavior, actions or habits that is owned and conducted by someone. The style of the child established from an early age, if the child left along with nature, then the character will follow. Then the parents should have plenty of time to educate children.

And here are a few tips on how to form a good character and good quality:


The man is the first person responsible for the child’s circumstances, as well as in building the children character. Parents have a role that is the important thing. For that in creating and shaping the nature of the child, parents must also have excellent behavior, ranging from how to speak until the action should be good


In building and developing the character of the child, the parents are not just applying consistency in behaving that is only done at the time and circumstances only. But to grow and attach this to the child characters then the parents have to do it continuously, sustained and continuous consistently.

Not always what was given the parents to the child is doing well, sure there are little things that can make both being in an argument and conflict.

Kids Don’t Listen

kids dont listenWhether you belong to one of the many parents who feel not heard? Here are the reasons why you unwilling to heed the old man:

Loss Of Integrity Of The Parent

The first problem why not listen to the child’s parents is because of the integrity of the weak in the eyes of the child’s parents. It makes the child feel fine when not listening to what is conveyed by the parent. So don’t be cool if play games or chat with his lover even though her parents are already saying aloud to the children.

Should you need to learn to be consistent over what have mutually agreed. You need to show your children through real action. Not just talking and break them. Support each other with your partner to be consistent.

Communication Between Parent And Child

Communications hold a critical role in establishing the relationship between parent and child. A poor connection will result in a close link so well otherwise. In building excellent discussion, it is the cornerstone of strong emotions in the form of a sense of love, affection and a sense of trust.

Missing or fade the emotions above in the process of communication that makes the relationship between parent and childless good. Hence the need to keep the feelings remain right so you can express the intent and desire and the child can easily understand you.

Kids Not Listening

kids not listening2-5-year-old children often become fond of fighting and stubborn. It is a very natural phase at the time of the child’s mental growth because this is the phase where the kids are starting to realize that he is a private independent of adults.

The following is the cause of the child likes to fight and stubborn:

  1. Emulate the deeds of the parents may also be stubborn, or sons often watched his parents struggle.
  2. Parents too indulgent and always deliver what her disposal. When the desire not fulfilled, the child will protest and fight.
  3. The absent of bonds of affection and understanding between parents and children.
  4. Parents too accustom his obedient to something for bigots.
  5. Children are also often told to yield, without giving the sense that can make him understand.

Some parents complained about his stubborn nature. They are confused as to how to advise them. If forbidden to do something they’ll be raging, or even fight.

Children Listening

children listeningEducating children to be obedient to parents is a challenge at the same time art and skills that should be possessed by each parent. Moreover, current developments were not already his day again to threaten either by speech or blow.

For that, every parent should pay attention to the methods that they use to communicate with her children. Here are some tips to educate the child to be obedient to parents with no penalty at all.

Don’t Use Commands Sentence

For example, instead of your mouth, “don’t put a book carelessly!” with “that book its place on the Bookshelf,” etc. With the words of this kind, the child will not feel as command objects, but she felt cared for and become the subject. In the end, he will have a sense of responsibility towards his belongings.

Explain Those Rules With Both Him And Lead Him

For example, instead of words, “restore thy toys again into place!”, Say “is a good thing if you return the toy of yours into place so that it not broken,” when he refused, then say “Let’s gather together”.

If The Child Do Wrong, Don’t Blame The Child But His Actions

For example, say, “this act is not right,” don’t say “what have you done?”. do not also say it with stupid or lazy, because it will hurt her feelings and low self-esteem

Appreciate Your Child Desires

If your son has a desire to have all the toys on display in stores when to market, then instead of thy rebuke him with the nature of “greed”. Or you can say to him “okay to desire all these toys, but now please select one only and the other for the future,” or make a deal to him before going to the market” Anything you see, only one request that granted. ” With this, your son will feel that you are still paying attention to his wishes.

Watch And Understand Your Child

You should understand your child, so he won’t obey your command because there is an issue that is being he experienced. Therefore, look for loopholes to speak with him from the heart to heart. Give your child the opportunity to talk and try not to cut his talk.

Avoid Threatening Manner And A “Bribe”

If you use the threat on an ongoing basis to make him obey then later your children will neglect their mu that you threaten it. Likewise, “bribe” is going to make him do not obey thee that thou say to him “I’ll give you a new toy if your room and clean,” then she obeys thee for want of toys not to help their families or carry out its obligations

Give Praise And Appreciation

Give praise and appreciation when he obeys thee in a task and gives congratulations to him, “good” or “Great Job,” “son of the botanist” so that he will be motivated to do it at other times.

When he does otherwise/say nasty things, “his mother’s children were diligent in his room was always cleaned it myself,” “how great is the boy memorized 10 Juz of the Qur’an, surely thou also be right?”.

Some fathers give gifts to their children to motivate them like memorizing one Hadith by giving them one-star signs in clothes if you have five or so they invite their recreation.

Getting Kids To Listen

getting kids to listenToddler becomes challenging to listen to the word hurled at parents for various reasons. It could be that not many children process words, so as not to understand what the intended parents. Here are seven easy ways to let children listen to:

1. Active

Help your child understand that mom wanted to get closer to him personally. No need to shout at the children to make it listen. Because the more intimate relationship with the mother of the child, the more he will look and listen. It also shows that what mothers want is essential for a little more patience in the face of an attempted child.

2. Calm

The parent’s habits of yelling children to listen to are one of the severe forms of communication. The more the mother screamed, he still does not want to hear to and thus would make him upset to tears. What mothers need to do is talk to a quieter impression.

3. Stay Positive

The toddler will begin to learn to find out directions. So the more the mother speaks, the fewer children will understand the meaning of motherhood. Children usually only start to understand the negative concepts such as no and no. Well, mom can start to talk to him by using a word that is positive, but do not need a very long sentence, e.g., “come” “Please.”

4. Give The Option

Involve all activities of a mother with the little one. For example, if you want to travel and will use the formal dress, mother dress color choice can give to the child, and the child will be happier if he chooses her outfits worn. It helps children feel needed and believed by the mother.

5. Give Information

Mother never gave orders to the child without giving it information in advance. Please tell us the reason why he should not be spilling water on the floor then the mother help her clean the floor together. It shows the mother believes that children can solve the problem.

6. Give An Example

If the mother sent for brushing teeth, then in addition to providing the right information as to why he should do, mom must also give an example first. Because the child will quickly understand faster if parents provide examples of actions to be imitated.

7. Be A Good Listener

An excellent way to let children listen is the mother should model as a good listener. It means when they see their Mother speaks and caring. Avoid cutting, notify error, or even helped name the emotion they express.

By doing the things above, then the child will listen to what was spoken by the parents. So, if you want to respond with either by the child, a child with a good deal anyway.

Presumably, parents also need to evaluate themselves, how far they are talking with their children. Since parents are the primary example for her children, then it would be nice if parents improve the way communication is positive towards the child. How to speak, asked with manners, admonish wisely, as well as a rule with an active sentence.

Need collaboration between adults living with children to have the same parenting. So that children grow up with proper emotional, from families who showed concern and compassion intact on the child, certainly not the shy gives parents advice on positive way and fitting.

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