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How To Make Sure You Get Pregnant

how to make sure you get pregnant eating vegetable

Are you late menstruation? Maybe, you still haven’t scheduled menstruation for dating at the time, or even going on something in your stomach? You may have been experiencing strange symptoms that indicate pregnancy.

If you are not confident with your pregnancy signs? You should ensure your pregnancy by observing the characteristics of changes that happen to you. These are physical signs of pregnant women:

Breast Feels Pain

You undoubtedly already familiar with pain and menstrual breast pain at the moment (read: Cause Menstruation), but it was blank compared to the injury that occurs when you passed was pregnant. Breast feels full, swollen, burning, tingling, pain, even when touched, is an early sign that many experienced women after meeting sperm cells with egg.

Darkening Areola

Areola of the breast may be discolored. The color of the areola sometimes become darker during pregnancy and may also experience a widening a few weeks after pregnancy.

The Appearance Of Spots Of Blood

Some women feel amazed with splotches (blood) who suddenly appears. The blood spots came when the embryo attaches to the uterus, so Jang worried if more things happen to you.

Frequent Urination

What is the small room becoming a favorite place lately? The moment felt that there is the possibility of You being a baby petite.

At the beginning of the pregnancy (about 2-3 weeks after pregnancy), the desire to urinate increases sharply compared with other days.


Very tired, power it felt drained, superlens, any term that you provide, this State is a burden that may occur. “baby making the machine” that is the term that is suitable for Your form.

Nausea and Vomit

Also due to pee, one other reason that makes you always visit the bathroom is nausea and want to vomit (morning sickness).

An Increase In Body Temperature

To find out the condition of the body temperature, you can menu some of the methods that have been encouraged, one of them using a special thermometer for measuring basal body temperature.

Stop Menstruation

When you miss a menstrual period a regular menstrual cycle (not happening menstrual), moreover your menstrual cycle regular. Early estimates are that we can conclude there is an in your body.

How To Pregnant

how to pregnant after marriageHow to know the pregnancy as early as possible is essential to understand, also, to identify was pregnant or not, it could be to detect pregnancy first day to 1 week so that you can prepare everything better and accurate.

This trait is not absolute, but at least you know the early symptoms and signs of pregnancy and ensure by way of paying attention to the characteristics and physical manifestations of fertility without the use of tools.

  1. The first tangible sign can be seen from your chest, will usually experience pain and a tingling sensation in the chest. Will often be more sensitive and contains due to preparing to produce breast milk.
  2. A second characteristic can see from body posture. As an enlarged abdomen, enlarged buttocks, as well as the chest, arm, and thigh usually will appear larger than usual.
  3. At the beginning of the pregnancy (about 1-3 weeks after pregnancy), the desire to urinate increases sharply compared with other days.
  4. Experiencing nausea and vomiting. These symptoms always attacked women who were pregnant, although usually recently appeared around the 6th week of pregnancy.
  5. You will stop menstruation/menstruation. When you miss a menstrual period a regular menstrual cycle and also regularly (menstruation does not occur). Early estimates are that we can deduce that you are pregnant.

How To Make Sure You Get Pregnant The First Time

how to make sure you get pregnant the first timeTo find out the age of the pregnancy the baby so mom can do checks on the nearest obstetrician, but it will cost. To save the cost of pregnant mothers can calculate gestational age with its manual which can do every week.

The gestational age of the baby is 40 weeks or 280 days in the countdown since the last heart stops menstruation, for it usually is obstetrician or midwife prefer counting using a matter of weeks because by using a matter of weeks would be more accurate and just right.

Here’s how to calculate gestational age can do at home with attention to your natural menstrual cycle:

For how to estimate gestational age that is you have to know that in the natural menstrual cycle. How to count can be done by the first day of the last menstruation could then rely on using the formula in the know with Naegele.

For the womenfolk who have a regular menstrual cycle can use the formula of the first day of the last menstruation in subtracting (-) with 7 in menstruation in subtracting (-) 3 added on later in the year with the number 1.

But in a month cannot reduce (-) 3 or months January-March, then in total with a 9 but in no need to be added to the number 1.

How To Make Sure You Get Pregnant With Twins

how to make sure you get pregnant with twinsFor a woman, pregnancy is a moment eagerly awaited at the end of his life. Feel the heartbeat of the little critters in our stomach is a miracle. Especially if it turns out in our content, there are fetal twins. Wow! It was a happy surprise, isn’t it?

Twin pregnancy turned out to have its signs could be detected. There are physical signs that can feel right away, and there are also signs that need a doctor’s examination or detection.

  1. Usually appear intuition or touching pregnant women from the outset when it contains more than one baby.
  2. Weight rises rapidly in the first three months of pregnancy. His rise is higher than the average pressure of a pregnant mother of one baby. These symptoms can call as the first sign of containing more than one baby.
  3. The size of the stomach is too big compared to the age of the content. For example, the doctor said we got pregnant 8 weeks but seen with the naked eye, big belly like 10-12 weeks.
  4. When it contains more than one baby, will generally be more suffering from symptoms that are more violent because of the extra hormone circulating in the body. For example, excessive nausea, vomiting, dizziness, very quickly exhausted, hungry throughout the day.
  5. Through the twin pregnancy, ULTRASOUND can further ensure. This tool will show the existence of two pouches of pregnancy, two of the fetuses, and two heart rate which can be seen 6 weeks after the first day of the menstrual period ends. Even many baby twins can be diagnosed more quickly, about a week after stopping 1-5 got the menstruation.
  6. AFP pregnant women are high. AFP alpha-fetoprotein is protein secreted the baby at the time of its growth and also found in the blood of the mother. This protein can be high because of more than one baby. Standard blood test AFP conducted last week after the 16-18 time of menstruation.
  7. The level of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) rises very quickly. HCG is a hormone that produces eggs that fertilized. This hormone needed to maintain pregnancy until placenta develop. The hormone can detect in blood or urine through before stopping menstruation.

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